Halle Germany attack is another example of how the Left exploits a crisis to destroy our rights and freedoms

The left is beginning to use this attack as a weapon against all freedom loving people, as an excuse to censor the internet and restrict even more of our basic and natural rights.

Many thanks to Baron Bodissey for the article’s introduction.

Last week a gunman named Stephan Balliet used what was apparently a home-made firearm to shoot two people to death in the vicinity of a synagogue in the German city of Halle.

All major media outlets immediately and predictably identified the perpetrator as a “far-right” or “neo-Nazi” ideologue. Such descriptions were concocted using absolutely zero evidence — in fact, there was evidence that contradicted the Narrative on the shooter, but has since been suppressed: the gunman’s live stream of his rampage. It has understandably been removed from the social media service on which it was originally streamed. However, a version of it with the most sensitive parts either removed or blurred out could have been released to the public. The problem for the Powers That Be is that the shooter’s record of his acts does NOT support the “right-wing” Narrative about him. The only ideology on display in the video is his Jew-hatred — which these days is more often the provenance of the Left, and not the Right.

To set the record straight I has made a bit-torrented version of the killer’s live stream available. Thanks to the intrepid work of Nash Montana, the footage includes translated subtitles for the portions that were intelligible.

The two embedded videos (translated by MissPiggy) show mainstream media reports that pound in the Narrative. After those, I provided the link to the bit-torrented video. Watch it yourself and see what you think.

Baron and I refer to the killer as “Pee Wee German”. If you watch his video, you’ll see why. I am certain that the guy applied lipstick before beginning his rampage.

After the New Zealand attack on a mosque, those of you who followed the issue may remember how quickly all evidence of the video and the manifesto was removed from the internet except for the most protected and adept at finding these sorts of things.

The next thing that happened was the socialist (read communist) PM of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, used that attack, while ignoring the thousands of islamic attacks of manifest destiny, even the one that came soon after, killing hundreds of Christians in Sri Lanka, to advance her program of increased power to the state, and the right to send police out to every New Zealander that ever objected to mass immigration policies or Islam in general. (This could be an example of Marcuse’s ‘Repressive tolerance’.)

The tragedy of that attack was rapidly turned into an opportunity by the state to dramatically increase its power beyond what democracy allows for, at the expense of the individual, or any dissenting opinion. The state did so by inventing the narrative and opinions of the attacker in a way that was convenient to the state’s agenda, and by doing its best to bury any actual evidence of the real reasons the attacker did what he did.

For example they claimed he was a Trump supporter, even though his manifesto was clearly contemptuous of President Trump.

They made him a “Far right wing extremist” even though he called himself, a “National Bolshevik” in his manifesto. Which is a real thing. A merger of Nazi socialism with Soviet Socialism as far as I understand it. He also had all his weapons and materials covered in names of famous Balkan war heroes who had died fighting against Islamic manifest destiny in Central Europe and played a famous song to the cause of liberation of the Balkans from Islamic oppression.

The videos of the police going to people’s doors in New Zealand was especially interesting from this point of view.

So when a lone, anti-Semitic nut in Germany went to attack a synagogue in Halle, we expected something similar from the Merkel government. In this case, predictably that the far right is “Very very very very dangerous, at least as dangerous as Islamic terror.” Try to remember that when you watch the actual attack by this guy, linked at the bottom. A Jihadi could have stabbed 50 people by the time his psycho gave up his general failure.

The next thing we expected was that the Merkel government and her puppet groups, in this case a “Jewish” group that is a beard for communists to attack the AfD party, and has been used before by leftist groups in Germany, would blame this dangerous “very very very very far right” extremist on the AfD as somehow responsible.

At this point we invite you to see the actual attack video the killer made when he did his little mission. In order to see it, we recommend that you are running a VPN, and have a torrent client installed like u Torrent or BitTorrent. If you have a torrent client and are protected by a VPN, then click this link and it should start the download of the file to your local machine. You may have to find the torrent file on your machine and click that to start the download of the video. Once you have it, please keep your torrent client open a day or so to help other people see what really happened, and what the German government is saying is at least equal to Islamic terror in Europe.

This is the archive of the live stream by the Halle Germany attacker of a Synagogue and Kebab shop.

We are providing this video not in support of his actions. But because modern leftist governments hide evidence of political crimes in order to reinvent the motives, remove the rights of citizens based on narratives, and increase the power of the state.

One cannot have a democracy by any definition without free access to information.

