Joe Biden Refuses to Deport 'Racist and Sexist' Afghan Refugees Abusing Resettlement Staff

America’s failure to learn from Europe’s costly mistakes, which have resulted in the loss of countless lives, is unconscionable.

As the United States grapples with the aftermath of U.S. President Joe Biden’s catastrophic evacuation of Afghanistan in 2021, new reports reveal the shocking but predicted behavior of Islamic Afghan refugees towards left-wing workers resettling them in America.

According to a bombshell report by the State Department Inspector General, many of the 73,000 Afghan evacuees brought to the United States last year and in 2021 have exhibited racist, sexist, and verbally abusive behavior towards American staff assisting in their resettlement. Moreover, as reported in 2021 at RAIR Foundation USA, not only are the “Afghan refugees unvetted for radical ideology or criminal backgrounds, the Biden Administration does not know who they are.

The report detailed instances of Afghan refugees rejecting accommodation and even refusing to work with case managers if they were women or from minority groups. Some of them had unrealistic expectations of the resettlement process. They believed they would be placed in positions within their chosen field or receive “welcome money” upon arriving on U.S. soil.

Such entitlement and disrespect towards those tasked with helping them highlight a lack of compatibility with the norms of American society. As RAIR has warned for years, these are the same issues European countries have struggled with since the 2015 mass-Islamic migration crisis. Gatestone Institute reports that Afghan males, who have been especially difficult to assimilate or integrate into European society, have been responsible for thousands of sexual assaults against local European women and girls in recent years. The arrival in Europe and America of more Afghans indicates that there would be even more significant social disruption in the future.

Instead of taking measures to protect Americans, the left-wing agencies involved in the resettlement program have recommended standardized minimum requirements for cultural orientation that emphasize self-sufficiency, manage expectations, and convey U.S. societal expectations for behavior regarding gender, race, and sexual issues instead of deporting the Afghani threats.

Similar “educational” initiatives have been implemented in Europe and have been found to be ineffective, leading to the misuse of taxpayers’ money. Additionally, Europe has attempted to pass its Integration Law, which mandates immigrants from non-EU countries to sign an “integration contract” that requires them to learn the language of the country they are immigrating to. The integration process involves taking courses on the fundamental values, the legal and social system of the country, and understanding the democratic order and the underlying principles. Germany also attempted to implement their unsuccessful Cultural Integration Initiative.

Immediately following the evacuation from Afghanistan, many countries and leaders objected to or refused to take in Afghan refugees. For example, then Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Russian President Vladimir Putin would not accept refugees from Afghanistan. Both Presidents cited security concerns for not admitting Afghanis and the need to put the welfare of their citizens first.

In an interview with Austrian television station Puls 4, the former Chancellor spoke of Austria’s “particularly difficult integration” of the Afghani refugee populatioa. Kurz explained that the migration flows since 2015 have already brought antisemitism, homophobia, and people “not exactly upholding women’s rights” in Europe.

In Greece, fearing a repeat of the 2015 migration crisis, the government has erected a 40 km (25-mile) fence and installed a new surveillance system on its border with Turkey to deter Afghan migrants from trying to reach Europe. 

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that although he sympathized with the Afghan migrants, they were “a tool in the hands of Mr. Lukashenko,” and Poland would not succumb to “this type of blackmail.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that his country would not accept Afghan refugees because of safety concerns for his citizens. Putin fears the arrival of Islamic fighters who are said to be hiding among the refugees:

Who could be hiding among these refugees? We don’t know. Hundreds, even hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of people may want to flee the territory. And we have no visa restrictions with our closest allies and neighbors.

Kurz and Putin’s safety concerns were immediately proven correct. Shortly after the leader’s statements, criminals and terrorists previously expelled from European countries and/or registered on anti-terrorism lists infiltrated military planes departing from Afghanistan.

Even Islamic nations such as Turkey and Iran refused to take in Afghani refugees. Instead, the two countries built a wall along their border to prevent the influx of refugees as the Taliban took over the country. But, while Islamic countries protected their borders and refused to allow more refugees to enter, many Western nations welcomed them.

Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway all lined up to take more Afghani refugees despite massive pushback from their country’s conservative parties and the majority of citizens.

Germany’s only conservative party, the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), warned at the time that “99% of Afghans support Sharia,” making it impossible for Afghans to be integrated into German society. MP Sven Tritschler from the (AfD) declared during a speech in parliament that there is no place for “refugees” from Afghanistan in Germany:

According to a recent survey 99% of Afghans support Sharia law. 85% want stoning for unfaithful wives. 79% are in favor of killing apostates. The attitude toward Jews and homosexuals is obvious there. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what they want to bring to our country by the hundreds of thousands. We, the AfD, are the only party that says: “No, thank you!”, ladies and gentlemen.

Despite the AfD’s warnings, the left-wing government still opened its doors to “refugees” from Islamic Afghanistan. However, after flooding the country with ten of thousands of more Afghans, the left-wing government is now halting more Afghans from entering, citing concerns that the refugee system is being abused.

America’s failure to learn from Europe’s costly mistakes, which have resulted in the loss of countless lives, is unconscionable. Moreover, despite overwhelming evidence that most Afghan refugees have no intention of assimilating into Western societies, they continue to be placed in communities at great risk to American citizens. Joe Biden, his administration, and the refugee resettlement agencies must be held accountable for the crimes and actions of the Afghans they are irresponsibly placing in communities throughout America.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • America is no longer the melting pot of the world, it is a discontent stew that is mixed together by a democratic socialist elite bent on watering down the proud ingredients of cultures in hopes they will cancel one another out. Stop immigrating to dilute America.

  • I call ’em islamoshitbombs. We aquired 5,000,000 new certifiable imbeciles from the southern border under bozobiden as well. Permanent welfare underclass that will vote left, and undermine our Consitutional Republic. Billions of dollars in costs. Already spent 30k on barbed wire, razor wire, and concertina wire. 8′ trenches excavated behind electrified fence. Does help increase value of property though. FJB!

  • “With Biden as oldest US president in reelection bid, health experts call for ‘complete transparency’
    Debate is reignited about advanced age, health and ability to serve”



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