#IExit Founder Purnima Nath Leads 'Hindus for Trump' Movement: 'Exit the Democratic Party - Reject Communism' (Interview)

The #iExit initiatives encourage American-Indians to “Exit Left, Reject Communism, and Move Right”

In a RAIR Foundation USA exclusive interview, Purnima Nath details the #iExit movement she is leading to help Indians exit the divisive and anti-American Democratic Party. In addition to her role as a community leader, Nath is an entrepreneur, a legal immigrant, an author, founder of a non-profit, an Engineer, and an MBA graduate from Northwestern University.

Many Indians generally stay away from politics, Nath explains, and tend to be Democrats. Nath began the iExit grassroots movement to help the American-Indian community understand and embrace conservative values, principles and patriotism. As she explains, “the #iExit initiatives encourage American-Indians to Exit Left, Reject Communism, and Move Right”.

Nath notes that Hindu Indian-Americans love and respect America as they choose to assimilate and be part of this country willingly. Hindus are generally peacefully contributors to this country’s growth, without asking for welfare benefits or being dependent on the state or burden to the state. Engineering, technology, medicine, research, etc, Indian-Americans are part of the fabric of America. Although Hindus are one of the most highly educated and top earning demographics in the country, HIndus are very rarely politicians.

While Nath acknowledges that Hindus are minimally represented in our national, state and local governments, she explains the foundation of her movement is really just about Americans and the American dream not being represented and denigrated. She encourages Hindus to vote for President Trump through her #HindusForTrump initiative provides education on the dangers of the Communist and Islamic agendas. Nath explains,

We understand the danger of communism and leftist ideology, how it subverts and demoralizes generations of people to hate their country, and indoctrinates young minds to rebel against state, and law and order, and destabilizes the country.

Nath recounts that while running for public office, she was routinely labeled a “fascist” and other horrible names simply because she supported the President of the United States. Today, her “short term goal” is to support President Trump and foster love of our country. She told RAIR that no other country has given as much to the world in the last 100 years as the United States. Nath, however, laments that children in India, much like in America, are taught to hate their country by Leftist educators.

Nath details that America is currently in a critical phase as she labels the 2020 Election as a “Point of No Return.” It is an ideological war between patriots vs. non-patriots, communism vs. freedom, destruction of America vs. growth and development.

Nath cautions Indian Americans about the danger of communism and leftist ideology, how it subverts and demoralizes generations of people to hate their country, and indoctrinates young minds to rebel against state, and law and order, and destabilizes the country.

India was a global power with one of the highest GDPs in the world before the Islamic invasion started to destabilize the country. Nath fears that the United States could suffer a similar fate under the wrong leadership. As our country is under attack, Nath shares that Hindus in America are similarly under attack. She cautions that there is a massive concerted effort against Hindus and India within the United States propagating anti-Hindu and anti-India narratives through educational institutions, top media channels, political seats, school boards, and all walks of life. 

Nath praises President Trump as the first President of United States that has stood with India and has not attacked Hindus thus far.  “Our values align with his values; and we stand FIRMLY with President Trump. We have launched #HindusForTrump campaign for reelecting President Trump. Join us for the  #HindusForAmerica drive. Help us reelect President Trump.”

Watch the following RAIR Foundation USA interview with iExit Leader, Purnima Nath:

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