We do not know what inspired this guy to attack. Our concern is that the attack will be turned into a weapon against all freedom loving people, as an excuse to censor the internet and restrict even more of our basic and natural rights.

The good news is, his incompetence prevented large scale damage from being done, but he did murder two innocent people.

What is true is that at no point did he appear to endorse any political leader or ideology, other than classical anti-Semitism. And any attempt to make it look like he did should be met with this video.

One may remember how the video of the mosque attacker of New Zealand was erased from the internet and a replaced false narrative was invented in order to advance socialist control of as many areas of the world geographically, as well as in terms of the intellectual and legal space as possible.

We must all work to prevent tyrannical governments from allowing that to happen.

These two quotes serve as explanation:

The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth becomes the greatest enemy of the State.” — Joseph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister

And equally importantly from the side of light:

…I have sworn upon the altar of God Eternal Hostility Against Every Form of Tyranny Over The Mind Of Man.”— Thomas Jefferson 1800 AD

Video transcript #1:

All have agreed that it is necessary that synagogues, Jewish facilities in Germany, must provided with sustainable protection, so that the faithful can hold worship services or conduct their faith rituals in a soothing atmosphere, having a more confident feeling about safety. 
I would like to point out that the Federal Minister of the Interior has been taking this matter very seriously and not just since yesterday. He recognizes the danger of right-wing extremism, of anti-Semitism in Germany, he has often said in recent months and I will quote him once again by saying that the danger from the right wing extremists is very, very, very high. 
A Federal Minister of the Interior does not choose such a wording lightly. The danger posed by right-wing extremism is identical to that posed by Islamist terrorism. We started this program in 2015. It was established in the aftermath of the NSU (National Socialist Underground) murders. The program was started at that time with a budget of 40 million euros.
Since then, from 2015 until today, the budget has maintained stability for several years at over 100 million euros. This past year or 2019 we have had 115.5 million available and we expect to remain a stable budget in 2020 at over 115 million euros. In both government statements, the Turkish government is called upon to end the military action. 
The German government has recently urged the Turkish government repeatedly to refrain from military intervention in northeastern Syria.  The military deployment now underway is a matter of great concern to the federal government. This step threatens to destabilise the region further, to promote a resurgence of ISIS, to sharpen Kurdish Turkish tensions and create conditions that will lead to new refugee displacement.

Video Transcript #2

There won’t just be a discussion about security after the attack in Halle, but also discussions about internet hatred, the coarsening of political debates and political arson. The AfD is under criticism in that respect. Let’s ask the Federal Spokesman for the AfD.
Good morning, Jörg Meuthen.
Good morning, Mr. Wunn. 
Yesterday Michel Friedman, the former chairman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, was our guest, and he accused your party of political arson.
Let’s listen to what he said yesterday: The AfD is certainly a very destructive party politically. It is an anti-democratic party. And their voters can no longer wash their hands of guilt when this political arson is permitted to increase without restraint. 
Mr. Meuthen, these are very concise accusations, how do you respond to that? 
That is sheer nonsense, what Friedman says. We are a democratic constitutional party, and nothing else. We are horrified, as any good democratic person would of course be, by the abhorrent event we had to experience in Halle. We are — by the way, Mr. Friedman obviously doesn’t know this — a pro-Israeli and pro-Jewish party. We are so fully dedicated to the Jewish community in Germany that it belongs to our identity as a party. We have a Jewish group in the AfD, and we have many Jewish members. That would hardly be possible if the nonsense Mr. Friedmann is insinuating were true.  
The truth is that a part of your party is under investigation by the constitutional protection agency. Let’s start with a few statements from some of your party colleagues. For example, those in the attendance at the Kyffhäuser meeting last year. 
Specifically, Björn Höcke said, and we will show the quote: “Today, dear friends, the question is not hammer or anvil, today the question is sheep or wolf. And I — no, we — decide in this situation to be a wolf.” 
Mr. Meuthen, this can, of course, be understood as a call to violence. How do you justify such a use of language? 
Not at all, because it has absolutely nothing to do with a call to violence. That’s just a very transparent attempt to pin the blame on the AfD for something it isn’t responsible for. As a democratic party we have been criticising the failure of the security authorities. And it wasn’t only Mr. Friedmann.
Mr. Seehofer and Mr. Herrmann also said the AfD is partly responsible for this crime. We consider it absurd and disgraceful. At a time when our republic is shocked by such a crime, how can anyone start to exploit it politically? Look at went wrong. The security authorities failed. The Jewish community in Halle has repeatedly, repeatedly asked for police protection for the Yom Kippur celebration, one of the highest celebration for Jews, and that wasn’t granted. So now they’re starting to say we want to protect them — that’s too late. We have a right-wing extremist threat, and that’s where we have to react.
—Mr. Meuthen, please let us stick to my question. This hammer and anvil analogy. Let me return briefly to my question. This hammer and anvil analogy was regularly used by Adolf Hitler, and Goebbels liked to talk about wolves overcoming their enemies. Don’t you find the regular Hitler analogies, which are mentioned again and again by members of your party, dangerous?
—I represent a party of 35,000 members. These 35,000 members have nothing, but really nothing to do with anti-Semitism. For example, you just told me that this is a Hitler analogy. With all due respect, I didn’t know that, nor do I occupy myself with something like that.  But many of your voters know it, Mr. Meuthen.
—I think it’s absurd to keep repeating these accusations.

