Italian Mom Wears T-shirt Showing Her Daughter's Chopped Up Body At Court Appeal for Migrant Who Raped and Dismembered Her While She Was Alive (Video)

The Italian mother of a murdered 18-year-old has attended court wearing a printed T-shirt of her daughter’s dismembered body after her killer, a Nigerian migrant drug dealer, appealed against part of his conviction.

Pamela Mastropietro was murdered and dismembered in January 2018 by Nigerian Innocent Oseghale. He has appealed against part of the sentence where he was initially found to have sexually assaulted the teenager before killing her.

Mastropietro’s mother, Alessandra Verni, attended the appeal court in Perugia yesterday wearing a T-shirt that showed the horrific images of her daughter’s body.

At one point, a clash broke out in the courtroom, with Verni and Oseghale being dragged away from each other by police. The court hearing will resume next month.

‘Have you seen what they did to her?’ Verni said of her murdered daughter.

‘That man, who raped and tortured her, should rot in jail.’ 

Her T-shirt showed her daughter’s dismembered head. The series of harrowing pictures were also formed so that the detached body parts made up the structure of a body.

Oseghale, 32, was found guilty and sentenced to jail in 2019 for murdering 18-year-old Mastropietro and is appealing against part of his conviction for rape.

Oseghale arrived in Italy in 2014 as an asylum-seeker but had dropped out of his refugee program in 2017, a year before he murdered Mastropietro.

The judge asked Oseghale if he intended to participate in the next hearing in February. After discussing it with his lawyer, he told the court he would not. 

Verni, who was in the courtroom at the time wearing the T-shirt, yelled aloud: ‘Now even an executioner is asked if he wants to participate in the hearing or not.

‘Let’s throw it a red carpet at this point as well,’ she added.

The two then came face-to-face, and as police led Oseghale out of the courtroom,  he shouted: ‘Enough judicial oppression.’ 

Verni charged up to him and screamed: ‘Tell me… tell me what you want.’ 

Courtroom police immediately removed both.

Oseghale’s life sentence will be shortened if the court of appeals finds him innocent of rape.

Mastropietro was killed after she left an addiction recovery center in Macerata in the Marche region in early 2018. 

Having left the recovery center, Mastropietro attempted to find drugs in Macerata. She then met Oseghale, a local drug dealer from Nigeria, then aged 29.

A day later, a passerby noticed two abandoned suitcases in a small ditch. Mastropietro’s mutilated and dismembered body was found inside the case. 

Drug dealer Oseghale was accused of selling Mastropietro drugs before he then detained, raped, and stabbed her. Police found Mastropietro’s bloodied clothing at Oseghale’s home.

The Nigerian claimed in his testimony that Mastropietro died from a heroin overdose. 

However, an autopsy showed that Mastropietro died due to successive abdominal stabbings. It also found that she was dismembered while she was still alive. 

The Nigerian was accused of murder, sexual assault, concealment, and destruction of a body. He disputed the charges at the trial in February 2019.

He was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment, with eighteen months in solitary confinement.

Daily Mail

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • I actually believed in “democracy” for the first part of my life. Nowadays (much too late) I know that this word is nothing more than a euphemism of the rulers. The greatest tragedy of my life is the uncertainty of what will become of all of us. One day soon the moment will come when I am already happy to be able to empty my bladder without pain (let alone to enlighten the world about my thought processes). Then I and all my accumulated mental content disappear behind a wall of uncertainty, which others indecently control, if they tore the control out of my hand due to my biological decay and appropriated it. What does it all mean? We are about the time that needed the action.

  • Awful situation, in which the victim put herself…because she was a druggie. Like with dollars, my charitable contribution of time spent caring about the tragedy of others is rationed. I can spend only on the most noble of need. This doesn’t make the cut.

    • Tom: Do you think you are worthy of praise because you took some time out of your life, which Pamela Mastropietro no longer has, to determine if she was worthy of your continued interest? I cannot begin to comprehend what you might mean by “…most noble of need.” Pamela Mastropietro was not a “druggie,” but a fellow human being with an addiction who was obviously very well loved by her sad, tormented mother, and because of that addiction she fell victim to a preying beast who should have never been allowed to depart his homeland. But maybe we should commend you for taking the time to determine if the poor girl was of value, to you. I suspect that might be an normal behavior for you. But keep trying. You may eventually find it to be a worthy endeavor.

