Islamic Italy: Police Bust Migrant Father who Beat, Starved, and Imprisoned Daughter for Refusing 'Arranged' Marriage (Video)

Throughout Europe, it has been revealed that thousands of young Muslim women and girls are victims of forced marriages every year.

A Bangladesh migrant has been arrested in Italy for kidnapping, imprisoning, beating, and starving his 20-year-old daughter. The 52-year-old father was “punishing” his daughter for having a relationship with a young man he disapproved of. The father wanted the daughter to have an Islamic arranged marriage with a boy he had chosen in Bangladesh.

The father locked his daughter in her room for five days, beat her, and refused to feed her. Police were alerted to the situation by her boyfriend, a twenty-year-old young migrant of Bengali origin who reported to police what was happening.

The alarm was triggered when a 23-year-old Bangladeshi living in Milan contacted the police because he was worried about his girlfriend. The young man hadn’t heard from her for a few days, so he called the police to express his concern. He told the authorities that the girl’s father hindered the relationship since he had arranged an engagement in Bangladesh for his daughter with another man.

Following the boyfriend’s report, the police went to the family’s house. The father, “after some resistance,” opened the door. They managed to enter, and at that point, the girl, hearing the voices of the authorities, “started banging insistently from inside a closed room, “the investigators say.

The door was locked from the outside, and inside was the young woman who, police say, was ” in despair and had visible signs of beatings.” The police took the girl from the home and arrested the father.

The twenty-year-old girl was rushed to Verbania hospital, where she is still hospitalized. The girl told police of her days being locked up in her room and that she was only allowed to go to the bathroom escorted by her father. Two other sons of the man were also present in the house, both minors. The children have been turned over to the social services of Verbania.

The following two video reports detail what happened when the police raided the apartment in the Italian city of Stresa, in Piedmont:

It is courageous of the young woman to explain her situation to the police, saving herself from a forced marriage and potentially preventing her murder. However, she is at significant risk of harm if her father is set free. Unfortunately, it would not have been the first time that a wedding of this type, arranged between families and with the opposition of the protagonist, ended in a violent crime. 

Epidemic: Forced Marriages By Islamic Migrants

Just recently, in Spain, a Pakistani man was arrested for trying to force her into an arranged Islamic marriage. According to his daughter, her father had kept her and threatened to send her to Pakistan, where he had arranged a marriage with a man much older than her. 

Not only was her father involved in the forced marriage, but her entire immediate family. According to the young woman’s account, the mother and brother were also keeping her and trying to send her to Pakistan to marry the man her family had chosen. Despite the girl’s testimony, the police only arrested the man, who was released days later. The young girl must now live in fear for her life.

At the beginning of last year, two sisters from Terrassa, Spain, were killed in Pakistan by their family because they wanted to divorce the cousins they had been forced to marry a year ago and marry men in Spain. The girl’s family, including their in-laws, killed the sister because they “hurt the honor” of the family. 

elatives of the murdered Terrassa sisters, arrested by Pakistani police

In February 2022, the National Police and the Carabinieri arrested a Pakistani man living in Barcelona. He collaborated in the murder of his cousin, 18-year-old Saman Abbas, for refusing, like the Terrassa sisters, to marry a man her family had chosen. Abbas was murdered by her parents, uncle, and two cousins because she refused an arranged marriage to another cousin in Pakistan.

Saman Abbas

Throughout Europe, it has been revealed that thousands of young women and girls are victims of forced marriages every year. Most victims come from Muslim families; many have been threatened with violence and even death. The revelations always “shock” the public, but things keep getting worse. Muslim immigration has led to the establishment of parallel Islamic societies there.

Italian news channel LA7 interviewed members of the Islamic community in Rome to find out what they thought of the young Pakistani woman killed by her family. Many men were asked how they would act if their family member did not obey their commands or was “westernized.” The Islamic male migrant called for the women to be brutally murdered. The men justified their death threats by citing commands in their Qur’ans.

What could happen if a woman refused to wear the veil and decided to dress like an average person, asked a news reporter. “I take a knife, and I put it here (pointing to his neck) because she has to die. I would kill her; you have to take a knife and do this. She has to die”, the Muslim did not hesitate to express. Islamic law (Sharia) requires women to cover themselves.

Another Muslim interviewed in the video stressed that Islamic families choose marriages for their children in 80% of cases, while there is an autonomous decision in the remaining 20%. “This is the tradition of our culture. The man decides! The woman cannot say she does not want to marry someone.” According to Muhammad and the Quran, men are in charge of women.

‘Must Massage and Cook’

One Muslim explained to the reporter that often, in the villages where the Muslim migrants living in Italy grow up, women cannot refuse forced marriages, “If the girl says ‘no,’ they threaten her. Then it happens that many die because they say they love another person and then they hang themselves”. 

Another Muslim explained to the interviewer that Islamic husbands must have dominance and control over their wives,

Our way. Much different from yours. The wife must respect her husband. I do my work. She has to do the housework. The wife cannot say no. Give me a massage? Yes. I have to eat? She has to cook for me right away. She must not say no

Kill Westernized Females

Finally, he reiterated that Muslim women could not refuse to marry a man their family chose, “She cannot do it because it is a shame. It is the law; it is forbidden”. Just as she does not have the freedom to escape and claim the right to live like a European,

This is not possible. —What does the law do? —Now I will explain to you. Per the law of the Koran, this is how it is. You must take her, and she must die. She must die, and not of something… With blood! In the ground. Stone. Stone. —Stoned? —Stoned. Yes, because she has done [what is] forbidden.

Watch the following disturbing video by Muslims living in Italy:

Islamic Honor Killings and Violence

Honor-related violence is a phenomenon in Europe after it opened its borders to Islamic migration. Honor killing is the product of a male chauvinist society that finds its justification in the Qur’an and Islamic tradition. Saman’s family killed her when she challenged male Islamic authority.

Honor violence ranges from emotional abuse to physical and sexual violence to murder. Male family members usually perpetrate violence against female members perceived to have disgraced the family. Polls show an overwhelming amount of Muslims support honor killings.

The daughters and sisters’ “offenses” ranged from refusing an arranged marriage to entering into a relationship with a boyfriend not approved by her family and living an excessively Western lifestyle. Many girls harmed by their families just wanted to live free from their abusive Islamic upbringing.

The Muslim families’ treatment of their girls is learned from their Islamic faith and Prophet’s example. In Islamic terms, there is nothing unusual or deviant in how they are treated. Instead of the western government and left-wing media condemning Islam’s view on women, they will insist these abuses and murders are isolated and protect their socialist and sanitized reconstruction of Islam, created for Western consumption. The cost of covering for Islam continues to harm Muslim women and all women.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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