Independent Journalist Exposes Zelensky's Murderous 'Nazi' Soldiers Hunting Civilians (Watch)

“Ukrainian Nazis shoot people and kill people. They kill civilians. Women, men, everybody.”

US Navy veteran and independent crowd-funded journalist Patrick Lancaster is in the southern Ukrainian port city of Mariupol, where the Russian army is gaining ground. Ukrainian Nazi group Azov Battalion has longed occupied Maripol. Azov is a significant part of the Ukrainian army. Lancaster interviewed residents near Azovstal, a large steel factory where the Ukrainian military is entrenched.  

A man told Lancaster that a sniper nearly hit him twice. Lancaster heard the bullets flying around his ears. He explained that it was not the Russians who almost killed him but a sniper from the Azov Battalion. “They are shooting at civilians,” stressed the man. “They don’t shoot soldiers, only civilians. They kill civilians and destroy buildings. These Banderites, or fascists, or Nazis or SS men, I don’t know what to call them.” 

Ukrainian Nazis Killing People

Another man told the reporter that the snipers were ‘Nazis.’ “Ukrainian Nazis shoot people and kill people. They kill civilians. Women, men, everybody.”

The Maripol resident said that they are releasing men from prison. They get a lot of money to kill people for no reason. Lancaster told the man that American and European media are claiming that Russia is destroying cities and killing people. “Russia doesn’t shoot people at all,” the man explained.

Ukrainian Tanks Destroy Homes

A crying woman told the journalist that she would have to go hungry and thirsty without the Russian aid. The woman, who thanked the Russians, said Ukrainian tanks had destroyed her flat, and they live in constant fear.

Lancaster interviewed many people who have fled Mariupol. In a village hosting refugees from the city, the war journalist spoke with Lena, who had left Mariupol in a hurry.

She told Lancaster that she lived in a small bomb shelter with 160 others for a month. “Without light, without water, and without food. We drank snow and rainwater.”

“Members of the Azov battalion constantly fired upon us,” Lena said. “They stood in our yards, shooting their guns and attracting attention.” 

“They knew that Russian soldiers would not shoot civilians. For that reason, they entered houses, kicked the people out, and started firing from the houses. They used us as shields,” said Lena.

“Every day, they destroyed blocks of houses. She told Lancaster they set fire to houses, shot at people, and killed people.” The Azov battalion shot at people going outside to make lifesaving fires. “When you go out to make a fire, someone shoots at your legs with a machine gun. And you run in. To warm up the water, you go out 50 times, hear the shooting, and run in again.”

Azov Battalion are Villains

People also died in the bomb shelters, Lena said. For example, an older woman who died in her shelter couldn’t be buried for two days because of the bombing. So the woman’s corpse lay dead among all the people living with her.

“They are villains, zombies. Their goal was to destroy the city. They destroyed the city,” she said of the Azov battalion.

When asked why she didn’t leave sooner, Lena replied that there were rumors that people who tried to leave the city were being shot at. At one point, the situation was so dangerous that she had no other choice and had to flee,

We didn’t know any information. If they had given us some information if they would have thrown some leaflets from the plane that there was an evacuation. People did not know whether it was possible to evacuate or not and where to go. There were rumors that cars were driving and families were being shot. Men are killed, and cars are taken away. So it’s a very big risk Everyone was afraid for their lives, everyone was afraid to just get out of the basement so that they would not be killed. But when the situation became so critical, we had to take risks. Yes, yes, no, no. If they kill us on the way, they will kill, if they don’t kill, they won’t kill. So we managed to get here.

Western Countries Have It Wrong

Lancaster noted that in Western Ukraine, Europe, and the United States, there are claims that Azov is trying to do something good for the people. “Azov is killing people and destroying the city. That’s all,” Lena emphasized.

She added that her father had stayed behind because he had been paralyzed for six years. She suspects he has died of hunger or was blown up in his home. “I don’t know what happened to him.” She also lost a son along the way, but a month later, she found out he had escaped and made it to Europe. Lena plans to go to Europe with her second child so that they can be reunited.

‘They Are Hunting People!’

Lancaster also spent a day riding an ambulance in the city of Mariupol and spoke with members of the Donetsk people’s militia who are helping the Russians.

A member of the people’s militia told Lancaster that the Ukrainian army was firing at civilians at close range. “They hide behind civilians and shoot! Like rats in a trap! That’s what happened here. And the wounded are brought in here!”

“They shoot people randomly! They are hunting people! They’re using the city as a shooting gallery! They are Nazis!” he continued.

He pointed out to Lancaster that a Ukrainian tank shelled Mariupol’s central hospital. People who tried to escape were shot. “Ukrainian troops have done that! We are not fighting Ukraine. We fight against fascism!”

He also showed the journalist naval mines deposited in the city by the Ukrainian National Guard.

Follow Lancaster’s Work

Lancaster is one of the few English-speaking reporters covering the war. To view more of his reports, view here:

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


    • Did you see any other reporters from the day one? And for other 44?
      What make you believe that this one is telling the truth?
      His questions during interviews leading to the certain agenda that you just proof with your understanding of this war, peoples stories sounds completely different in terms of intonation, stress, reaction on the questions, etc. Compare to the written subtitles that makes absolutely opposite meaning of what they say.


