Italy's Matteo Salvini: 'Anyone who wants to wipe out Israel will have an Opponent in us Now & Forever' (Video Speech)

Salvini declares, “Jerusalem, as far as I am concerned, was, is, and will be the capital of the state of Israel.”

Matteo Salvini, leader of the Lega party, organized an international conference: ‘The new forms of anti-Semitism’ in Rome on January 16th, 2020. Salvini held the conference days before world leaders will gather in Jerusalem to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz at an event entitled “Remembering the Holocaust: Fighting Antisemitism.”

In a video translated exclusively for RAIR Foundation USA, Matteo praised President Trump for his leadership on moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem and discusses methods for combating rising antisemitism along with Austria.

Salvini also attacked both the European Union and the United Nations for their systemic bias against the Jewish state.

Watch: (transcript below)

“The Federal Secretary of the League Matteo Salvini spoke at the conference “The new forms of anti-Semitism” held today at Palazzo Giustiniani in Rome. The former interior minister has classified people who want to “wipe out Israel” as adversaries and argued that the capital of the state of Israel must be Jerusalem.

“At the conference, organized by the League, Matteo Salvini sent a message to those who “oppose the existence of the State of Israel.” The leader of the Carroccio claimed that this attitude highlights anti-Semitism, which must be cured. “Anyone who wants to wipe out Israel will have an opponent in us now and forever,” he said, adding that hatred for Israel and the Jewish people has caused too much harm.

“Salvini also spoke about the cases in which Jews are called “today’s Nazis”.

‘The anti-Semitism of a certain right and a certain left is our enemy. We have a duty to fight those who say that the Jews are the Nazis of today: they think it in the Islamic world but also in a certain Europe. An EU that denies Jewish roots Christians, a UN that dedicates 18 resolutions against Israel and not one to Iran and Turkey are a problem’.

In this context, the former minister said that the League plans to present a resolution “on the Austrian model,” in which the political force will demand “outlawing the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic movement for the boycott of Israel.”

Matteo Salvini supported the line of American President Donald Trump, who in December 2017 recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. “Jerusalem will have to be the capital of Israel for me,” said the League leader.

In his speech, Salvini finally declared that he was sorry for the absence of the life senator Liliana Segre, who survived the Holocaust. “I’m sorry someone isn’t here today because we should have talked about everything: it’s a classic Italian methodology,” said the leader of the League, citing, albeit not explicitly, the senator who previously refused the invitation.

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TRANSCRIPT: Many thanks to Fousesquawk for the translation:

“This statement establishes that to oppose the existence of the state of Israel as the home of the Jewish people, this is anti-Semitism. and the countries who do not recognize, who boycott, or fight against Israel, are a danger, now and tomorrow.

“To deny the right of self-determination to the Jewish people means to support the destruction of the state of Israel, and, therefore, those who support the self-determination of other peoples in the world, Kurds, Palestinians, Tibetans, and deny it for Jews, obviously act with duplicity.

“I think that anti-Semitism is treated and prevented through education, but also with the law because to hate Israel and the Jewish people is a crime that in history has already done too much damage.

“In Austria, this declaration has already been adopted, and a new resolution is being prepared, and we will present this as well in the Italian Parliament. As with groups of the Lega, all of the principal parties of the Austrian Parliament have, in fact, decided to vote to place the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic boycott movement outside the law, which unfortunately, encounters a terrain of propaganda and vulgarization in some Italian environments.

“Moreover, we are also following with interest the resolution of the American President Trump, who has signed a new executive order on the fight against anti-Semitism during the month of December, in which is prohibited the cultural and political structure of promoting the denial of the right of self-determination of the Jewish people.

“And I recall if we are concerned with anti-Semitism by extremists, black, red, whatever they are, we are also more concerned with the anti-Semitism that is accepted in some institutions…without spirited debate, however, a European Union that denies its Judeo-Christian roots. A European Union that labels Israeli products produced in disputed territories. A UN which in 2018 dedicated 27 condemnations of Israel in security resolutions, and one against Iran, and not even one on human rights in China and Turkey obviously represents a problem as does UNESCO, which does not recognize the obvious true history that Jerusalem is a demonstrably historic Jewish heritage.

“And Jerusalem, as far as I am concerned, was, is, and will be the capital of the state of Israel. Therefore, combat with education, combat with prevention, combat, where useful,
with repression, which is not a bad word when we are talking about the values of the rights and survival of a single person or people…

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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