Italian Student Raped on Train By Egyptian Migrant: 'He Pinned Me Between the Seat and Window' (Video)

Another attack on a train in Lombardy, Italy, has highlighted the ongoing threat of sexual violence faced by women in Italy, mainly due to mass migration. A 21-year-old student was raped by a stranger she met at the station on a train passing through Milan to Treviglio in the province of Bergamo. Thankfully, the young woman was about to fight back and escape. The police have since arrested the alleged migrant rapist, a 36-year-old Egyptian who was identified and recognized by the victim due to video surveillance images.

According to the allegations, the migrant first provided the young woman with information on the different train lines in the station. The woman thought the man was being kind, but he later attacked her. He is a frequent commuter on the Treviglio line, has a clean record, and has no complaints on his immigration record. He works as a pizza chef in Pioltello, in Milan, but lives in the Lombard capital. He was arrested at his home after being identified by the victim and police.

The incident occurred on a regional train in Milan, where the man reportedly immobilized the young woman between a chair and a window. The violence took place after she had already undertaken her journey and was looking for a train conductor to ask for confirmation of the trip. She met the same man in a carriage, who invited her to sit next to him on the upper deck of a two-story carriage. When she entered, the man attacked her. She managed to free herself and escape. However, when she was seeking help, he got off at the Forlanini stop and disappeared.

Due to his regular use of the transit system, the attacker’s face was recorded on multiple occasions. Police were about to use facial recognition software to identify the migrant and eventually find his name and address. Phone records later confirmed his presence at the train on the day and time of the attack. The 36-year-old is currently in prison awaiting validation of the arrest.

This is not the first time that women in Italy have been victims of sexual violence, particularly in the context of mass migration. There has been an onslaught of reports of rape and assault, especially in public spaces such as trains and train stations. According to a 2020 Italian report, around half of the violent sex attacks in Italy are committed by foreign nationals. The incident highlights the need for greater security measures and the importance of closing Italy’s borders to illegals.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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  • Let me guess, his name was mohamhead? I wish she cut off his tallywhacker with a knife! Teach the rapist a lesson. Make him a eunuch!


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