Italian Teacher Suspended and Stripped of Pay for Leading Students in Prayer During Christmas Season: Outrage Erupts (Video)

“It didn’t seem like I did anything serious given that every child in my classes, without exception, attends religion class.”

A teacher’s simple act of leading her students in prayer during the Christmas season has resulted in shocking consequences in San Vero Milis, Italy. Marisa Francescangeli, a 58-year-old primary school teacher, was suspended for 20 days and had her salary reduced for reciting the Lord’s Prayer and the Hail Mary with her pupils. This incident has sparked outrage among parents, religious groups, and politicians, who see it as an excessive and unjust violation of religious freedom.

The events took place on December 22nd when Mrs. Francescangeli, who was covering for a colleague, had her class make red bracelets as rosaries and then led them in prayer to wish each other a happy holiday season.

However, two mothers complained to the headmaster about what happened. Francescangeli was called to meet both the parents and the headmaster. She apologized and pointed out that at the beginning of the year, she had asked the parents for permission to say prayers with her pupils, and nobody objected.

But her explanation was not enough. On March 2nd, headmaster Alessandro Cortese and the Provincial Education Board notified her of the twenty-day suspension and the salary reduction. Francescangeli hired a lawyer but won’t be readmitted to school until April 16th. Meanwhile, she asked for access to the documents to understand what she had been charged with.

The school authorities accused her of making her pupils pray and create a rosary and upsetting them when she spoke about the dangers of smoking after some children asked her questions about it. However, Francescangeli denies these accusations and claims that the punishment she received is excessive and unjustified.

“For me, it is a joy to go to school, and I don’t think I have done anything wrong, moreover all the children are taking religion lessons and are preparing for their first communion – she explains again, barely holding back her tears. – For me, it is a joy to go to school. I miss the kids; I miss my job,” Francescangeli said in response to her suspension.

The school’s headmaster declined to comment when asked about the situation. Meanwhile, many parents have expressed sympathy for Mrs. Francescangeli, considering the punishment excessive and harsh.

The case has also gained political attention, with Francesco Mura, deputy for the Brothers of Italy, tabling a Parliamentary Question to the Minister of Education. Mura believes that the teacher’s suspension is absurd and abhorrent.

He asked the Minister of Education to explain, “What unforgivable disvalue, or worse, what incurable trauma can a child suffer from reciting a prayer, whatever the religion of reference?” The politician stressed that “Italy is a secular country whose democratic history cannot ignore its Catholic roots.”

Ugo Cappellacci, the deputy of Forza Italia, also criticizes the suspension, stating that “the suspension of the teacher for a prayer is a serious case of secular fundamentalism” and pointing out that it is not the only such case. “The episodes are multiplying,” he observes, “which give the sensation of a school seen almost as a branch of the party sections, a place dominated by ideology.” For consistency, he invites those responsible for deciding to suspend the teacher to give up their Easter holidays.

The Church is currently withholding its protest until the reasons for the teacher’s suspension are revealed. However, the parish priests are taking action, and the affected teacher has confided in her spiritual father about the situation. Unfortunately, the head teacher refused to speak to him. As a result, the teacher plans to take legal action to reveal the truth behind the suspension. The suspension, from March 25th to April 15th, disrupted the children’s education during a crucial time in the school year. As someone who values education deeply, the teacher cannot wait to return to the classroom.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • It is the same deliberate attack on christianity we are seeing in all white , christian countries around the world. This religious persecution , and that is what this is , is being carried out by the same leftist/ globalist filth that are flooding europe with every other race , culture and religion there is and telling us we have to embrace their religious beliefs , while attacking our own. What is conservitism ? to establish order from chaos ……… what are the globalists doing ???……. taking long established systems of order , that have been proven and working for hundreds of years and turn them into chaos

  • Meh, we had prayer in schools in the early 1960’s. It was good. Builds a moral conscience before the age of accountability. Kids behaved better too. After they took school prayers away, we had a moment of silence. Now, the marxist-satanist proglodytes teach kids pervert ideologies, and mislead them down a dark left-handed path. No surprise we have heathen buttclownery everywhere, punctuated by buttmonkey-pox and other plagues.


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