Italian Court Rules Mandatory Vaccination Unconstitutional, 'Fatal Side Effects' too Risky (Video)

“Who would determine the percentage of disposable citizens? It is indisputable. Otherwise, it results in Nazism.”

Sicily’s Court of Administrative Justice has ruled that Italy’s mandatory Covid vaccination obligation is unconstitutional. The court stated that the experimental mRNA treatments intended to protect the public from Covid have been shown to cause “serious or fatal adverse effects.” The court explains that even if such fatalities are rare, a single death is enough to render the mandate unconstitutional.

The Sicilian ruling passes the decision to the Constitutional Court, which will now have to rule on the issue. Watch the following video report by Italian lawyer Marco Mori on the groundbreaking ruling:

Video Transcript

I have good, excellent news.

Let’s wait for more people to connect, and we are ready to start.

All right, this is a very important ruling.

It is the ruling made by the Court of Administrative Justice of Sicily.

The Court has forwarded the case to the Constitutional Court, concerning the unconstitutionality of mandatory vaccination imposed, in this specific case, on the medical staff.

But the explanatory statements affect mandatory vaccination in its entirety.

According to the Court of Administrative Justice of Sicily, mandatory vaccination is unconstitutional.

This 53-page ruling will surely put pressure on the Constitutional Court.

The latter will not be able to preserve the mandatory vaccination and the Government’s stances, unless it makes a politicized ruling.

They already acted upon it, nominating Giuliano Amato, a politician, as president of the Constitutional Court. Frankly, they couldn’t have provided better explanatory statements.

A very interesting part is the data from Eudravigilance, which is the pharmacovigilance database of the European Union.

Whose data are really shocking.

The ruling says: “The data which have been collected by the European database reveal that by the end of January 2022, 570 million Pfizer doses had been administered within the EU, so far.

In relation to them, 582,000 cases of adverse effects were reported, 7,000 of which had a fatal outcome.”

That was Pfizer. As for AstraZeneca, “among 69 million doses, 244,000 cases of adverse effects were reported, 1,447 of which had a fatal outcome.”

Then they mention Moderna, too. 139 million doses, 150,000 adverse reactions, 834 of which had a fatal outcome.

Then Janssen. 19 million doses, 40,766 cases reported, 279 of which were fatal.

“Most of the aforementioned side effects are undoubtedly mild.

But among those effects, there are also serious pathologies which in some cases are likely to compromise the vaccinated patient’s health irreversibly,” and that is exactly the point.

Causing disability, or in the most unfortunate cases, death.

So therefore it is doubtful whether such medical products, whose data about the adverse reactions are being collected, fulfill the aforementioned constitutional requirement.”

And then they wrote nine spectacular lines.

And I wonder what Giuliano Amato will write about those lines.

Since he is a politicized person, and in line with the Government’s stance.

“It is true that the cases of serious adverse effects turn out to be a small portion.”

Please, listen to this: “nevertheless, the criterion set by the Constitutional Court,”

“The criterion set by the Constitutional Court for compulsory medical treatments to be enforced is not likely to include a quantitative evaluation.

So the lawfulness of a mandatory vaccination is to be excluded, if it uses products whose effects on the vaccinated patients’ health exceed the threshold of normal tolerability.

Which cannot include the risk of serious or fatal adverse effects, even if these are small portion in relation to the vaccinated population.”

So, even if they are few, one fatal effect suffices to make this inadmissible.

“And even in the case we accept the risk of — albeit rare — fatal adverse effects, this criterion would have sensitive ethical implications.”

For instance, who would determine the percentage of disposable citizens?

It is indisputable. Otherwise it results in Nazism.

It is indisputable. If the Constitutional Court rules against this judgment, it means its members are servants of politics.

They are politicians, not jurists. A jurist cannot but reach the same conclusion as this ruling.

If the members of the court rule differently, it means they are not ignorant, of course, but surely someone extremely biased and politicized.

Someone to dismiss faster than the speed of light.

So we should challenge them on this matter, and on the duty to state grounds.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • There can’t be fatal side effects.
    According to Fauci-Mengele, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus-Genosidus, Bill Gates von Who, Urinal von der Leyen-Göbbels and all WEF terrorists, Trudeau, Marin, Macron, Ardern, Zelensky, mRNA vaccines are safe with no adverse effects.
    I you don’t believe, ask Klaus Schwab-Schicklgruber!

    • At the end of the day it’s our body and our choice we should NEVER be forced to put something in our body that we don’t want that itself when forced to do so is Crimes against Humanity!

      • My nutty lefty liberal sister-in-law in NJ just called my wife yesterday to let her know she has COVID-Con. She has been fully vaxxed and boosted….she was a diehard masker and distancer and still is…..completely in a state of fear.

        I said to my wife I knew exactly how she rationalized it…..don’t tell me, I know what she said….I said, the nutty sister-in-law said, “I’m really glad I got the vax and boosters because ‘my COVID’ could have been far worse without it.”

