Is the FBI Waiting until after the Election to Address Whistleblower Phil Haney’s Violent Death?

Is the FBI Waiting until after the Election to Address Whistleblower Phil Haney’s Violent Death?

  • Posted by Renee Nal
  • On October 1, 2020
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Is the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) holding back information regarding the violent death of Phil Haney because of the election? Why is the Amador County Sheriff’s office staying quiet? How long will Americans stay silent before demanding answers?

Whistleblower Phil Haney, a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), was found dead after being shot in the chest on February 21, 2020 in California, not far from Sacramento. The local police immediately reached out to the FBI, despite the clear potential conflict of interest. Mr. Haney called out the Obama administration for forcing government intelligence to remove terrorist ties of Mosques in America. In his book, See Something, Say Nothing, he documented ties that he believed could have stopped the Islamic San Bernardino and Orlando terror attacks. He was writing a new book that was to be published before the 2020 election. Before that book could be published, Mr. Haney was found dead in a “park and ride” area three miles from his home.

Mr. Haney, a devout Christian, was known to carry a thumb drive around his neck populated with information damning to the federal government that was to be in his next book. Knowing that he was potentially in danger, Mr. Haney confided in several people that he would never commit suicide. RAIR Foundation spoke with two of these people: Film Director Judd Saul and Iowa Pastor Cary Gordan (Read about that here).

Back in July, RAIR Foundation USA submitted questions (twice) to the Amador County Sheriff’s office, and did not receive a response. Instead, a local report dated July 23, 2020 indicated that officials “expect FBI reports and analysis within the next few weeks and hope to complete their review shortly thereafter, comparing it with the information they have gathered from their own case investigation.”

Today is October 1st. It is difficult not to consider that the reason the politicized FBI is staying quiet is not based on evidence, but something more nefarious.

Read the details at RAIR about Mr. Haney’s life and violent death. Please also see RAIR’s timeline of events.

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archie curtis
this whole thing needs to go viral, we are sick of hidden truths
Christiana olufunke
When will obama,Clinton's,be prosecuted
The revelations will probably come right after we hear the TRUTH about the Las Vegas massacre from THREE years ago. I realize the Deep State is vast but why hasn't Trump DEMANDED release of the truth in these matters? Why is Gina Haspel, Chrissy Wray and others STILL ferociously fighting him as the Praetorian Guard from within? Thank GOD we live in a republic because a tyranny would be unbearable.
Jeffrey W. Lee
Once again...we wait for the restoration of Justice. Sadly we are left in silence.
Dawn Reagan
I'm praying that the Lord will expose every detail of the murder of Phil Haney and expose who knew what and when, and why the details were delayed/suppressed. I pray that the details of his unpublished work will be published and true justice will be done.
George I Isaac
Islam and the MB infiltrated the US government. If left unchecked there will be more... WAKEUP AMERICA.
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