  • he has no proof; he has hear say; there were cars with “z’s” on them – is that not the sign of the Russian butchering invaders?

    • I see you can also notice the Russian propaganda in this article. This is written from within Russian occupied eastern provinces of Ukraine. The only identified portion of Ukrain’s military / Militia that has nazi roots is Azov.
      Reporter can tell if Ukranian is russian or Ukrininan? The area he’s in ìs primarilg russian – not sure , but likely dialects are somewhat different.
      Some indication of who controlls an area is seeing which traffic camera’s are web castimg live.

  • You need to do a better job of translating what the people are saying in real time or add CC to your work that can be easily done. Your msg would get out x 1million to the english speaking world

    • Thank you, Chris – if you go back and look at the videos again, you will see the subtitles. We appreciate the feedback! – Amy Mek

  • “Russia doesn’t shoot people at all.” That’s why I have a hard time believing any of these “Ukrainians are killing their own people” narratives. Russians have been killing people for 100 years and now their have flowers in their muzzles. I suppose you’ll tell us the Ukrainians invaded Russia next. BS.

    • It is very hard to believe that Ukrainian troops secretly started imitation of the war from the Russian territory ( they stepped in from Belorussian side by the way). Also Ukrainian soldiers put on Russian uniforms and kill Ukrainian people just to make the whole world to believe that Putin is a dictator and aggressor ( that is absolutely clear for the last 20 years-he took parts of Georgia, Moldova, has his military groups in Armenia, Chechnya, except Ukraine), and Ukraine managed to put measles that they do not have from the Russo side to the Ukrainian cities, killing civilians just to allow Zelensky to show off in front of Western world. How stupid the whole world that doesn’t understand that sham

  • Oh look!!! What many of us have been saying about the Donbas region…..the crimes against humanity done by the Ukranian military.

  • Follow the money. The Ukraine is the largest money laundering operation that members of Congress (using it as a generic for Congress/Senate) have. They, the Ukraine government and the US government, will do anything to protect it.
    The butchers are Ukrainian, not Russia. The war crimes are being committed by Ukraine forces, not Russian.
    That biden wants to support Ukraine should tell you all you need to know. With any luck the Russians will come into possession of Ukrainian documents that expose the whole mess over there that will show who is funding bio-weapons, laundering money, transporting drugs and enslaving people for the benefit of the US/Global elite.

  • How can they be so composed? One thing is for certain: If the Deep State Devil
    Worshipers are succcessful in bringing about the World War they so desperately
    want, I will not fight for them.

  • Have you ever seen a world leader entrenched in war ever whine as much as the sock puppet Zelenskyy? He`s on TV more than Fauci was during the pandemic.

    The propaganda on western media, especially the US is almost intolerable. The missile that hit the train station is a Ukrainian Tochka-U missile. Russia doesn`t even use this missile and it was launched from a 100% Ukrainian controlled area. The media even showed the booster of the rocket which clearly shows it was a Tochka….they aren`t even trying to provide the truth anymore.

    Independent media such as Lancaster`s is the only place to get the truth, sadly very few have the guts to do it.

  • “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has vowed to keep fighting Russian forces as they prepare for a brutal fight in the Donbas region.”

    Please Putin, get rid of this WEF TERRORIST ZELENSKYY, and send your agents to get rid of all the WEF terrorists, Macron, Trudeau, Marin, Ardern, etc, including the leader Klaus Schwab.

  • SO much more going on in Ukraine than anyone is telling.

    The “Putin bad, Zelensky good” narrative was a lie from the start, and has NOT stood up to the telling. At all.
    Zelensky and his cronies in the US and EU are pulling off some serious lying and acting with false narratives, false flags, and false victimhood.

    Putin is not innocent, but he’s also not the (only) evil aggressor in Ukraine.

    The only truth is that in the middle of the political power play going on over there, there are thousands of innocent Ukrainians that are suffering and dying.

  • Its kind of funny how they call Bolsheviks “Nazis”. Another great ruse. The people of Ukraine must be suffering deja vu.

  • total lie. this website is full of russian propaganda. they are the ones committing crimes.
    It is all a russian lie and propaganda. The ruthlessness of russian soldiers is beyond imaginable, the are much worse than german nazi: raping small boys and girls, women, very old ladies in 70s, beheading live people, torturing and killing civilians, burning out eyes, shooting from tank unarmed civilians. russians came to destroy a nation, to loot. All these videos are deliberate propaganda with the purpose to masqurade their own war crimes. Numerous world leaders visited Ukraine to see first hand the wreckage and barbarity of russians on occupied territories. That’s why world united to help Ukraine. You can read news from Ukraine in english here:, or can see telegram posts here: , ,
    And more:
    russian nazi parade in moscow: here is tattoo of russian soldier:, and here is the video of russian love of humans: bottom line- it is not a nation, it is a russian genetic biomass.


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