        My wife burst out laughing and said…..”That’s exactly what she said.

    • Además de lo que mencionas, según estos Psicópatas eugenistas, son 100% seguras, perdón 75%, bueno, venga 50% , la refinitiva 30%, bueno, la verdad es que es mejor el propio sistema inmunológico de la persona pero…y los miles de millones que se han llevado a costa de esta bromita eugenista.

    • Dear The fall of EU,

      The quackcines are safe and effective
      The quackcines are safe and effective
      The quackcines are safe and effective
      The quackcines are safe and effective
      The quackcines are safe and effective
      The quackcines are safe and effective
      Any further questions please don’t hesitate to take the quackcine first and stop asking impertinent questions.

      Yours, unfaithfully,
      CEOs Schizer & Murderna

      Dr. Red Pill Fact Checker: They make sh$t!
      . Schizer
      . Murderna
      Safe and Effective: 16 German and Austrian Mayors Under 60 Are ‘Suddenly and Unexpectedly’ Dropping Dead.
      Schizer Massive Data Fraud: Time to Lock Them Up!

  • One court in one country UNDERSTANDS.

    How F’ing STUPID our own court is NOT to understand, not to defend the people from those who UNCONSTITUTIONALLY USURP POWERS THEY WERE NEVER GRANTED.

  • When it is time to dispose of these criminals against humanity; can I please get to pull the switch? Pretty please?

  • super nouvel, peut ont avoir le jugement complet en pdf.

    super nuovo, può avere il giudizio completo in pdf

  • Mandates should have definitely been off the table once it was known the vaccines don’t stop vaccinated from carrying or transmitting, the vaccines have limited and fairly quickly waning efficacy, they can cause serious side effects, the long term effects or if side effects become accumulative with repeated doses is unknown. Further the virus always had a fatality profile skewed to elderly or health compromised while data shows the vaccines have more often serious heart side effects for younger people. The vaccine should be a choice each individual makes for themselves. That people continue to be forced, bullied, and lose their jobs and rights is sickening and worse than the disease I think on society. I’ve lost a lot of faith in governments and the pharmaceutical and medical industry seeing the continued pushed to remove patient rights and basic civil liberties of bodily autonomy in this situation. Here’s a good read I recommend on the Gates Foundation and dangers we face from those with power if we don’t establish firmer human human rights around these issues. ‘’Accountability of International NGOs: Human Rights Violations in Healthcare Provision in Developing Countries and the Effectiveness of Current Measures”. You can read it online, I’m not sure you are allowed to post links in comments so just search title. Keep in mind they have loads of vaccines under development they’d love to make mandatory.

  • Ogni sentenza di tribunale va’ assolutamente rispettata. Domanda:


    Il fatto che QUESTO obbligo vaccinale fosse INCOSTITUZIONALE era chiaro a tutti quelli che si sono dedicati a leggere gli articoli della COSTITUZIONE in merito a quanto sopra.

  • Congratulations on your complete and impartial information and investigation. In the video, there is the famous lawyer and politician Italian Marco Mori, which has an impeccable and thorough legal analysis of an order issued by the Regional Administrative Court (TAR) of the Sicily Region.

  • So, this is the Sicilian court’s decision. Does anyone know if the Italian court has followed suit? This quackcine doesn’t work and now that most who have been fully quaxxed and boostered have gotten covid, when will the world wake up and start bringing those who forced this horrible thing on the world to stand before a court?

  • ‘Unconstitutional’ my ar53! Vaccine ‘mandates’ are ILLEGAL under the Nuremberg Codes/Laws as they contain elements of coercion by threatening employment status/freedom of association for non adherence.

    Just some elements of Nuremberg Code:

    Voluntary consent is essential, as is Informed Consent.

    There can be no informed consent until the trials of the admittedly ‘experimental’ vaccines are run to completion.
    Using the global population as unwitting or coerced ‘lab rats’ breaks the very fundamentals of the Code. Why do you think the manufacturers demanded (and got) immunity from prosecution?
    Their experiments are beginning to go tits up in a big way and the CDC knew they would even before the vax rollout that these ‘vaccines’ were neither effective nor safe. See Dr.Deborah Birx admission!

    This places their immunity from prosecution ‘get out of jail free card’ in the garbage. Who is running the CDC? Josef Mengele FFS?

    The results of any experiment must be for the greater good of society. Not the greater good of the NWO/WEF and the Big Pharma bank balances. They are worse than snake oil salesmen.

    Human experiments should be based on previous animal experimentation. They were … but they were very limited and truncated and the results were bowdlerized to show the vaxxines were ‘safe and effective’ They weren’t, and they aren’t.

    Experiments should be conducted by avoiding physical/mental suffering and injury. Well that puts that one to bed then. How many (Americans alone) dead BECAUSE OF the vaxxines?


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