—It’s naïve to think your voters don’t know that and that this message isn’t conveyed. We don’t accuse you personally of using this formulation, but there are leading politicians who use Nazi analogies repeatedly and you as federal spokesperson must answer for them. How much responsibility do you take for it?
I’m absolutely not in favor of using Nazi analogies, and they should be clearly avoided as a matter of course. We don’t need to discuss that, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the topic we are talking about, which is the atrocity in Halle. Nothing at all. 
But what do you say to politicians like Björn Höcke? Why do you think that he and others — that this part of your party is so successful in the state elections in the east? Why do you think this kind of Nazi language is used again and again?
—Björn Höcke was just as shocked and horrified as I and several other AFD politicians were, and we have shared our shock. We’re horrified by this crime, and it’s sincere shock. There’s nothing else one can feel after seeing what happened there. 
That was the AfD spokesman Jörg Meuthen. Thank you so much for the interview this morning.

Transcript #3

This thing is locked out… [sound of computer mouse clicking in the background]

[whispers something]

It’s in…takes too long…Yeah, of course, you’re of no use…It’s like sitting at a red light.



Could’ve done it like this, too, so…


Come on! [sound of frantic writing in the background]

That’s not correct. My gosh, man, oh, piss on it, oh yeah, no, it’s nice. Done. Good, there we go! We’re gonna start. this can… nobody can…Life…that’s always something, too. Do it!

Hi. My name is Anan, and I think the holocaust never happened. Feminism is the cause of the decline in population growth in the West, which is a scapegoat for mass immigration, and the root of all these problems is the Jew!

Would you like to be friends? Oh, music! Where’s my speaker…God, I don’t load a lot. For you…Nobody expects the internet assassin!

Oh f*** it, certainly [unintelligible]… Let the door be open! It’s closed, no, f*** f***! Am I gonna have to kick it in or what?

F***! S*** on it, maybe they’ll come outside. We’re gonna use explosives! Where is it?! What kind of s*** are you doing? I’m walking here! It’s jammed! Well f***, s*** on it.

I can’t get in. That pig! I just shot my own tire, f***! [guessing] I can’t run, [guessing] wearing wrong pants…

100% mistake, they’re not here… Excuse me?

What’s going on? S***, man! S*** on herself… oh well, rats can live off her now. Can rot for kanaken [derogatory term for foreigners].

That pig! S*** on it! Shot one dead. You are a loser, man! Well, sorry guys, I am f***ing [beaten down].I can’t [do] s*** I killed some… or I tried to kill some [unintelligible] while I’m here, and then a guy [makes me] what a loser I am  Yeah, well…downtown there’s all these loser Döner, I’ll take it!


is it still in, or did I lose it? No, I lost it, s*** on it.

Shut your mouth, man. Well, sorry guys, the f***ing [unintelligible] gun is s***, s*** man!

Where’s the stock, where’s the stock? I think that’s a dumb idea! I can’t, man. Get out of here.

My love, you can’t because [unintelligible] f***ing atrocious!


He’s still alive! Well! In any case I have proven just how worthless improvised guns are!
And the police probably are now [blocking]

Sorry, guys…All, what can be said, man!

I have to say, I’m bleeding, I was shot at, precisely my neck, and I’m probably gonna die now.
It doesn’t hurt too much, actually, so here … [unintelligible] it doesn’t hold…Well guys, that was it! A bit of action. [unintelligible]

I will discard the smart phone.


Vlad Tepes

"Objects in history may be closer than they appear" – Eeyore for Vlad

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