Head Of Danish Political Party Rasmus Paludan Savagely Attacked By Muslims Yet Arrested For 'Racism' (Exclusive Interview)

RAIR Foundation USA interviewed head of the Danish Stram Kurs (Hard Line) party Rasmus Paludan in the wake of his arrest last month for “racism.”

RAIR Foundation USA interviewed head of the Danish Stram Kurs (Hard Line) party Rasmus Paludan in the wake of his arrest last month for “racism.” Paludan, a trained attorney and former University professor, is a fearless activist who fights against the influence of Communism and Islam on the West.

Paludan, who “represented the last blasphemy case in Denmark,” is notorious for holding rallies which include burning the Koran. It was at one of these rallies on Constitution Day on June 5th in the migrant area of Gellerupparken that a “52-year-old Lebanese Muslim” attempted to kill the political leader, charging at him with a knife. The Muslim aggressor was shot and injured by police after he ignored a warning shot. The neighborhood subsequently erupted into riots “where stones were thrown and fireworks were fired at the police,” as reported at Danish outlet DR.

Despite the ongoing political persecution, Paludan is doubling down and holding another Koran-burning event on August 28 “in the immigrant-dense and so-called particularly vulnerable area Rosengård in Malmö.” A compilation of aggressive actions against Paludan has been compiled at the same article.

During the interview, Mr. Paludan explained that there is not one overarching charge leveled against him by police, but rather a grouping of bogus accusations compiled over time. “Basically, the police have been collecting ‘charges’ for years and then they just pooled everything together…” Paludan explained.

Evidently, “racism” is a new crime only to be leveled at *certain* people.

As previously reported at RAIR, the hypocritical charge of “racism” against Paludan was not leveled against spokesperson for Black Lives Matter Denmark, Bwalya Sørensen, who “forced white-skinned protestors to the back so that black people could stand in front during the recent Black Lives Matter protest in Copenhagen.”

In October, RAIR observed: “His [Paludan’s] tactics, while provocative, lay bare the willingness of some to respond with violence.” Less than a year later, a man attempted to murder the political leader, and in response, the media has protected the perpetrator and all-but-ignored the following riots that left police officers injured.

Rasmus Paludan explained that the incident with the stabbing and the riots have been all but ignored by the press, who is much more interested in delving into Paludan’s “racism” arrest.

Watch the exclusive RAIR Foundation USA interview:

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Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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