Invasion: Army of 'Organized and Very Violent' African Migrants Storm Spain (Videos)

Hundreds of members of the security forces were injured, five of them seriously, during their intervention to prevent the migrants from entering Melilla.

An army of over 2,000 migrants staged an attack on Friday at 6:40 am on Melilla’s border fence in Spain. They used shears to break through the gate to the border control and then jumped through the roof to enter the city. Spanish officers deployed to the Chinatown border were injured fighting off the “perfectly organized and violent” group of sub-Saharans illegals.

This was the first massive assault by migrants trying to enter Melilla since last March, when Spain and Morocco ended the diplomatic crisis that had been going on for eight months.

According to the first reports, 500 of the 2,000 illegal were able to enter the city by breaking through the access gate that connects the Chinatown border post. This point of entry has not been attacked before, causing security forces to be caught by surprise.

Another group of about 200 illegals managed to enter the city through another area; however, security forces were able to contain them. Nevertheless, the National Police and the Civil Guard officer were viciously attacked by the migrant soldiers and injured due to the violence.

There were 106 people injured, specifically 49 Civil Guard agents and 57 illegals, of whom three had to be taken to hospital.

Moroccan Officers Also Injured

On the Moroccan side of the border, 120 agents were injured, preventing hundreds of dangerous migrants from carrying out another attack on the fence. One of the agents had to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in the Moroccan city of Nador.

 A view of the border fence that separates Morocco from the Spanish city of Melilla taken on March 4, 2022, from the Moroccan city of Nador 

According to the latest information, during the border assault, 18 migrants died trying to jump the fence. Many of the deceased were trapped while trying to force their way into Spain, while several dozen are in serious condition.

Likewise, this same group of around 500 migrants tried to break through the cordon of Moroccan police forces in the early hours of Saturday morning. During this incursion, 100 Moroccan police officers were injured.

Sánchez highlights “the close collaboration” with Morocco.

Spain’s open borders president, Pedro Sánchez, thanked the Spanish Security Forces and Morocco for their collaboration in preventing a larger invasion. In addition,  he has highlighted the “need to have the best relations and close collaboration” with this neighboring country in the fight against irregular immigration.

“On behalf of the Government of Spain, I would like to thank the extraordinary collaboration we are having with the Moroccan government, which demonstrates the need for the best relations and close collaboration. Also, in matters of the Interior and the fight against irregular immigration which, unfortunately, has been suffered today in the autonomous city of Melilla”, he said at a press conference in Brussels, where he participated in the European Council.

Open Borders Spain

Instead of Spain’s socialist-led government immediately deporting the illegals, they transferred them to the Centre for the Temporary Stay of Immigrants (CETI). Unfortunately, most CETI centers are overrun and unable to handle the capacity of illegals pouring into Spain. The situation has only been exacerbated by Covid, which has pushed the migrant reception systems to a dangerous breaking point.

The first illegals to penetrate Spain arrive at the CETI and are greeted by their fellow soldiers with joy and celebration:

Many of the migrants who were captured are of Sudanese nationality and came from nearby forests where they were congregating in recent days to carry out a massive entry into the Spanish city.

Melilla has seen many violent attacks and incidents over the last several years. Thousands of often dangerous migrants each year try to scale Melilla’s border fence and invade Spain’s shores, hoping they won’t be returned and get asylum.

There is no negative consequence for migrants trying to make their way to Spain. Once they scale the border wall and invade the country, they are handed food, clothing, money, and shelter. Under Spain’s Socialist-led government, all asylum applications must be considered. Those denied asylums are rarely deported and instead make their way to the other 26 European Union states.

Vox Fighting To Protest Spain’s Borders

Last summer, the president of Spain’s conservative party Vox, Santiago Abascal, visited Hungary to meet with Fidesz’s leader and Prime minister, Viktor Orbán, in Budapest. The two leaders came together to address Europe’s “migratory invasion.” Abascal was in Europe seeking knowledge and cooperation with other parties who believe that “protecting their borders is key for our future.”

“We patriots have to be united in the face of the multicultural policies of the European Union: massive and illegal immigration, the Islamization of Europe, and the abandonment of common roots,” explained Abascal.

The Vox leader expressed his concern to Orbán about the migrant invasion in Ceuta and Melilla, where tens of thousands of illegals sent by Morocco continue to invade their shores.

There is no negative consequence for migrants trying to make their way to Spain. Once they scale the border wall and invade the country, they are handed food, clothing, money, and shelter. The European Union (EU) forces its 27 member states to accept all asylum applications despite the country’s overwhelmed and financially depleted systems,

“Rejections are illegal. Not everyone has the right to asylum, but everyone has the right to be treated according to our values. When people apply for asylum in the EU, they appeal to European values. And we must honor that appeal.”

Those few migrants denied asylum are rarely deported and instead make their way to the other 26 European Union states. Spain’s Socialist-led government has been happy to oblige the EU’s rules. In contrast, the Hungarian government had refused to sacrifice their country by following the EU’s demands.

