UK: Islamic Rapist Shouts 'May Allah Destroy You' as He's Sentenced for Using Government Covid Loans to Fund ISIS

A former pub landlord who used Government Covid loans to help send £25k to Islamic State terrorists shouted, “May Allah destroy you,” as he was jailed for 12 years.

Tarek Namouz, 43, sent the money to a school friend fighting in Syria after being paid the loans by his local council.

Then-Chancellor Rishi Sunak launched the Covid “bounceback” loans to help small British businesses stay afloat during the pandemic. Namouz, who is a convicted rapist and ran a barber shop in west London, where he lived above, sent the money to his contact Yahya Ahmed Alia between November 2020 and May 2021.

He denied this but was convicted after a trial last month of eight counts of providing money for terrorism and two counts of possessing information useful for terrorism.

After his sentencing at Kingston Crown Court today, Namouz thanked the judge and then announced to the court: “May Allah destroy you, may Allah destroy you. We will meet on judgment day. You are a Catholic, and you will end up in hell.

The court heard Namouz, who was born in Syria and came to the UK aged 14, was on license from a ten-year sentence for raping a teenager in 2014 when he was the landlord of a pub in Finsbury Park. He was released in September 2019 and opened Boss Crew Barbers in Olympia.

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Tarek Namouz’s 2014 Rape

In 2014, Namouz locked a teenager inside his pub before knocking her to the ground and raping her in a “horrific” attack has been jailed. He locked up the Prince Public House in Wood Green while his 18-year-old victim was in the toilets.

When she returned, he tried to sexually assault her and attacked her when she tried to fight back.

Namouz, 35, then raped his victim before she eventually got away and took a taxi to the hospital after the incident in September last year.

He was arrested on the night of the attack and later charged with rape and bodily harm.

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Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • God would not condone rape or terrorism – so, if you want to do a crime, please leave God out of it, no matter what you choose to call God.

    • They do not worship the same God as Christian’s and Jews, they claim they do, but they worship Lucifer. Islam is a synchristic religion.


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