Italy's New Government Stops 'Healthy' Migrants on Soros-Funded NGO Trafficking Ships from Disembarking

Flooding Europe with hordes of illegal migrants is part of the European Union’s “Great replacement” scheme.

Newly-elected Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni leads a conservative coalition that has vowed to crack down on illegals crossing the Mediterranean. Now the country has stopped migrants aboard globalist-funded ships from disembarking on Italian soil. The government has allowed only children and sick or “vulnerable” people to enter.

Off Italy, more than 1,000 migrants are waiting on four NGO “rescue” ships for permission to go ashore. On Thursday, Germany and France asked Italy to give the migrants a safe haven and agreed to take some of them. The ship belonging to the German aid organization “SOS Humanity” has now been allowed to enter a port in Sicily, but on the condition that only minors and people with health problems are allowed to go ashoreOf the 179 migrants fished out of the Mediterranean, 144 disembarked in Catania, while 35 male adults had to remain on board. Unfortunately, it remains unclear how many of those allowed to go ashore were underage or ill.

The Italian government said it would not “back down” on its humanitarian commitments. But those who are not “qualified” must “leave our territorial waters and be cared for by the state whose flag they fly,” Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi said on Saturday.  

The ship’s captain has not yet complied with the request to leave the port with the remaining migrants. He stated, “It is my duty to complete the rescue of people in distress at sea with the disembarkation of all survivors in the port of Catania as a safe place. Therefore, I cannot leave port until all survivors rescued from distress have disembarked.”

Italy is one of the main gateways for Africans to Europe, and since the beginning of the year alone, 85,000 migrants have arrived by boat, according to UN figures. The journey takes place in such a way that the African migrants often start the journey in small, overcrowded sailboats and then end up in distress and are rescued by the German aid organization “SOS Humanity.” Most NGOs receive funding from George Soros and other dangerous globalists.

Economic Migrants

The so-called NGOs are patrolling the Mediterranean Sea to collect migrants who get into “distress at sea” trying to reach the EU from North Africa. However, since they often use unseaworthy boats, one could also say that they deliberately put themselves in distress and count on being picked up by the so-called rescue ships and taken directly to Italy. 

The NGOs refer to the law of the sea, which states that every ship is obliged to rescue at sea. The rescued may then only be taken to a “safe haven,” but the legal situation in this area is unclear. The sea rescuers refuse to head to Libya or Tunisia, which are popular holiday destinations, on the grounds that human rights violations are being committed in these countries. Instead, they choose to bring the migrants straight to the EU. The economic migrants know they will often end up in the “promised land” of Germany, where one can live well with social benefits, i.e., at the taxpayer’s expense.

French senator Stéphane Ravier previously explained that It is more lucrative for the NGO ships to transport migrants to Europe than the geographically closer African nations explained Ravier.

They are rescued at sea and then they are transported to the European coasts. Never to the coasts of Africa. That’s strange, because they could also be taken in by Tunisia. By Algeria. By Morocco. No, it never happens, even though these countries are the closest. It’s always towards Europe. Towards the big supermarket. Towards this relocation machinery, which receives subsidies of all kinds.

NGO Human Trafficking Vessels

The Italian goverment has accused NGOs of encouraging illegal migration and human trafficking across the central Mediterranean Sea. NGO Ships such as the ones in the Mediterranean are masquerading as doing humanitarian work. However, their human cargo are often very dangerous people with values and ambitions that oppose Western values and laws.

SOS Humanity is responsible for the mass migration of hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants to Europe under the false flag of “refugees.” Furthermore, the George Soros-tied organization has been accused of aiding and abetting the trafficking of human beings.

As previously reported at RAIR Foundation USA, Matteo Salvini released a video exposing the coordination between NGO migrant ships and illegal human traffickers. The traffickers even advertise their illegal services on left-wing Facebook.

These human smugglers are transporting migrants from the just off the coast of Libya to the shores of Italy.  Shockingly, these human traffickers actually leverage their Facebook page to promote their services and recruit “customers.” 

Flooding Europe with hordes of illegal migrants is part of the European Union’s “Great replacement” scheme. EU elites and the United Nations are using mass migration to replace the European population. The illegal migrants are helping the left in their fight to dilute host cultures, ensure more votes, and consolidate their power.

While Italy’s new government seems to be making some changes and blocking NGO-run ships, it has taken in thousands of migrants aboard private fishing boats and Italian rescue vessels, which account for 85% of arrivals into Italy. On Saturday, 147 migrants arrived on a boat called Augusta and 59 others docked at an Italian port on the Zagara oil ship.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


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    Also plenty of horse meat for the “poor hungry refugees” to eat, because, of course the refugees can’t sell their latest model iPhones and laptops for food.


  • Kalergi invasion force….nothing to do with saving humanity only destruction of Europe and its culture…SOS = Sink Our Ship

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