Islamic Terror Threat: Police Increase Security in Sweden

The Stockholm police have launched a special event to deal with a growing threat from Muslims after the burning outside the Turkish embassy on January 21, 2023. The police will increase security at “symbolically important objects.”

Earlier this week, the Security Police (Säpo) announced that the number of terrorist threats against Sweden is increasing. Furthermore, Säpo decided, together with the Police Authority, to deny a new Qur’an burning outside the Turkish embassy that was to be carried out on Thursday. The authorities assess that “public order and security cannot be guaranteed.”

According to the state radio, the police’s special event in Stockholm means that the authority is taking several “security-enhancing measures” at the most “symbolically important objects” in Stockholm.


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Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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  • Sweden would have no such security problems if they did not import massive waves of third-world islamic peoples into their land. The swedes have politically allowed a dangerous radical feminist element to facilitate importation of third world cultures that go on to create instability in the swedish state. Countries like poland have no such problems, because they do not go out of their way to cater to peoples who could never be integrated in a cohesive way and that would go on to create ethnic tensions. Poland does not have a radical feminist culture, it is rather more traditional in gender roles. Why let an islamist trojan horse into the kingdom? What good does it serve?

    In reality such islamic threats do not exist in sweden because of the actions of paludan, but ultimately exist because of the stupidity of having imported hostile aggressive islamic males that come from primitive cultures that can never be integrated into swedish society, islamist cultures that are a threat to the passive effeminate host culture, where natural leadership and protective qualities have been ripped away from the native male populace that once had a coherent and homogenous peaceful country to reside in.

    Sweden was once a land where there was no such things as “radical feminist ideology” such as the concept of gender equality. Radical feminism is and has always been a threat to the natural protective qualities of a father, nature made men to be fathers, to be the providers, the guardians of the family unit. Mens natural instinct is to protect women and the family unit, which creates a stronger nation with a higher fertility rate, increasing homogenity and making the nation coherent and powerful where people feel they have something in common, be it religon, customs and traditions, or language,,,,,,, Swedish males have been disempowered and smeared with words such as “racism” and “islamophobe” when they speak out about the constant threat that muslims pose to their once peaceful and coherent society. Their jobs threatened, threatened with public shaming, native swedish men have had their voices silenced.

    Leftist politics in sweden has failed to protect the women and children, time for nationalist native swedish men to be elected politically, to take no more bullshit from the islamic trojan horse in their society, and get tough on muslim crimes and carry out more deportations and tighten borders. Restoring order politically would restore order to actual swedish society.

    Imported muslim populations have been a shit-stain on swedish society for way too long, that is if you look at the crime statistics where they top the charts and how much of a burden they are on the swedish state financially speaking. Muslims are a threat to social cohesion in Sweden, it is obvious to see, they can never be integrated, they have created ethnic tensions.

    Sweden needs to get over the idiotic way of thinking that these people can ever be integrated into their society. Swedish politicans that believed in a dangerous multicultural experiment have failed to protect the lives of many innocent woman and children that have ended up crippled or murdered from many islamic males that were not even deported and that got only light sentences . Shame Shame, these dangerous politicans that allowed massive waves of islamic mass immigration into sweden should have been psychologically evaluated to see if they could be deemed fit for political office.

    Many parts of Sweden have been turned into a third world shit hole, as the saying goes, import the third world get the third world, more rapes, demonic jihadis, FGM, murders, terrorism, women afraid to walk the streets in evenings, you name it, all major problems of the third world that the once peaceful sweden foolishly decided to import into their culture. Sweden is a perfect example of what happens to a once peaceful and safe country when it decides to import the third world.


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