'I'm Going to Kill You' - Machete Waving Jihadi Threatened an 'Allahu Akbar' Christmas in Spain (Video)

In addition to Mohamed’s lengthy criminal record, including sexual abuse of minors, he is a close relative of a member of ISIS.

Spanish law enforcement arrested Mohamed Q, a Moroccan citizen on Christmas Day for trying to attack pedestrians in a central street in Castellón de la Plana with a large machete. In addition to Mohamed’s lengthy criminal record, including sexual abuse of minors, he is a close relative of a member of ISIS who previously lived in Castellón.

The events occurred at four o’clock in the afternoon on Christmas Day, when agents were alerted of an armed man threatening to kill passers-by in a central street of Castellón. Upon arrival, police observed the terrorist carrying a 35 centimeters machete and shouting “Allahu Akbar” and “I’m going to kill you”. The officers immobilized and detained the jihadi, and a judge sent him to prison for terrorist threats.

The incident bears similarities to recent attacks in other European countries, including the Islamic terrorist attacks in October in a church in Nice, France in which three people were killed with a knife, and in the German city of Dresden, where an individual stabbed two tourists, one of whom died. Switzerland has also classified as a jihad terrorist attack the stabbing, at the end of November, of two people in a supermarket in Lugano by a woman.

It has been revealed that, in addition to Mohamed’s criminal records including crimes of child sexual abuse, the Jihadi is a close relative of a member of ISIS who had lived in Castellón before joining the terrorist organization in Syria. He is currently in prison in Morocco.

Mohamed’s home has been searched, and numerous electronic devices are being investigated by terrorism officers.

Spain’s left-wing leadership not only ignores these violent incidents, but it continues to allow illegal and often threatening migrants to flood across their borders. The rise in migrants and illegal’s continues to bring both extremely dangerous and often sickly people with values and ambitions that are in staunch opposition to Western values and laws. 

Will America’s fate be the same as Spain

As previously reported at RAIR, Democrat Joe Biden has vowed to flood America with 700% more“refugees” from terrorist hot spots around the world through the corrupt U.S. Refugee Admissions Program. This controversial program was the brainchild of then Senator Joe Biden.

540 Elected Officials from all 50 U.S. states are urging President Trump to welcome more ‘refugees’ from third world countries – mostly Islamic – into our towns and cities. Meanwhile, President Trump has lowered the cap for refugee admissions each year of his presidency, dropping them to a record low of 15,000 for 2021.

If Joe Biden is officially declared the President of United States of America, Islamic and socialist values that are currently sinking much of Europe into an ungovernable and burgeoning totalitarian nightmare will take over.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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