RAIR INVESTIGATION: Houston Police Officer Converts to Islam in Uniform!

RAIR INVESTIGATION: Houston Police Officer Converts to Islam in Uniform!

  • Posted by Amy Mek
  • On August 20, 2019
  • Art Acevedo, Officer Kyle

Clarification: RAIR Foundation USA would like to expand on Police Chief Dave Bores’ comment at minute 1:43:
“Muslims are told to fight unbelievers until they are either dead, converted to Islam, or in a permanent state of subjugation under Muslim domination. Allowing people of other faiths to live and worship independently of Islamic rule is not an option.”  Read More: https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/pages/quran/forced-conversion.aspx

A RAIR Foundation USA investigation has uncovered video footage of a Officer Kyle, a Houston Police officer in uniform converting to a Islam inside the notorious Clear Lake Islamic Center in Houston, Texas. The leadership of the mosque has openly dismissed the official designation of a terrorist organization, and has repeatedly made disturbing comments about women, gay people, sharia, pedophilia, domestic abuse, child marriages, “honor” killings, and polygamy.

It is concerning that a police officer, who took a pledge to defend and uphold America’s Constitution, would be associated with an organization whose views are antithetical to the Constitution. 

RAIR Foundation USA reached out to Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo and inquired what policies are held by the Houston Police department related to such activities, particularly being undertaken while in uniform? To date, we have not received a response.

Thank you to retired Georgia Police Chief, David Bores, for his comments that define how Sharia will compromise Officer Kyle’s ability to uphold the law and for contacting Officer Kyle for comment.  David is also Co-Founder of Sharia Crime Stoppers.

This is an ongoing RAIR Foundation USA investigation. RAIR invites all Houston citizens, including local and state leadership to reach out with questions or information to info@RAIRFoundation.com.


Mani seshan
I totally support your mission.We in India know and have experienced the ravages of 800 years of Islamic invasion and its attendant actions of pillage,plunder,rape, kidnap and forcible conversions to Islam.
Scott Morrison
As a Peace Officer for 41 years (now retired) the last 15 as a Chief of Police, I find this appalling to say the least. That Texas Officer now has instant conflict with the U.S. Constitution and an The unrecognized and the despicable Sharia Law. There is absolutely no room for both and there is no justification for its enforcement in our free country!

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