Islamization of France: The Prophetic Warnings of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (Video)

Archbishop Lefebvre’s prophetic warning to the French to ask the government to stop Islam, based on his belief that the two religions could not coexist, resulted in persecution, yet his prescient message now resonates as a stark reality in France today.

In the late 1980s, as France grappled with the challenges of an increasingly diversified society, one outspoken bishop voiced his fears about the Islamization of the country. Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre’s warnings about the growing presence of Muslims and his comments about their intentions made him a target of the government and Islamic supremacists. His case became a test of France’s commitment to free speech and religious tolerance. His legacy continues to resonate in the ongoing debates about immigration, integration, and the consequences of Islam in Western societies.

During a press conference held on November 14, 1989, at the Hotel Crillon in Paris, the French bishop raised concerns about the increasing presence of Muslims in France. He warned about the potential for conflicts between the two religions. Archbishop Lefebvre expressed his worries about the Islamization of France and made comments that were characterized as inciting hatred against the Muslim community.

He warned the French, “Your women, your children will be kidnapped and taken to reserved districts like there are in Casablanca…and you will not dare to go find them…..And what will France be, then? It is already like that in certain cities in England…”.

Archbishop Lefebvre believed that the two religions could not coexist, saying, “The two religions cannot live together; it is impossible. They must stay in their own countries.” He was particularly concerned about the increasing number of Muslims in France, saying, “If there are 500,000 more Muslims in France every year, you will see what will happen with the mosques….They mustn’t be allowed to organize politically or religiously….When they kill Christians, they save their souls, so why wouldn’t they?” He implored people to “Ask the government to stop Islam….”

Archbishop Lefebvre’s comments caused a stir and predictably led to accusations of inciting hatred against the Muslim community. The International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism (LICRA) denounced the remarks made by the bishop during the press conference. The court found Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre guilty of “religious defamation” against the Muslim community and sentenced him to a fine of 5,000 francs. However, he was acquitted of the charge of provoking religious discrimination.

During his trial, Archbishop Lefebvre defended his statements, saying that they were based on his observations of the Quran’s encouragement of discrimination, hatred, and violence. He argued that Muslims could live on friendly terms with Christians in a country as long as they were an insignificant minority and accepted the laws and customs of the country.

However, Archbishop Lefebvre believed that as soon as Muslims became a significant minority, they would become aggressive and try to impose their laws hostile to European civilization. He warned, “Tomorrow, they will be in charge of our towns and transform our churches into mosques. We will have to become Muslim or leave the country or become their captives.”

Archbishop Lefebvre rejected accusations of racism, stating that he was only stating facts and denouncing the racism of Islam against the French, the Jews, and every religion that was not Muslim. “I have lived amidst other races all my life, thirty years in Africa, in the middle of animists and Muslims, striving to bring them spiritual and material goods,” said the Archbishop. He argued that to forbid sounding the alarm on the harmful consequences of Islam’s penetration into France and Europe was to become accomplices of the violence committed by Islam in the name of the Quran in Christian countries.

Archbishop Lefebvre’s statements raise important questions about the impact of Islam on Western societies. While some may view his views as divisive, his concerns were entirely founded on scriptural and historical facts and contemporary actions by Islamic groups. The issue of Islamic immigration and their integration continues to be debated in France and other European countries. His warnings about the Islamization of France were based on his observations of the Quran’s encouragement of discrimination, hatred, and violence. Furthermore, he believed that the Islamization of France would lead to a situation where Christians would be at risk.

Archbishop Lefebvre was one of the first people to raise concerns about the Islamization of France, and because of his rightful concerns was targeted by the government and its courts for discussing Islam. However, his warnings about the impact of Islam on Western societies and the need for vigilance in protecting the rights of all citizens, regardless of their religion, raise important questions about the role of Islam in modern society.

Regrettably, as evidenced by the past thirty years, open and honest discourse regarding Islam is unattainable. Individuals who dare to criticize or inquire about Islam are often persecuted by the government or labeled as “Islamophobes.” Furthermore, their livelihoods and reputations are jeopardized, and they must live under the constant threat of violence from Islamic supremacists.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • The satanic kabal promotes this civilization jihad, but live in mansions, with high walls, armed security, alarms, dogs, and servants. So, they never suffer the misery and blight they spread to others. The Archbishop was correct. Now look at the mess for not heeding his warning.

  • He is more than right. Christianity is very accepting but Islam does not tolerate other religions.
    When muslims start infringing on personal freedoms of Christians, there will be civil war.

  • I have seen reports where a quiet old world town suddlenly becomes a rapefugee resettlement social engineering project. They dump a pile of heathens in there, and all hell breaks loose. It can happen anywhere. Ruins the property values, people get murdered. Children get sexually abused. Complete mayhem. Farm animals are not safe either! So, then the media shills will call you a racist if you point out what the Archbishop has stated. They may even kick you off your property, and give the heathens a new home(your home) if you complain. That is assbackwards.


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