IRELAND: Hard Left Candidate Linda Hayden Claims to Have Video of Alleged Hate Crime

Hayden has used the alleged attack to call for “serious action” on so-called “hate crime and hate speech.”

Linda Hayden, a Social Democrat candidate for Kildare South in Ireland, claims to have video evidence of a recent attack on a gay couple which took place on the evening of January 31, 2020 at the Newbridge train station in County Kildare. Hayden has used the alleged attack to call for “serious action” on so-called “hate crime and hate speech.”

As reported at RAIR Foundation USA, the Hate Crime designation is highly partisan, used as a battering ram against political opponents, used selectively, results in endless hate crime hoaxes, and is incompatible with a society that values speech and the concept of “blind justice.” Ireland does not presently have such legislation, but the left has been vigilantly organizing to impose such laws on the country. There is an irony that those who shout the loudest about “equality” seek to impose different status on victims of the same crime based on a perceived bias.

Linda Hayden (center)

When the author observed to Linda Hayden that there is no evidence of an anti-gay bias in the alleged attack, and that the perpetrators have not yet been arrested, Hayden – who advocates for “action” against “hate speech” – referred to the author as a “knob” and claimed that there was video of the attack, which showed the perpetrators referring to the victims as “faggots.”

When asked if the SocDem candidate had the video, she responded “YUP”.

“We need serious action on hate crime and hate speech,” Hayden was quoted as saying in response to the alleged anti-gay attack on Gearóid Laighléis and his partner Anthony Nolan. As of February 4th, the perpetrators have not been caught and the video evidence Linda Hayden claims to have has not been added to any media reports about the incident. Why would a candidate for office have access to a video not available to the media?

Gearóid Laighléis posted about the alleged anti-gay crime on Facebook. It is this author’s fervent hope that the perpetrators be brought to swift justice for attacking the two men. But there should be no “hate crime” enhancement even if there was an anti-gay bias. All victims should be treated equally.

For her candidacy, Hayden advocates “cradle to grave” government funded healthcare and “hate speech” legislation, among other things. She is best known for her signature “activism against sexual crime.”

The election is only a few days away. Follow it under the hashtag #GE2020.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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