Islamized Italy: Muslim Mob Blocks Police from Shutting Down Another Illegal Mosque (Video)

Deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini demands illegal mosques be closed, Imams adequately vetted, and financing disclosed to protect Italian citizens.

Last week a mob of Muslims in Florence, Italy, blocked a local bailiff from repossessing an illegal mosque after the property owner refused to renew the contract with its operator due to money being owed. The illegally occupied Mosque operates out of a former garage in Piazza dei Ciompi.

Despite the eviction notice sent to the makeshift Mosque six months ago, the Muslim worshippers and the Imam refused to leave until they claimed they had another place to pray. Hundreds gathered in front of the illegally occupied Mosque and formed a human wall to stop police, the local bailiff and legal representation for the property owner from entering the premises.

Despite money owed by the so-called Mosque, the crowd displayed a poster stating: “This is a place of worship, the faithful pray here, and it is unacceptable that they are evicted. This state must guarantee the right to worship. It is a human right.”

Florence imam Izzedin Elzir commented on the attempted eviction, saying: “We do not know if there will be a postponement of the eviction; we are here to pray. However, we will not leave until we find an alternative.”

Florence imam Izzedin Elzir

Matteo Salvini, Italian deputy prime minister and leader of the League (Lega) party, criticized the Mosque, saying: “If I illegally occupied a shop or an apartment for a year and a half, the public force would ask me to leave them. It works like this in any civilized country, Italian or foreign.”

“The respect for legality asked of any other religious confession, or professional practice seems to me absolutely normal,” he added.

Stop illegal Mosques

Salvini has been one of the few Western leaders who has demanded that Islamic mosques in Italy are monitored, and illegal mosques closed immediately. During a 2018 news conference, he stated:

Salvini has demanded to know where the financing of mosques is coming from, who the Imams are leading the prayers, and what is being preached. In 2018 he discussed his sentiments on Italian television:

Muslims threaten to Gang Rape politicians exposing Illegal Mosques.

Salvini’s Lega party has also been fighting to stop the problem of illegally operated mosques which were allowed to continue operating throughout the pandemic. The consequences for one Lega MEP, and municipal advisor, Silvia Sardone, have been threats by Muslim migrants to gang rape and murder her and her young children.

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s fight against Mosques

Italy’s newly elected Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, expressed similar feelings in 2019 about Mosques in Italy. The leader of the Fratelli d’Italia party wanted no new mosques built until new laws were passed to protect citizens. In addition, the leader was calling for a register for Imams, sermons must be in Italian, and the mosques’ funding must be disclosed:

Muslim’s First Step: Conquer Rome, Defeat Christianity

Islamic supremacists have been warning for years of their plans to conquer Italy. In 2015, CBN News reporter Dale Hurd highlighted the threat Italy is facing. He explained the Islamic State has a plan to conquer Rome. ISIS believes the conquest of Rome is central to its mission and necessary to fulfill what Islam teaches was the prophecy of Mohammed and to prepare for the return of the Muslim Messiah, the mighty.

Hurd spoke with Robert Spencer, the author of The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS, who explained:

ISIS thinks that Rome is one of its primary goals and that it is in its timetable. It has a timetable wherein, in the next 10 years, by 2025, it hopes to bring about Armageddon, the final struggle between good and evil or between the Muslims and the non-Muslims. And that one of the chief stepping stones to that Armageddon battle is the conquest of Rome, which they think they’re going to have they’re going to be able to do within the next five years, that is, by 2020.

Two Cities, One Mission

Muslim scholars say Muhammed prophesied that the two great Roman cities would be conquered: Constantinople and Rome. Constantinople is now Istanbul, a Muslim city in Turkey. Rome remains to be conquered.

“Once Rome is conquered, in this view, within the next five years, then Israel will follow shortly after. They also believe that during this time period, they’re also going to conquer Saudi Arabia and Iran,” Spencer said.

The Islamic State’s plan to take Rome is already underway; they have been flooding Europe with ISIS fighters under the cover of the refugee crisis.

“They’re not talking about doing it by conventional armies; they’re talking about doing (it) by overwhelming these lands with sympathizers from within and in the influx of people from outside,” Spencer said.

“And that’s something we see happening right now in Europe. And so it’s not that far outside the realm of possibility that they could at least make these attempts,” he continued.

The Islamic State reveals part of its plan in its publication “Black Flags From Rome.” It will use sleeper cells and expects to get help from Muslims serving in European armies and from non-Muslim sympathizers.

It also wants to fire missiles into Italy that it has captured on the battlefield.

Islamic Armageddon

The conquest of Rome has been a primary goal since the beginning of the Islamic State.

“They think that the conquest of Rome will be the complete sign of Islam’s superiority over Christianity and defeat of Christianity,” Spencer said.

They also see the fall of Rome on an eschatological timeline that will culminate in a battle against the infidel armies near Dabiq, Syria, their version of Armageddon, according to Spencer.

“And they think that once this battle takes place at Dabiq, this final battle which they see coming ten years from now 2025, then the Muslims will battle the non-Muslims in this town in northern Syria,” Spencer said.

“And then Jesus, the Muslim prophet, and Mahdi will return to the Earth, and they will together conquer and Islamize the world,” he said.

In 2050, a third of Italy’s population will be made up of foreigners, according to a UN report, “Replacement Migration: Is It a Solution to Decline and Aging Populations.”

Italian think-tank Fondazione Fare Futuro predicts that half of Italy’s population could be Muslim by the end of the century due to mass migration and the different birthrates of Christians and Muslims. In just ten years, the number of migrants in Italy has surged by 419%.

It seems that ISIS’s plans to conquer Italy are closer than CBN reporter Dale Hurd could have ever imagined in 2015. But, with the help of the European Union elites, who are using mass migration to replace European populations, Islamic supremacists are one step closer to their goal of conquering Rome.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


    • “… Europeans will pay so dearly, they have no idea, they won’t have where to run… When Italy will be gone…”

      There’s a bitchute channel named peaceandfreedom, in which you can find a series of videos with title “Right to Avenge: an Infinite Loop”, you might want to check out PART 2 of 10 (part 1 as well because we don’t have to generalize).

  • The unidentified professor at Hamline University in St. Paul stoked outrage in October from members of the school’s Muslim Student Association for showing paintings of Muhammad made in the 1300s and 1500s, according to the Hamline Oracle.

    “Many Muslims consider depictions of their prophet to be blasphemous.

    Aram Wedatalla, president of the Muslim Student Association, told university administrators about the incident the day after it happened, according to the campus outlet.”


  • When it was about closing pubs and restaurants which owners refused to obey the lockdown, or about stopping a pacific demonstration against the plandemic measures, there were GOBS of cops in Italy!!!!

    (About Salvini and Meloni: traitors, maybe it’s less evident than with Draghi [Bilderberg and Trilateral] and Speranza [London School of Economics, Fabian Society], but the “élite” psychos use both left and right puppets. Actually Meloni has never put in discussion this CONTROLLED DEMOLITION OF THE EUROPEAN ECONOMY, the mandate to defeat Putin, she has never mentioned a bloody coup in Ukraine and later 8 years of shelling of unarmed Donbass civilians, which is what everybody cheering for comic=>dramatic actor Zelensky “forget”.)


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