      • I agree. Pamela did not deserve what happened to her, “druggie” or not. That demon-possessed murderer should be hanged.

  • Where was this poor girls father? Where was he? Why was he not protecting her from a despicable, ugly, criminal savage from africa? A beautiful innocent life was destroyed by an imported criminal negroid savage, absolutely disgusting and appaling criminality.

    The criminal scumbag should have never been left into Italy. DEPORT! DEPORT! should have been shouted when he stepped on european soil. Where the hell are the fathers? Why are european men not warning their daughters to stay away from dangerous criminal foreigners that look ugly as hell, like the criminal scumbag pictured who looks like he has not washed himself in years. He probably had drugs shoved up his rear, then went on to poison the local area when pulling drugs out his rear and selling them. DISGUSTING FILTH! He is nothing but filth and a danger to females. He looks like a monster from the bottom of hell. A dangerous murderous predator, he should never be released from prison.

    I agree with the mother. The rotten filth should rot in jail for what he done.

    Why are some european men letting their daughters be associated with/coming into contact with … imported and culturally primitive, ugly-looking criminal savages from africa and the middle east, that are statistically known for causing criminality in the community they are imported into? they likely never even had any criminal background checks upon entering european countries. So many are fake refugees, they are economic migrants looking for their share of europes welfare system. So many girls and women in europe have become victims after having been in contact with such criminal savages. There are some real horror stories from the UK, France, Germany and Sweden about what happens when fathers do not protect their daughters from dangerous foreigners, that go on to horrifically abuse the native female populace. Upon conviction they are getting light sentences, without even deportation when the sentence is served, all while laughing at their victims.

    It is the fathers responsibility to protect their daughters even after their daughters become adults, fathers should always keep a watchful eye on their daughters futures and have their daughters be raised to trust them, fathers should always only want the best for their daughters and always be there for them as long as they live.

    European men are failing to protect their land, women, and daughters. They are becoming less masculine, too weak and soft, many european countries have nothing that can compare to first and second amendment rights. EU hates free speech.

    European men have become weak and submissive towards globalist government policies that seek to disempower them, and to plant their native lands with alien peoples and cultures, which statistically speaking causes a massive rise in crime and especially causes a rise in rapes against the most vulnerable, as swedish crime statistics have shown.

    • Well, your comment is actually quite appropriate, in a general way. This unrestricted “immigration” (more accurately “invasion”) without any sort of effective culture level defense is a recipe for disaster, as confirmed by the horrific headlines. There is a reason why explorers called various hominoid groups in Africa “savages” when they came across them. Some liked to eat human flesh, particularly of their “enemies”, which would probably be you, if you were of a competing tribe or another culture/DNA lineage altogether as these explorers were.. Some groups were, and are, just pitifully backwards in what other humans have termed “civilized behaviors”. It’s only been a handful of generations, really, since the clash of cultures between Europeans and Africans started. It hasn’t been pretty, in many cases. The current opening of the invasion floodgates, with defense absent, ineffective, or even outlawed as “inhumane”, is allowing the clash of cultures into Europe, with predicable results. If the AVERAGE IQ of a particular invading group is way over on the left hand side of the bell curve, there are obviously going to be some real outliers (not even competitive in their own culture) who will never be able to demonstrate what we think of as civilized behavior, even if only held to the “Golden Rule” standard. And then we are also dealing with real demons, it is quite obvious. This is the challenging reality of the situation. Yes, men better step up, women are less defense oriented by their DNA (except when it comes to their little ones). OM TAT SAT. God bless everyone who is dealing with this horrific situation. May Father God protect us and allow the Love of his Son to enter into our hearts.

  • This is orchestrated. Not this specific atrocity; but the influx of migrants causing havoc on our culture is not an accident. Our leaders have betrayed us.

  • The murderer is the point. He seeks to avoid penalty after doing what he did. I would suspect in Africa he would have been executed. Does the character of the victim or suggesting a dysfunctional family (if that were even true) have any bearing on the crime itself, are certain types more worthy of care while less desirable (in some minds) lives don’t merit the full weight of punishment? My vote goes to making his life miserable right up to his death, in jail.


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