Jean Messiha’s Terrifying Warning: Better Learn an Arabic Prayer to Stay Alive in France

Jean Messiha’s Terrifying Warning: Better Learn an Arabic Prayer to Stay Alive in France

  • Posted by Amy Mek
  • On January 13, 2020
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During a recent appearance on French news station CNEWS, Jean Messiha left the panel shocked, in a video exclusively translated at RAIR Foundation USA: “You do not want to do anything against the Islamization of France and you encourage it?” he asked. “Very well,” he said. “I’d advise you to learn Islamic prayers in Arabic to avoid getting knifed. That’s it!”

Messiha, is a member Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National ((National Rally, formerly Front National), party and a political adviser to the formal French presidential candidate.

Messiha was referring to a recent jihad attack in Villejuif by a terrorist screaming the Islamic battle cry of “Allahu Akbar” which claimed the life of one man and injured two women. A person of Muslim faith was spared by the 22-year-old jihadi, Nathan C., when the attacker asked him to recite a prayer in Arabic.

Messiha, whom Le Pen praises for his ability to “speak of France like a lover,” is an Egyptian-born Coptic Christian who moved to France away from Islamic persecution & vows to preserve France from the same invasion.

In a 2018 Dream TV interview, Messiha discussed the effects of and his opposition to Islamic immigration: “We are at war now,” he declared. “Our country is under invasion, and we are fighting this invasion.”

Messiha has asserted his belief in Renaud Camus’s Great Replacement theory, whereby white, Christian populations are being “replaced” through non-European immigration, specifically from Muslim and African countries.

The National Rally is the only political party in France fighting against French President Emmanuel Macron’s open borders policy and complete denial of the dangers of islamic immigration.

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Thomas Downs
Shocking, same thing coming to the US because of stupidity, lack of biblical knowledge and political correctness.
Joe Craig
if they do take over,, they'll come door to door if you can't answer them you will be killed this is happening today,, it happened in all their attacks all over the place.. why has it come to this,, is this the reason world governments want to do away with patriotism..
This guy nailed it.

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