HUNTED: The Relentless Persecution of Louis Duxbury (Exclusive)

Court documents reveal that fellow student Matthew Dace’s charge against Duxbury included his “reputation” for being a “right wing activist” who wore a MAGA hat to school.

A promising medical student, Louis Ryan Duxbury, 22, “Duckie” was sentenced to eighteen months in prison for a “rant” he made on a Facebook video in the wake of a series of Islamic terrorist attacks in 2017. Specifically Duxbury made the video on the day after the London Bridge terror attack took place on June 3, 2017, which occurred in close proximity to his then-girlfriend, who he could not reach.

RAIR Foundation USA spoke with Duckie and his friends who testified on his behalf and have been in communication with RAIR Foundation USA as their friend sat in prison. Duxbury has since been released, according to a report by Crimebodge, a British Police Watch organization.

Up until this week, Duckie was forced to endure weekly visits with a parole officer who used the occasion to demean and berate him about “white privilege” and at one point, told him that “his skin color was a significant part of his problem.” A recent report titled “Race equality in probation: the experiences of black, Asian and minority ethnic probation service users and staff” confirms the melanin-driven obsession of the Inspectorate of Probation.

The 2017 murder spree to which Duckie responded on Facebook was conducted by three Islamic terrorists, claimed the lives of 11 people, and injured 48 others (21 critically). It was the third Islamic terror attack to take place in London in 2017.

Consider the scenario: A young medical student, Louis Duxbury, 20 years old at the time, was worried about his girlfriend during the terror attack and vented his frustration on Facebook. The video he created was full of anger towards authorities and jihadists. This same young man has no history of violence. He has friends of all nationalities and religions who have been willing to repeatedly testify on his behalf.

But after fellow student Matthew Dace reported the video, Duxbury was expelled, arrested and thrown into prison.

RAIR interviewed Duxbury shortly before he went to prison:

Duxbury, known as “Duckie” by his friends, had character witnesses at both of his trials (the first trial resulted in a hung jury), to no avail. RAIR interviewed Duxbury’s friends, one of whom is Asian (and asked for his image to be obscured). Duxbury’s other friend is Muslim and read a heartfelt letter from Duckie that was obviously not “Islamophobic”. Both friends explained to RAIR that they felt that their testimony was not taken seriously during the trials.

Watch RAIR’s unedited interview with Duxbury and his friends:

Duxbury’s friend “Anon” claims that in relation to motive for his words, he “disagreed with the claim that Louis’ intent was that of hatred or violence” because he “was present when he was frantically bitching about not being able to contact his girlfriend at the time the attacks happened.”

Consider how helpless a 20-year-old man would have felt during the London Bridge terror attack, knowing his girlfriend was not far from the attacks, and knowing that he could not get in touch with her.


Just minutes before 10 pm a van filled with three attackers inconspicuously crossed the London Bridge twice. When it reached the end of the bridge the second time, the van made a U-turn, mounting the pavement and mowing down pedestrians.

At the end of the bridge, the terrorists crashed into a nearby pub, where they exited with knives taped to their wrists and fake bombs strapped to their bodies. The men ran from the vehicle, slashing and stabbing through the Borough Market as they screamed ‘This is for Allah.’ They randomly entered bars and restaurants, stabbing whoever came into their path. People tried to fight them off, throwing crates, chairs and glasses, but in the end, 48 people were injured…

The terrorists were found to be Khuram Shazad Butt, 27, a British citizen born in Pakistan who is believed to have been the leader of the attack; Rachid Redouane, 30, who said he was Moroccan and Libyan; and Youssef Zaghba, 22, a Moroccan-Italian man. 

As one pours through the court documents provided to RAIR in relation to this case, the painfully obvious truth becomes crystal clear: Louis Duxbury never stood a chance. He was to be made an example of, and his plight will effectively silence those who dare to counter the biased narrative that has a choke-hold on the United Kingdom.

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Louis Duxbury via

Changing of Charges against Louis Duxbury

Duxbury was expelled from York St John University after fellow student Matthew Dace reported him to university authorities for offensive words.

The university that expelled Duxbury took the additional step of reporting the medical student to police, where he was initially charged with stirring up racial hatred, which evolved to stirring up religious hatred. The charges against Louis Duxbury changed at some point after authorities evidently realized that Islam is not a race.

Building a Highly Partisan Case Based on a MAGA Hat and Facebook Likes

According to court documents, on June 21, 2017 Detective Sergeant Matthew Dodson of the North Yorkshire Police accessed Duxbury’s Facebook Profile and captured posts to start building the case against the expelled student. On the same day, police seized his laptop computer and mobile phone.

Duxbury was subject to a highly intrusive examination of his life from online searches, social media history and mobile phone data, including text messages to his then-girlfriend. Anything that could be interpreted as offensive in any way was cherry picked from Duxbury’s online history, without context or relevance to the evolved charge of “stirring up religious hatred” and paraded in front of two juries.

Court documents reveal that fellow student Matthew Dace’s charge against Duxbury included his “reputation” for being a “right wing activist” who wore a MAGA hat to school.

Portion of Matthew Dace’s statement against Louis Duxbury (screenshot)

In addition to Dace, a former teacher named David Lamb submitted a statement claiming that Duxbury made a “racist” comment on Facebook in the wake of the gruesome murder and decapitation of British Army soldier Lee Rigby on May 22, 2013 by Muslim converts Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, when Duxbury was 15 years old.

Dutch politician Geert Wilders

Further “evidence” submitted against Duxbury was that when he was 17 years old, he “objected online to proposed plans to build another Mosque in York”.

Further ridiculous testimony against Louis Duxbury included the fact that he “liked” Facebook posts from Dutch conservative political leader Geert Wilders and a prophetic post stating that “honest discussions” about Islam would soon be “ruthlessly suppressed”.

Further, Duxbury “liked” President Trump and members of the Trump family on several occasions, he liked Breitbart London, categorized as “far right” by the court and dared to “like” British freedom fighter Tommy Robinson.

Louis Duxbury regrets his rant, but that is not enough. Louis Duxbury does not have a history of violence in any capacity, but that is not enough. Louis Duxbury has friends who have vouched for his character, but that is not enough. Duxbury’s future must be destroyed and he must go to prison to show fellow citizens that only certain thoughts are acceptable.

Judge Sean Morris told Duxbury that his Facebook post “could contribute to a future attack on Muslims,” according to the Daily Mail. “It [England] has been a multi-racial and multi-faith island for thousands of years and will continue to be so,” he said, acting more like a politician than a judge.

Watch a mini-documentary about Louis Duxbury from UK Police watch group Crimebodge:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.



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