Hypocrite: Ukrainian President Rents His $4M Italian Villa to Russians

Back in March, the Ukrainian leader lectured Italians not to welcome Russian tourists or rent them vacation homes or yachts.

The World Economic Forum-controlled President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, has rented his vacation villa in Forte dei Marmi, Italy for 50,000 euros (USD 49,720) per month. On Tuesday, Italian newspaper Il Tirreno reported that the 4 million dollar luxury home with 15, six bedrooms, and a pool was rented to Russians. Meanwhile, the hypocritical President has demanded Italy and Europe ban Russians from entering Europe.

Russian vacationers have always come to Forte dei Marmi and are considered some of the best customers who spend the most. In 2019, around twenty-five thousand Russians went to the area, and this year, about five thousand. But a Russian tenant in the home of Zelensky is something scandalous.

Back in March, the Ukrainian leader lectured Italians not to welcome Russian tourists or rent them vacation homes or yachts. Also, at the beginning of August, the wealthy globalist President even demanded Western countries ban all Russian citizens. The Russian people, he told the Washington Post, “should live in their own world until they change their philosophy.” On Wednesday, the European Union canceled a 2007 agreement that facilitated Russian visa applications.

Corriere Della Sera, another Italian newspaper, reported that the Russians who rented Zelensky’s villa in August are a couple who live in London for work. The duo has also made posts on social media sites confirming that they are staying on the property of the Ukrainian President. One specific photo was talked from the garden of Zelensky’s vacation home.

Realtor denies

The real estate agent, Claudio Salvini, who manages the luxury property, claims that the tenants ‘were not Russian.’ However, he added that he could not say more about it for “privacy reasons.” 

According to him, the house’s tenants could have had Russian-speaking guests. Or someone else could have rented the villa and let Russians move in. An Italian newspaper reported that the tenants are probably of Russian origin and possibly British citizens.

The Ukrainian President and his close circle are the beneficiaries of a network of offshore companies, including several expensive houses in London.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist



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