Hope in France: Marine Le Pen launches bid to oust Macron in the 2022 Presidential election (Must Watch)

Le Pen and her party have boldly expressed their opposition to Marcon’s illegal migration and open borders policies, his ignorance towards Islam and his partnership with the corrupt European Union.

RAIR Foundation USA exclusively translated Marine Le Pen’s announcement of her 2022 presidential bid.

Le Pen is the leader of Rassemblement National party (National Rally) and was a member of the European Parliament from 2009 until 2017. She became leader of the National Rally in 2011 when it was still known as the Front National

The party was founded by her father Jean-Marie Le Pen who unsuccessfully ran for president in the 2002 French election. Their party is family oriented, wants secure borders, and believes in the preservation of the nation state of France, much as President Trump does for America.

This will be the popular leader’s third presidential run as she vies to unseat radical left-wing incumbent Emmanuel Macron.

Macron is facing unpopularity amid strikes over reforms to the country’s pension system that has run for over 40 days. In addition, the grassroots yellow vest movement has taken to the streets every weekend for over a year in protest of his corrupt government.

Le Pen said she would propose a “grand alternative to put the country back on its feet” and create “national unity” in her New Year’s wishes, made on Thursday.

Le Pen has already began to attract disgruntled voters and even voters from left-wing parties who are fed up with Macron not delivering on any of his promises and the continuous unrest taking place in the country.

Throughout the years, Le Pen and her party have boldly expressed their opposition to Marcon’s illegal migration and open borders policies, his ignorance towards Islam and his partnership with the socialist European Union.

In a recent RAIR Foundation USA article and exclusively translated video, the Le Pen, slammed Macron’s open borders policy and complete denial of the dangers of islamic immigration.

Despite the deaths, the killings; despite warnings of the imminence of terrorist dangers, the State and its leader, the government and its administrative agencies do not decide to take into consideration the Islamist danger.
Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation

Instead of Macron’s government addressing the deadly immigration crisis and the victims of their policies, they chose to prosecute Le Pen for her 2015 social media postings showing the horrors of the Islamic State.

Under Macron, France has developed a societal norm of silencing and prosecuting any dissenting opinions against Islam and illegal immigration. We have already seen Brigitte Bardot, and most recently Eric Zemmour face criminal scrutiny. 

Le Pen’s Rassemblement National is the only political party in France fighting against French President Emmanuel Macron’s communist agenda. RAIR Foundation has reported on other party leaders who have bravely spoken out against the effects of Macron’s left-wing policies.

Stéphane Ravier, a Senator in Rassemblement National, recently delivered an impassioned speech calling out left-wing lawmakers’ unregulated illegal immigration that’s allowing the death of the identity of French people”.

See the full article here:
Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation

Ravier cited the overall displeasure with the state of France in proclaiming Marie Le Pen would unseat Emmanuel Macron in the next French presidential election.

“The French have been pushed for 30 years to make an effort and that’s what comes of it. It is unfair. It is unbearable, and it is no surprise that Marine Le Pen is on her way into the Elysée [Presidential palace].”

See full article here:
Many thanks to Miss Piggy for the translation

During a recent appearance on French news station CNEWS, Jean Messiha left the panel shocked, “You do not want to do anything against the Islamization of France and you encourage it?” he asked. “Very well,” he said. “I’d advise you to learn Islamic prayers in Arabic to avoid getting knifed. That’s it!”

Messiha is a member Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National, and a political adviser to the formal French presidential candidate.

See full article here:
Many thanks to Miss Piggy for the translation

In a 2018 Dream TV interview, Messiha discussed the effects of and his opposition to Islamic immigration: “We are at war now,” he declared. “Our country is under invasion, and we are fighting this invasion.”

See full article here

AP news reported, “her candidacy must be approved at her National Rally party’s congress in 2021, something that Jordan Bardella, a rising star in the party and European parliamentary deputy, said on BFMTV should pose no problem.”

Regarding the early announcement of her candidacy, he said it gives France a “message of hope.”

The high profile French presidential election is certain to again draw attention and leftist interference from world leaders across the globe. In the last French presidential election in 2017, former U.S. President Barack Hussain Obama, fought to influence France’s election. During a heated presidential runoff between Le Pen and Macron, Obama stepped in and called on his comrades and radicals to vote against Le Pen.

RAIR Foundation USA will be covering the French presidential race closely, stay tuned for updates.

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