Silenced: Prominent Twitter Influencers Suspended For Challenging the Socialist Anti-HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE Agenda!

Americans must be bold and denounce fuzzy, politicized science designed to push a socialist agenda.

RAIR Foundation USA has compiled Tweets reflecting the suspension of prominent Americans who expressed support in hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for the treatment of the Chinese coronavirus. The renewed social media suppression comes in the wake of a viral video produced by a group of physicians who refer to themselves as America’s Frontline Doctors, founded by Dr. Simone Gold.

See below for the Tweets.

In the current climate of fuzzy science and hazy conclusions seemingly designed to confuse those seeking answers on the use of HCQ, there is a marvelous clarity in three sentences written by America’s Frontline Doctors, who are fighting the anti-HCQ narrative to boldly declare their findings on a politicized medication:

“The safety of HCQ is irrefutable. The evidence supporting HCQ efficacy against Covid-19 is also overwhelming. All negative HCQ studies have used either: too much, used it alone (it needs Zinc), or used it late (it should be early.)”

The no-nonsense and non-political statement by America’s Frontline Doctors must be contrasted to the confusing and ridiculous sentiment expressed in a letter written in early June, signed by over 1200 “healthcare professionals.” According to a gushing piece at CNN by Mallory Simon, the letter was written largely by individuals associated with the University of Washington’s Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Protests against the White Supremacy Myth

The letter, found here, justified protests during a pandemic “that call attention to the pervasive lethal force of white supremacy.” The authors wrote in the mind-numbingly-stupid letter that as “public health advocates,” they believe that anti-police protests are “vital to the national public health and to the threatened health specifically of Black people in the United States.” The authors distinguished between protests against “white supremacy”, which they support, and protests by those seeking to return to work. The approach to the anti-police protests, they write, “must be wholly different from the response to white protesters resisting stay-home orders.”

The self-proclaimed “public health advocates” justified the contradiction by claiming that the disease itself is racist. The letter stated in part:

“COVID-19 among Black patients is yet another lethal manifestation of white supremacy. In addressing demonstrations against white supremacy, our first statement must be one of unwavering support for those who would dismantle, uproot, or reform racist institutions.”

The most terrifying thing about the letter is that it is not an anomaly. The University of Washington did not condemn the idiocy. The letter got positive publicity from the mainstream media.

If Americans do not intervene, this is the future.

Boldly Demand the Truth

Americans must be bold and denounce fuzzy, politicized science designed to push a socialist agenda.

“WE NEED YOUR HELP. We are being attacked, ridiculed and discredited,” said America’s Frontline Doctor Dr. Stella Immanuel in since-deleted Tweet. “We need our patients to SPEAK UP.”

People who have benefited from the use of hydroxychloroquine should be loud about their experiences.

Silenced on Twitter

RAIR Foundation USA has compiled a list of Tweets where prominent people have been suspended on Twitter. Please forward any other examples to and the article will be updated.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.



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