Islamic Supremacy: 'Call To Prayer' Illegally Blasted Throughout Swedish Suburb, 'Allahu Akbar' (Videos)

“Imagine you escape an oppressive regime and find freedom in the West where you suddenly hear the anthems of the oppressive regime you fled from.”

In a video clip published by a Swedish resident of Henriksdal, a sound can be heard that sounds suspiciously like the Islamic call to prayer (Adhan), reports Samnytt news. The Adhan was recorded on Sunday evening. However, it is not the first time such noise has been heard at the site.

In Sweden, three mosques have received permission from authorities to use loudspeakers to broadcast “prayers.” The mosques that have received proper approval are in Fittja in Botkyrka, the Kungsmarken in Karlskrona, and the Araby in Växjö.

But in the vicinity of the Stockholm area of ​​Henriksdal in Nacka, there is no issued permit for Muslim prayer calls. Despite this, residents of Henriksdal have repeatedly witnessed what appears to be the Adhan being imposed on non-Muslims.

“Henriksdal, today, at 4:47. This roaring in the early mornings is recurring. The sound seems to come down from the station or its vicinity. As far as I know, this started last year. However, today was the first time I managed to catch it on film,” writes a witness in a post on Twitter.

Unclear sender

In the video clip, a man’s voice is heard screaming in what sounds like a Muslim prayer that states, “Allah is greatest.” The phrase, known as Takbir, is used daily as an introduction to the call to prayer from the mosque at the time of prayers.

The recording of the clips corresponds to the time of the first Muslim prayer of the day, the morning prayer, which is called “Fajr.” Every Muslim is obligated to pray five times a day – Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha.

Controversial ‘Call to Prayer’

The Adhan declares the supremacy of Allah of Islam and sends the strongest message to Christians that Allah is superior to the Trinity and Jesus. The following is a translation of the Adhan by RAIR Foundation USA:

Allah is greater [than your God], Allah is greater [than your God]
I testify that there is no god [who is worthy of worship] except Allah.
I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.
Come to prayer. Come to prayer.
Come to success. Come to success
Allah is the greatest. Allah is the greatest.
There is no god except Allah.

Declaration of Islamic Supremacy

Ex-Muslim and former communist Ridvan Aydemir, known as the ‘Apostate Prophet,’ reports that Adhan declares all religions except Islam false and is a symbol and declaration of Islamic supremacy. Aydemir explains the offensive nature of the Adhan, comparing it to “singing and broadcasting nazi songs in Jewish cities and neighborhoods.”

Imagine escaping a country that would “jail, lynch, beat and torture” their citizens for leaving Islam, only to be forced to listen to the Adhan again. Aydemir explained:

…many other people around the world who live in countries where they cannot leave Islam. Well they can’t say I have left Islam because there they could be executed, they could be punished, they could be thrown in jail, lynched, beaten, tortured… Imagine we come from those cultures – come to the west, come to free countries like America and Canada – and here suddenly we hear that same dominating supremacist march over us and our naive American neighbor says well it’s just their religion let him have it…

Aydemir assures Westerners that “There is no religious obligation for them [Muslims] to blast it [Adhan] outside in cities that are in non-Muslim lands.” He assures westerners bound by political correctness that their “concerns and anger about this intrusive, this vile practice” of religious supremacy is not “Islamophobic,” nor hateful or intolerant.

if you – a Western person – since we have to be so politically correct, if you want to reject and voice your disagreement, your concern your anger about this intrusive this vile practice then you are not bigoted, you’re not Islamophobic, you’re not hateful, you’re not intolerant, you’re not any of those bad things. You are simply rejecting a shameless disturbing practice of religious supremacism.

Watch Ridvan Aydemir’s video about the Adhan and its meaning:

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • Correction:
    Surely they shout the following corrected text within EU:
    The new corrected and valid text is:

    Allah is a poor fucker.
    I testify that there is no poorer worthy of shitting except Allah.
    I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of shit.
    Come to prayer. Come to prayer.
    Come to shit. Come to piss.
    Allah is the poorest fucker. Allah is the poorest.
    There is no bigger shit except Allah.
    Second biggest shits are Urine von der Leyen and Merkel, piss on both of them five times daily.

    AND THE PERSONS THAT GAVE THE PERMISSION to use loudspeakers to broadcast “prayers.” in Fittja in Botkyrka, the Kungsmarken in Karlskrona, and the Araby in Växjö MUST BE HANGED IMMEDIATELY!

  • These islamic f*ckers have no regard for anyone except themselves and they don’t even respect themselves the way they stone members of their own families and throw them off roofs. Bunch of goat-f*cking cultists.

  • Satan’s Children have turned Europe into an
    Islamic Caliphate and the Europeans LET them!
    I’m OK with the Islamic Caliphate!
    If people don’t have the balls to FIGHT for their
    right to exist, they don’t HAVE any right to exist!

  • I remember all the Swedes at their train stations, holding up their big banners saying REFUGEES WELCOME!


  • The vast majority won’t accept or believe that they’re slated for death and replacement until at least 100 years after the operation is successfully completed.

  • Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah?

    So a character that can easily be described as a woman-hating murderous pedophile is the messenger of their so called god?

    Well would that explain why so many muslims target the most vulnerable in sweden for evil criminality? And they call Rasmus Paludan hateful and dangerous? Time for a reality check!

    People can easily research what ideology the main perpretrators have in sweden when it comes to raping and murdering the most vulnerable. A hint, they believe in a so-called God that made a murderous woman-hating pedophile its prophet., Anyone can easily research who the Muhammad character is. What type of so-called god would have a murderous pedophile as a prophet?

    Many swedes are in absolute denial the dangers muslims bring to their once peaceful and safe sweden. No-go zones, murders, and rape of the most vulnerable, that is what many muslims brought to Sweden. Islamic males have been a horrible and dangerous addition to swedish society if one actually pays attention to the actual statistics and news reports.

    It is also seriously stupid how hostile islamic males from no-go zones in Sweden call native swedes faggots. The majority of native swedes don’t pray to a so-called god that requires men to pray with their asses in the air in a slave like ritual lol. Oh gosh, i should have known, “islam” is translated as “Submission”.

    Many muslims only have it good in sweden because swedish taxpayers have paid for them to be there, but still they are hateful of swedes. Once the swedes come to their senses and stop mass-immigration politically, lets see how well the muslims behave then, they will be a tiny minority and swedes will be sick and tired of them eventually.

    No self-respecting swede would want to listen to their islamic calls for prayer, that calls for worship of a camel god and its pedophile prophet.

    Clowns and beggars is what they are, muslims in sweden would not even have food to eat if it was not for swedish taxpayers. Poor third worlders from failed countries with no law and order, cultures that sweden should not ever want and need in their once beautiful and peaceful society.


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