Iowa: Girl's Volleyball Team Fundraising Poster Banned for Supporting Police

Americans need to start paying attention to who is running schools and sitting on school boards.

A girl’s volleyball team in Iowa created a poster to be used for fundraising efforts for an after prom event. The poster, which supported the police and used the team mantra “Whatever It Takes” was condemned by Northwood-Kensett Community School District’s Superintendent Michael Crozier.

The superintendent is not very active on social media, but when he is, he does not shy away from retweeting political accounts such as the hard left activist organization Indivisible, whose Iowa branch seeks to “remake” police departments.

Do parents in Iowa agree with Indivisible, an open advocate for “Defunding” police? Why would Michael Crozier be retweeting such a radical group?

Crozier told Des Moines-Based news outlet KCCI that “the Northwood-Kensett district recognizes that some may perceive this as insensitive given the environment we are in as a country.” It is unclear how supporting police officers who protect and serve communities across America is “insensitive,” but Mr. Crozier evidently does not feel the need to elaborate on that point.

Instead, he continued to say:

“Although our law enforcement are held in the highest regard in our communities, we also recognize the value of the social justice movement and what it means to so many.”

It would be very interesting to hear Mr. Crozier’s definition of “social justice.” Does he believe in equality of opportunity or equality of outcomes?

Photographer Jodie Bachtle pulled the image after being hounded by “outraged” messages on social media:

…Bachtle says that she has been overloaded with Facebook, Snapchat, and text messages. She says that some have been showing support and understanding, but she says that doesn’t minimize the fact that it has outraged many others, ‘all of this is very overwhelming,’ she says. 

The controversy over high school sports teams supporting police officers is not limited to Iowa, unfortunately. As reported at RAIR Foundation USA, Chardon Superintendent Michael Hanlon in Ohio banned the Thin Blue Line flag from school after it was brought out by the football team during a game earlier this month. The decision to ban support of police during games was backed by the Chardon Board of Education. The community took matters into their own hands by having a rally in support of police.

Americans need to start paying attention to who is running schools and sitting on school boards.

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Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • My grandson attends this school. I hope this not how a school supports its local Police Dept. The volleyball team was doing a very good thing in raising money and showing their support. The Police dept. was doing the same by supporting its local students. Shame on anyone who deems this bad. We must stand up and not let the minority rule. God bless America!

  • Don’t give up girls. You have done nothing wrong with showing support for law enforcement. The school board has no right to make you to take this down. You should take this to court. The people are behind you. Do not give up.


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