Is the Covid 'Vaccine' Causing Cancer? (Exclusive Interview With Dr. Roger Hodkinson)

Dr. Roger Hodkinson: Potential weakening of the immune system after receiving the Covid vaccine “could result in a tsunami of conditions.”

Renowned Canadian Pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson joined RAIR Foundation USA in Ottawa to discuss the science of the coronavirus “vaccines”. The compelling conversation took place amidst the massive Freedom Convoy, where truckers in Canada have inspired the world with their stand against “vaccine” mandates.

The important interview, which was often accompanied by the glorious sound of honking horns in the background, has been broken up in several segments.

‘Vaccine’ and Cancer

Knowledgeable and honest scientists and physicians, such as Doctor Ryan Cole, are raising the connection between coronavirus vaccinations and a higher prevalence of cancer. While the “true incidence of cancer post-vaccination is still not clear,” Dr. Roger Hodkinson explained that it “is clear is that there are enough anecdotal reports globally to strongly suggest” that cancers are exhibiting due to the Covid injection.

During his January panel discussion (minute mark 4:57:38) titled “COVID-19: A Second Opinion”, Senator Ron Johnson’s remarked that the “increase in cancer is something I’ve been hearing about for months.”

Notably, a research study (by former RAIR Foundation USA interviewees Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT] scientist Stephanie Seneff and co-authored by Texas Internist and Cardiologist Peter McCullough, MD and others) found a potential cancer risk associated with the mRNA “vaccine”.

Full document here:

The Covid Vaccine linked to Cancer by Noyb Nal on Scribd

How the Immune System Works

To understand why individuals could be vulnerable to cancer after the vaccine, Dr. Hodkinson gave a brief tutorial on how the immune system works. The immune system does not just “fight off infections,” but also targets “anything that’s not you” entering the body. Cancer is one example of a foreign intrusion into the body that alerts the immune system.

Dr. Hodkinson reveals that the immune system acts to “knock off” those “little tiny cancers” before they can grow:

“…one of the prime functions of the immune system is to constantly surveil the entire body looking for little tiny cancers that can be knocked off before they get to a size when they produce a lump or syndrome that eventually kills you.”

It is believed that this process by the immune system “is going on for our entire lives with meticulous efficiency,” the pathologist explains. Over time during the aging process, the immune system loses some of the powerful efficiency it once had, enabling the cancer to grow. “Because it’s only when the balance of forces changes for various reasons as we get older that those little cancers don’t get knocked off and do escape control,” he said.

Is the ‘Vaccine’ Compromising the Immune System?

The coronavirus injection, Dr. Hodkinson surmises, could be pushing the immune system to become less efficient, as it does during the aging process. “So with the vaccination having a profound impact on the vitality of our immune system,” the doctor says, “the deep concern is that some of these cancers that are being reported [after the vaccine] or maybe all of them, are due to ‘immune escape’ that the immune system has been basically ‘taken off its watch’ for a period of time.”

The possibility is that after the vaccine, the immune system is weakened, empowering cancer “to proliferate in a way that it would not normally have done.” This entirely plausible scenario “could result in a tsunami of conditions – cancer, and other conditions – that have been brought on specifically and unintentionally by this vaccination program,” Dr. Hodkinson continued.

The horrendous reality is that lessons learned from the history of medicine and vaccines have been ignored during the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Hodkinson laments that there does not seem to be a drive to study the possible connection of cancer and the coronavirus vaccine:

You see, when there’s something of this magnitude – which is so obvious – when there’s something of that magnitude is not studied, that’s cause for enormous concern because that’s not the way medicine works.’

This concept applies to vaccines, as well. Vaccines “are usually studied with great thoroughness for five to ten years,” Dr. Roger Hodkinson tells RAIR. That is, “ordinary vaccines, not a new technology…” “That’s what we normally do,” he said. But in the wake of the coronavirus, which the renowned pathologist referred to as “nothing worse than a bad seasonal flu,” the standards put in place for decades were “trashed, wholesale.” And in addition to the scrapping of science is a “vaccine” with “all these gigantic potential complications.”


Read more from RAIR Foundation USA:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • It’s all part and parcel of a basic depopulation program curtesy of
    the Communist Chinese and 1% Power Eliet.
    They wish to genocide deplorables and other “undesirables” whom they
    consider sub-human. But they want pretty females to keep as sex slaves and
    children they can ritualisticly murder as sacrifices to their God Satan.

  • I’m a conservative who voted twice for Mr. Trump. However, he has been untouchable by those on the right concerning the COVID vaccine. He and his advisors are complicit in introducing a so-called vaccine (through Operation Warp Speed) that is now compromising the health, if not killing, thousands (dare I say potentially millions?). Science doesn’t work at warp speed. Conservatives need to hold Trump and his advisors accountable for introducing a vaccine where expediency was more important than good science. Think about that as Donald ramps up for another run for the presidency.

      • You have to think though Trump only had the vaccine for the elderly. Biden is the one that opened it up to all ages with his mandates.

      • I, too, am at a loss as to why Trump keeps extolling this experimental mRNA vaccine. I do know he did not make it mandatory for anyone. He always said it was one’s choice to take it or not. Biden made it mandatory on many groups. It is also under Biden that it was pushed onto ever younger age groups – now allowed to be used on 6-month-old babies. It’s just sickening.

    • I totally agree. Trump rushed through the vaccine before it could be tested. I suspect I am one who is now suffering from this.

      • President Trump knew it was a plandemic and he also knew they already had a vaccine for it. Also he was trying to prevent The Great Reset!

  • My twice jabbed 58 yo husband just had a positive result on his cologuard test. 7 years ago he was completely clean with his colonoscopy. While talking with the med tech who was filling out his info, she told us that since the middle of 2021 through present there has been a HUGE rise in positive results with the cologuard tests. Coincidence????

    • I am sorry to hear this and will pray for your family. Please keep us updated on how he is doing. – Amy Mek

  • If the immune system is receiving new instructions to make spike proteins instead of the immune system’s normal job especially if you had under went the stem cell research to fight cancer and my mother had passed her last cancer screening (6 years) but had a resurgence of the Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma then Yes I blame the covid shot because her lymph nodes reacted after the second covid jab and she called the covid shot hot line and the woman told her it was completely normal! No it was NOT! It was a sign her cancer came back and mutated with a vengeance! She received one dose of chemo then expired 9/25/2021. She had something (cancer? Spike proteins?) show up in her lung, brain, kidney, and liver. Once it crossed into her brain it was too late! (Thoracentesis performed to clear her lung) In conclusion my mother died because she received the covid shot! I btw I refuse to call the covid shot a vaccine because according to the old definition of a vaccine it does NOT prevent covid JUST like the flu shot does NOT prevent the flu (never called it a vaccine either!) Hope someone reads this.

    • Sorry to hear about your mom. I lost my best friend since HS less than a year after she took the shot. Her health began to deteriorate within a couple of months post shot and eventually her kidneys shut down completely.

  • in early spring 2020, one commenter pointed out:

    There was a horrendous ‘flu’ (pandemic) in 1968-1969 but life went on, including the Woodstock Festival with 1,000s of young adults teeming, swarming, roiling in the mud, frolicking, loving, sexing, drugging, dancing in the rain.

    And life went on.

    THIS time – it was a PSYOP to KILL – POISON!


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