Islamification of Belgium: MEP Violently Attacked and Injured (Video)

One third of Belgium’s population is of foreign origin. In Brussels, Belgians are already in the minority.

On Tuesday, MEP Mathias Vanden Borre from the N-VA (New Flemish Alliance) party was violently attacked by what appears to be migrants. The MEP has been injured and is unable to work after being chased and beaten through the migrant-dominated city of Brussels.

Vanden Borre recorded a video of the moments leading up to the attack, which spread like wildfire after posting it on Twitter. He stated, Just attacked, kicked, beaten and almost robbed while walking around Brussels. The police are on site for an investigation.” 

The incident happened Tuesday, April 27, 2021, around 5 p.m. in the Essegem district, on the border of Jette and Laken. “I was visiting a photographer with my wife and my seven-day-old son. While my wife and my son were still inside, I went for a walk, ”says Vanden Borre.

The gang of youths began following Vanden Borre, who says several times that he is a Member of Parliament in Brussels and that they should leave him alone. One of the males asks Vanden Borre several times why he is filming them as he was following him. Just before the picture roughly disappears, you can see a male approaching quickly.  Vanden stated:

“Suddenly six to seven young guys came after me. They started shouting at me, intimidating me. I picked up my phone and started filming. Then they came even closer. First I got a kick in the side, then a blow to my jaw. One of them tried to steal my phone. Then I started walking. ”

Vanden Borre tried to flee, but the violent gang of youths continued to follow him. He finally got free and called the police, who arrived quickly. It was not the first incident in the district. Police were attacked twice in this area just six months ago. Since then, stricter police enforcement has been in place, which remains in force today.

Vanden Borre filed a complaint and submitted the videos to the police. After an examination, the doctor declared him unable to work for three days. He summed up :

“I’m very shocked. I live around here and didn’t expect anything like this. Especially not in broad daylight. Hopefully, they’ll catch the guys soon. Unfortunately, this is a daily reality in Brussels. I see it as my job to denounce that.”

According to Vanden Borre, the police immediately recognized one of the young people in the images he took. The Brussels-West police cannot say anything substantively about the investigation, which is still ongoing and refers to the public prosecutor’s office. 

Despite the attack, MEP Vanden Borre vows to continue fighting the “insecurity problem” in Brussels. The term “insecurity problems” tends to be code for migrant violence.

As most have deciphered by now, many countries have resorted to code in the media when referring to the crime perpetrated by Muslim migrants due to leftist pressure on media organizations and advertisers. In England, “Asians” was the code for Muslims, and now not even that is used. In France and a few other countries, “Youths” is code for Muslims who commit violent crimes. Consequently, it has been increasingly difficult to know who is responsible for crime waves across the Western world because of rules of minority reporting, preventing people from developing views that would oppose mass-migration into Western nations.

Demographic Jihad

Over the last decade, Belgium has changed dramatically. Without any public debate, it has become a massive migration state. Their left-wing government’s open borders migration policies, coupled with the European Union’s policies (also situated in Brussels, Belgium’s capital), continue to have catastrophic effects on the country’s safety and demographics.

As reported previously at RAIR, one-third of Belgium’s population is of foreign origin. The largest number of those being of Moroccan descent. Ninety-nine percent of Morocco’s population are Muslims. In Brussels, native or indigenous Belgians are already in the minority; nearly 80% of the population is of foreign origin.

According to Statbel, the country’s statistical office, in 2020, the most popular names for male babies in over a dozen municipalities throughout Brussels are Islamic, specifically Mohamed, Mohammed, and Ahmed (another form of Mohammad). 

Belgium has become a terrorist breeding ground; the country has the highest per-capita rate of foreign fighters of any Western European country. Left-wing media have even described the small country as “Europe’s terror hotbed.”

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.



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