Journalist Ingrid Carlqvist: Sweden Rejects Coronavirus Safety Measures & tells Elderly to Die at Home (Exclusive Interview)

Sweden is the latest socialist country to sacrifice its elderly generation in the name of rationing resources.

In the latest installment of a series of RAIR Foundation USA exclusive interviews, Swedish journalist and author Ingrid Carlqvist discusses socialist Sweden’s radically different approach to the Chinese coronavirus. Sweden has not imposed any lockdowns or quarantines, compared to most of the world’s choice to social distance and shut down nearly all commerce. Sweden is the latest socialist country to sacrifice its elderly generation in the name of rationing resources.

Carlqvist asserts Sweden’s hospitals are not equipped to influx of sick coronavirus people – she predicts there will be a boom of sick people in Stockholm. She explains that the socialist Swedish government has told its citizens not to bring the elderly into hospitals and to let them die in their homes as the coronavirus pandemic begins to really take effect in especially Stockholm.

‘Limited Resources’: A Dog Whistle for Eugenics

As discussed at RAIR, socialists are natural eugenicists, or adherents of an ideological belief based on an entirely false premise that “resources” are finite and in the case of the pandemic, should not be squandered on those who may be less likely to survive. The left has quickly jumped on the justification of rationing during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, repeatedly going out of their way to throw the elderly under the bus to make way for those deemed more worthy of treatment.

Elderly people are quite a liability to the left. They remember and understand the evils of communism. They have wisdom that the left is eager to suppress. Is that to say the fringe left wants to kill off older generations before their time so that their progressively sanitized version of history is easier to maintain? Yes, this author asserts.

Consider this RAIR discussion of guidelines provided to healthcare officials in Italy dated March 6 2020:

One of the most terrifying aspects of the coronavirus pandemic in Italy, however, is the outrageous and extreme rationing citizens face by the socialist healthcare system. A set of ‘guidelines‘ by the Italian College of Anesthesia, Analgesia, Resuscitation and Intensive Care makes chilling recommendations to be followed as the crisis deepens. ‘Instead of providing intensive care to all patients who need it,’ the Italian experts suggest that ‘it may become necessary to follow ‘the most widely shared criteria regarding distributive justice and the appropriate allocation of limited health resources.’”

As noted in the guidance for Italian health professionals, one of the criteria for killing people off is “distributive justice” or the idea of a “just” allocation of resources based as always on the false premise that there is not enough to go around. As the great Wesley J. Smith reveals in his book The Culture of Death, contemporary eugenics is often manifested in the field of biomedical ethics, where the killing off unborn children, infants, the disabled, the elderly, the suicidal, the sickly, etc. is giddily encouraged.

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