'He Masturbates While Looking At Me': News Anchor Exposes Her Daily Life on France's Multicultural Trains (Video)

Many women are often scared to identify their attackers out of fear of being labeled “islamophobic,” racist, or killed.

On September 23, on a train in Paris, TV News Anchor Juliette Vincent-Seignet posted a video of the sexual abuse she and many other women must endure when using French public transportation. The France 3 TV left-wing journalist captured a video of a man who had groped her, then moved his seat and began to masturbate while staring at her.

The anchor reported the disturbing incident on her Twitter account. Along with a video of the unknown man masturbating, she wrote:

Here is our daily life in public transport. This morning, on the TER [public train line] Paris- > Rouen, the car is almost empty. A man sits next to me and presses his thigh to mine. I ask him to change places. 2min later, he masturbates while looking at me.

Seignet posted a second message explaining after she changed seats to escape the man, he targetted another woman:

Thanks to the captain for his reactivity. He has taken down his identity and will file a report. By the time I changed seats, the man had moved to masturbate next to another young woman. I’m flabbergasted. @SNCF #metoo

While Seignet was quick to show a partial video of the sexual deviant masturbating, she did not report any description of the man’s appearance. While we are unsure whether the criminal was also an illegal immigrant or a “refugee,” the likelihood is considerably high.

Government statistics show that French nationals comprised just 20 percent of those accused of robbery with violence on public transit. In comparison, foreigners made up 80 percent, the most significant number, 61 percent, coming from the North African region.

Unfortunately, France’s open border policies have caused an unsafe environment for women and most French natives. One of the consequences is an explosion in the number of sexual assaults in France.

For years, no-go zones, through mass migration, have been emerging in the heart of Paris and many other towns and cities across the country. Illegal immigrants and so-called “refugees” have brought a mix of drug traffickers, Muslim supremacists, and Islamic youth gangs. The primary victims are women. Both Muslims and non-Muslims are sexually harassed, and many are sexually assaulted. Unfortunately, many women are often scared to identify their attackers out of fear of being labeled “islamophobic,” racist, or killed.


Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • I feel sorry for that young woman, and all young women in that situation. Personally, I’ve had serious issues with being cornered in an office coat closet by the boss; cornered in the office ladies’ room by another boss, cornered in the office building elevator by that boss again, and in one case, after being asked to work late to type letters following his business trip, I found yet another jerking off at his desk while watching my back as I worked. The one who cornered me in the elevator also came after me in the ladies’ room. His wife was a lovely woman who didn’t seem to know what he was up to. She worked in the same office, and every day, when she left, he’d start talking to me about testicles and breasts. A young woman lawyer in the next office who overheard it all, always look at me with compassion for the abuse I had to endure to earn a meagre living. However, unlike the story of the girl above, all the bosses in question were Jews, and I lost my already-earned paycheck and my job in every case. By the way, I was always very modestly dressed in nice jacket-pant suits with blouses buttoned to the neck; or in skirts or dresses to the shins. It’s just that if you are viewed as a “shiksa”, you can become a target.

  • Ye reap what ye sow! Decades of leftist policies to blur the line of moral behavior. In 2008 my wife and her sister were forced to pee in the mens room of the Eiffel Tower, there was literally no distinction as a migrant woman directed people to whichever restroom.

  • Many 3rd Worlders don’t know how to behave morally in modern Western society. Their heathen character and paganistic psyche rule their moods and motives. Uncivilized? Certainly, but not irredeemable. With punitive correction and proper counselling, their culture shock should subside.

    • Perhaps they can move into your residence with your family and you could teach these invaders how to behave?

  • But she and other liked minded Leftists voted for this. So she needs to embrace it! And probably religious civil war triggered by Islamists in France in the coming years to.


  • high probability she voted this in. now she needs to fix it. work towards changing govt from (s)elected representation to blockchain protected smartphone voting implemented at local city, county, state levels, where every voter can both propose and vote on every piece of legislation to which they will be subject. A truedemocracynow dot com. Instead of a few hundred representatives, an area can have a true congress of the people which includes all the voting age citizens.

  • You should’ve learned from the U.S. Blacks commit almost 90% of the crime in the U.S. If there were relocated to Africa, the U.S. could actually fire 90% of all it’s police. But Hell, we can’t do that, right? That would be racist. Maybe it’s time to be racist.

  • Far past time that cretins like that get instant justice i the form of a baseball bat upside their head. If you tolerate this type of behavior it will only escalate.


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