Hope in Virginia: Gubernatorial Candidate Glenn Youngkin Deploys Soros Playbook To Defeat Radical Left

A self-described conservative candidate for Governor is seeking to undo the damage done by radicals in Virginia by using their tactics.

A self-described conservative candidate for Governor is seeking to undo the damage done by radicals in Virginia by using their tactics. With a personal investment in the “seven figures,” Glenn Youngkin has created Virginia Wins PAC, which is designed to “support Republican candidates for every level of government.”

Youngkin seeks to counter the largely successful effort by militant leftists including George Soros to turn the conservative state “blue”. A condensed history of the tactics that transformed the state are detailed by author and filmmaker Trevor Loudon in his jaw-dropping Epoch Times article from November, 2019 titled “Virginia Goes Blue: Pro-China Communists Claim Credit” that focuses on the New Virginia Majority (NVM), a pro-China American communist organization that strategically flipped the state right under the noses of the Republicans, who, as always, were asleep at the wheel. The article names names and should be required reading for every Virginian.

Youngkin’s strategy is to “support Republican candidates for every level of government, including local school board, Commonwealth’s attorney, county sheriff, board of supervisors, state delegate, state senator, and the U.S. Congress.” According to the PAC website, “The effort will help elect the next wave of Republican leaders through a broad base of campaign, media, and financial assistance.”

Watch his launch video:

This author does not know Youngkin personally, but it is clear that he is thinking strategically and attempting to use the radical left’s strategy to win back the state. “Democrats have poured millions of dollars into transforming Virginia, and I can’t sit by and watch while the left runs wild in my home state,” Youngkin tweeted on Tuesday. Speaking of his PAC, Youngkin continued, “This is a huge investment in fighting back against George Soros’ ideological agenda.”

Hopefully, Youngkin is who he says he is and if so, Virginia should support his efforts. It is time to take back the state from the left-wing activists who underhandedly seized it from the people.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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