'I Was Scared For My Life': Ottawa Police Viciously Beat and Hospitalize Peaceful Protester (Exclusive Interview)

Stephen Bernard, who feels lucky to be alive, spoke exclusively with RAIR Foundation USA about his horrific experience.

On Tuesday evening, around 7 pm, 41-year-old Ottawa resident Stephen Bernard (SG Fawkes) was violently beaten, injured, and arrested by Canadian police. The well-known activist who has been a daily staple on Parliament Hill to protest against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s authoritarian Covid measures was so severely injured he had to be rushed by ambulance to Queensway Carleton Hospital. Shockingly, one of the officers who violently attacked Bernard continued intimidating him as he rode in the ambulance with him to the hospital.

Bernard, who feels lucky to be alive, spoke exclusively with RAIR Foundation USA about his horrific experience. While in tears and visibly injured, Bernard details the officers invented noise disturbance arrest, which seemed to be used as an excuse to harm the defenseless man.

On the day of the attack, Chris Dacy details a conversation he had with Bernard about the incident.

This is not the first time Ottawa police have been accused of beating innocent protesters. During the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle ride for freedom, injured and retired Afghanistan veteran Mr. Chris Deering gave a moving speech about the abuse he endured by Ottawa police.

Deering described how he had been arrested during the February Truckers Freedom protests. He detailed the shocking physical and mental abuse he endured at the hands of law enforcement officers. Deering said police dragged him to the ground, kicked and kneed him, used zip ties to bind his hands, and forced him to stand in a processing line for hours. He said he was then thrown out of the city “like garbage and told not to return to our nation’s capital.”

Below are pictures friends took of Stephen Bernard the night police brutally attacked him. RAIR will continue to follow this developing story and bring you updates.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • In the United States that would be a clear violation of Title 18 Section 243, Assault Under Color of Authority. Got anything like that in CanaDUH law?

    • Most judges and prosecutors would “file 13” the charges absent significant public uproar.

      Our blue-line gang-bangers wanted to be the tip of the spear for a completely criminal regime. It’s only natural that they would get a bit …. bloody ….. from time to time.

    • Our EVIL BARR system is CLOSED to us the people.
      Much like yours in America in the COMMIE LEFT states.
      We have lots of WARRIORS coming at all gub’ment entities at every level in Canada.
      Many of us come from families who come from war.
      If our STASI doesn’t read history they will find out what happens to COLLABORATORS if this goes MAD MAX.
      In Holland were my family came from they put one bullet in the back of the COLLABORATORS as soon as the war was over.
      1956 Hungary police were hung from lamp posts.
      1968 Checkoslovakia.
      1989 Romania were the leaders were hung quickly.

  • The Canadian people may have to fight their oppressive government for their freedoms. Perhaps they should be sent arms, like America is doing in Ukraine, so the Canadian people can free themselves from the oppression and tyranny of Communist Trudeau.

  • As a rightwing libertarian freedom minded type it pains me to say this but the Left isn’t wrong about everything… cops are, indeed, pigs. Oink oink, you fuggin big greasy donut gobbling knot seas. ACAB.

  • Abstract concepts like liberty, free speech, compassion, decency, religious freedom, etc., seem to be beyond the reach of many police officers whose prime directive seems to be follow orders no matter how destructive to peace, law and order, and good government. There are good police officers who believe that there are issues more important than their pay cheques and the good feeling that they experience beating on someone who has done no harm. I suspect that their thinking goes something like this: “I have my orders, that these are bad people and I believe that they are bad people because I have been told that they are, and for me to question authority would make me a bad person.” Cops generally are taught to be WOKE when it comes to rapists, murderers, thieves, robbers and all of the predators who prey on the public, but when the public objects and protests against abuse and the overreaching authority of the government (which cops worship), then all of the restraints are loosened, and many cops just go berserk. Most police work is boring and loaded with paperwork. Cops are human. No one likes boredom. To justifiably, in their minds, be freed by politicians and politically-motivated top officers to intimidate and bully anti-authority figures is a jolt of adrenaline. Action! These particular cops are the enemies of liberty, law and order, and of each and every one of us.

    • IMHO, you’re spot on with your evaluation of the Thug Force, Muskeg. Until We the People REVOLT, the best we can do is WARN THEM that as collaborators with the TYRANNICAL REGIME, they will be the FIRST ONES to be hanged or executed by guillotine.
      Make it VERY CLEAR to them that they have been warned and if they continue to support the regime, then they will DEFINITELY be tried and executed. We will remember their names and what they did for Nuremberg 2023.
      It’s time for the US militias to join with “We the People” in a “Mainly Peaceful” country-wide CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY patriot revolt.
      Communists murder their political opponents !!! That’s what they DO !!!
      The IRS already have 5+ million rounds of ammunition !!! WHY ???
      They’re not waiting for mid-term elections. Neither should we !!!
      We cannot be distracted from this most critical task…
      We have a war to win and we must win it before the “Winter of Death”.
      Right now, we need to ask the person next to us…
      “Are you ready to join me to save America? Yes or No !!!”
      “Freedom Fighter or Coward? Patriot or Traitor? Which one are you?”
      BTW: Open Carry is for self-defense and it’s a VERY effective deterrent against violence. It is not intended for unprovoked violence. Self Defense is a basic moral and lawful human right !!!

  • It never happened 🤣 no arrest record, he can’t show a ticket for the fine, nothing on the Police website, he likely tripped over the flag he carries but I’m sure he’s looking for money from crowd funding. Great news source that doesn’t check facts 🤣

    • We saw plenty of that kind of thuggery when they broke up the Ottawa protest. Ask Rebel News’ Alexandra Lavoie. She got shot on camera!!

  • This is terrible. Justin Trudeau makes it embarrassing to be Canadian.
    Does anyone have any idea what happened to the people that were beaten by the police during the Freedom Convoy protest? There were a couple videos circling where the police were CLEARLY using excessive force on multiple people –one was being hit with the butt of a rifle, and there was another video where someone was in the backseat of an SUV cruiser, and two officers stood there with the door open to the back seat, and kept reaching in to hit whoever it was. I did download both of these videos, and they are both legitimate. But no news (that I saw) came out about these people. Surely they would have suffered serious damage, judging by the way they were treated in the videos. I was hoping they would come forward and make everyone aware of the police brutality that took place that day in Ottawa. It definitely wouldnt make Trudy look very good, when it comes to using the Emergency Act.

  • Either self-inflicted injuries or he got some help from his buddies for his little pity show. Although he might just have tripped on his “F*ck Trudeau” flag, as the guy doesn’t look exceptionally bright.

  • Can we have the home addresses of these commie cops. They need a little freedom therapy. It’s the only way they’ll learn.

  • Enjoy communist Canada. When you turned your backs on the truckers I gave up all hope for you and you get everything you are experiencing. Electing communist and Socialist has consequences and you were warned.


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