The only hope to stop Spain’s “migratory invasion” is the conservative VOX Party. They are the “Make Spain Great Again Party,” which defends traditional Spanish values, borders and has a Trump-like “Spain First” message. Despite the attacks by the radical left and the media that the Vox Party faces, they continue to address the threats of Islam and illegal migration to Spain. Read more about the VOX Party and the violence caused by the migration crisis below:

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • “Instead of Spain’s socialist-led government immediately deporting the illegals, they transferred them to the Centre for the Temporary Stay of Immigrants (CETI).”

    WHAT “Temporary Stay”???????
    WHAT “illegals”???????

    SAME AS CANADA’S TRUDEAU (REAL NAME: Just-in Through-The-Ass) are inviting them to Canada, by order of Klaus Schwab, Soros, Gates and the rest of those criminals.

    • Well said! Europe’s supine leadership, and the evil globalist swine pulling their puppet strings, will sit back and watch the destruction of what remains of Europe, once the greatest civilization ever seen. The cathedrals, the art, the charming villages and sophisticated cities, and most of all the indigenous white people who created it all will disappear under a tidal wave of savage invaders. Heartbreakingly sad, but inevitable at this point.

  • Germany will conquer without a shot being fired and destroy all nations within the EU. It’s what German does, their History proves it. Communism and diversity murders millions every year.

  • Laut einer von der Washington Post zusammengestellten Datenbank tötete die Polizei im Jahr 2015 landesweit 987 Zivilisten. 50 Prozent dieser Opfer waren Weiße (493) und 26 Prozent Schwarze (258). In fast allen Fällen wurden Polizeibeamte mit Schusswaffen bedroht. 26 % der Polizeiopfer sind Schwarze. In den 75 größten Bezirken Amerikas machten Schwarze im Jahr 2009 beispielsweise 62 Prozent aller Angeklagten bei Raubüberfällen, 57 Prozent aller Angeklagten bei Mord und 45 Prozent aller Angeklagten bei Körperverletzungen aus – aber nur 15 Prozent der Bevölkerung. Schwarze machen 23 Prozent der Bevölkerung von New York City aus, aber sie begehen 75 Prozent aller Schießereien, 70 Prozent aller Raubüberfälle und 66 Prozent aller Gewaltverbrechen.

    In Deutschland sind die Zahlen ähnlich.

  • Waves of zombies attacking your city walls and your citizens is a serious problem. The solution is machine guns.

  • This is war. In war, people get shot. These people need to be shot. There’s no other answer. Administrating these people is complete folly.

  • UN Kalergi Plan in full motion. European race and culture will be eliminated unless this is stopped. Kai Murros has warned us, Europe is at war and must fight to survive

  • and us pathetic water downed versions of our ancestors will sit on our arses
    whilest these soldiers are placed within our borders. We have sunk so low that we cannot be slightly concerned at the genocide in waiting. The first bullet might be for myself. Im so disappointed in my fellows. We have been castrated
    or under a spell. Wheres the effin outrage. Wheres the resistance to our planned extinction.

  • Send them to Soros and let him take care of them on his estate in Chappaqua NY Westchester County.

  • Click-Bait! They are still in Africa, just inside an area that belongs to Spain. What were they planning on doing, stealing boats to get to Spain??

    • Spain’s migrant holding centers are overrun with illegals trying to make their way to the mainland. The country is overwhelmed by the increasing onslaught of migrant invaders brought to Europe by human traffickers. Covid only exacerbated the situation, which pushed the migrant reception systems to a dangerous breaking point.

      Left-wing NGOs demand that the Spanish government decongests the centers by speeding up migrant transfers to Spain’s mainland and not back to their country of origin, where they are legal citizens.

      The left-wing government led by Pedro Sánchez, which financially contributes taxpayer money to NGOs, was caught flying migrants to the mainland and distributing them throughout the country without informing local officials. A police union and local officials denounced the transfer, putting their communities and officers in greater danger. Despite video evidence, Spain’s socialist government denies the allegations,

      Watch the following news report translated by RAIR:

  • Army of ‘Organized and Very Violent’ African Migrants Storm Spain

    No Different Then My Neighboor On Weekend/ Holiday Night

  • Looks like a big clump of beetles climbing over the fence. Countries have to learn to defend their sovereignty and their communities. They should simply light them up with machine guns. It will happen once, and then they will never come again.

  • Remember how the Spanish authorities violently treated their own people during the Covid scam? and this happens. All organized.

  • The only purpose of these violent invaders is to destabilise and destroy Western civilisation. What these ‘useful idiots’ could not possibly know is they will be discarded by the elite when their purpose has been fulfilled.

  • Interesting that all of these places that are being mass migrated to (as planned) were all founded, built (some colonized) and cultured by overwhelmingly white, European Christians. This is the history and culture that the aimless, mindless degenerates want to cancel.

  • The Empire, with European support has been f*ing around in Sudan for over 20 years, creating the chaos from which Sudanese flee. Not to mention the destruction of Libya, which was a very safe and prosperous country before 2011, when Europeans decided they owned Libyan oil. Europe has sown the wind in Africa for over 100 years, and it now reaps the whirlwind. The US has a similar problem due to its interference in Latin America.


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