International Outrage: EU Under Pressure to Denounce Trudeau's Human Rights Abuses (Video)

What has always made the Western World the strongest was its respect for fundamental rights and a government that served the people, which Trudeau’s government has abandoned. – MEP Cristian Terhes

During a European Union press conference on Friday, MEP Cristian Terhes slammed Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, “the way he’s behaving right now, he’s exactly like a tyrant, a dictator.” The Romanian representative accused Trudeau of acting like “Ceausescu in Romania”, the former Romanian communist dictator.

“If you raise doubts about the vaccines, you’re outcasted. So what’s the difference between what he [Trudeau] does and what happened under the Inquisition?” asked Terhes.

“See, on the one side, they say, ‘we should not believe in God’, but on the other side, they say, ‘believe in science. Science is not about belief. Science is about measurements, conclusions, hypotheses, and arguments. We got to a point now where even if you say something, if you raise any doubt, ….they label you,” said the MEP. “This is not okay.”

International Journalist Question Trudeau

MEP Cristian Terhes’ comments were in response to Journalist Anna van Densky from the Europe Diplomatic questioning Trudeau’s authoritarian actions. Canada is one of the EU’s official Strategic Partners.

Densky asked the MEP’s holding the conference in Strasbourg how they felt about Trudeau declaring “martial law to quell the protest of vaccine skeptics?” Is it ok for Canadians “to be kept without a lawyer for 90 days”, questioned the journalist? Furthermore, is it appropriate to suppress human rights in a country that is a strategic partner to the European Union?”

MEP Terhes was the only leader to tackle the journalist questions. The leader explained that “besides the economic relationship and partnership that Canada has with the EU, Canada is a member of NATO, and we see what is happening right now.”

He stressed that what has always made the Western World, the strongest was its respect for fundamental rights and a government that served the people, which Trudeau’s government has abandoned. 

the strength of the western world is not the army it’s not the economy. We see countries right now emerging countries that have stronger economies than any economy in the EU. What made us strong over the history, and I’m talking about the western world were the values the respect for basic fundamental rights the understanding that the government is there to serve you as a citizen as a person, not for you to serve the government

Encourages More Freedom Movements

Terhes expressed he is encouraged by the Truckers Freedom Convoy’s resistance to Trudeau’s Covid mandates and declaration of martial law. The MEP hopes that the “movement for freedom and right” spreads around the world,

When I saw the protest in Canada, you know the way the trucks over there reacted, you know I got in touch with some of them; others contacted me. I congratulated them, and I want to use this opportunity to thank them. 

I hope this movement for freedom and for rights is spreading all around the world because, at the end of the day, we have to make sure that all these elected officials understand that they were elected to those offices to work for the people, not to behave like masters of slaves. Thank you.

Watch Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes response to Journalist Anna van Densky’s questions:

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • “What has always made the Western World the strongest was its respect for fundamental rights and a government that served the people, which Trudeau’s government has abandoned.”

    Oh, and what about Trudeau’s Young Global Terrorist friends, Jacinda Ardern, Sanna Marin, Emanuel Macron, etc, that also are drilled by the World Evil Forum and the terrorist leader Klaus Schwabe?

  • Great and True.
    One of my favorite Bands: “Crime and the City Solution” made one of my favorite albums “Paradise Discotheque” and it is about Romanian Dictator Ceausescu and the madness of those people….
    I bet you Justin is on Drugs because he behaves like one on drugs just like Ceausescu just like Hitler who had his own doctor to pump him up.
    How mad must you be to think that people obey you just because?
    Don’t the people know we are living in the 21st century?
    You know I think that these people know they are caught and that there is no way back… we do not have to follow their madness… we can do without them and they know it.
    So they have to get even nastier and madder until the whole shithouse explodes as Jim Morrisson said.
    This is the end my friend for them my friend and they know it my friend so keep it up!

  • Why does any leader in the free world (including FJB, sadly) need to be pressured to condemn Trudeau’s absolute nullification of Canadian Liberty!?

    The American president should have been the first person to exert pressure on Trudeau to immediately return Canada to the People. FJB’s overt weakness has destabilized the entire globe. When America is asleep at the switch chaos reigns.

    Could you even imagine this happening if FJB hadn’t been able to steal the presidency from Trump?

    • Are you kidding? Our boy Brandon was a catalyst is this atrocity. It was BRANDON who told Trudeau to “fix the blocked bridge.” Brandon is on board with Trudeau…he just extended the US state of emergency, signifying clearly whose side he is on. It isn’t Freedom. Biden is a puppet and his puppet masters make Trudeau look civilized.

  • What a bunch of hypocrites! They’ve been doing the same thing all over Europe, especially in France and Austria. Videos and photos don’t lie.

  • Just what is an “unacceptable view?” One that differs from the leftist, marxist narrative? Scary

    How can an opinion be unacceptable? It is an opinion!

  • The leaders of countries who were under oppressive regimes in their lifetimes get it. TrueDope obviously is part of the oppression.

  • Makes me want to vacation in Romania. Fuck Canada, Australia, Austria, France, Italy, Germany, and a bunch of others.

  • Turddough is a communist how long has he been in power seems like forever and he ha always been on the edge.I wonder if he may have stepped in it this time maybe woke Canada up a little bit or maybe it will stay like it is now .Sure makes you wonder what is taking place not just in Canada but the whole world.The world has become an evil place we have a president that is evil .Nothing good will come of all this .

  • the western world is now infested by the east, is it really any wonder our morals and beliefs are comprimised?


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