Journalist Inside Eastern Ukraine: 'People Here Are Extremely Grateful Russia Finally Did Something' (Video)

“Finally, the people here have been liberated from the terror that they’ve been experiencing the last eight years.” – Journalist Alina Lipp

When war broke out in Ukraine, German freelance journalist Alina Lipp was reporting from the center of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. Lipp, whose father is Russian and mother is German, moved to Donetsk several years ago. 

On the day Russian President Putin announced the special military operation in Ukraine, it was very quiet in Donetsk, reports Lipp. She explains that explosions could be heard in the area, but residents are used to this. “People here really want to belong to Russia, and they are celebrating the current situation.”


I’ve heard how the Western media reports on the current situation, “Evil Russia is attacking Ukraine,” states Lipp. “It’s very difficult to explain if you aren’t familiar with the topic, she explains, “but you need to understand that Russia has been asking for eight years that the Minsk agreement be upheld.”

Ukraine did not adhere to the 12-point ceasefire deal between Ukraine and the Russia-backed separatists in Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, reports Lipp. “Nor did they approach the Donbas region in an attempt to come to an agreement.” Ukrainian leaders would not even meet Donbas leaders.

Instead, they have violated the Minsk agreement since 2014. Ukraine has been bombing the people’s republics in Donbassa, she reports. The Ukrainian army shoots at civilians who have to live in entirely shot-up houses, notes Lipp.

“Many people have died, including children. That’s the reason people are celebrating here about what’s going on now. They see it as a liberation. It’s finally over. They have suffered for eight years, constantly under bombardment. Constantly living in fear”, Lipp reported. 

Nazi Government

She added that the Western media has completely ignored the fact that the republics have seceded because a Nazi government in Kyiv chased out the former president in Kyiv and since then has been terrorizing the Russian population.

Lipp’s helped her 76,000 subscribers on Telegram better understand the conflict between Ukraine and the people of Donbas, with the following hypothetical example:

Just try to imagine that in 2014 a nationalist-oriented group chased out Merkel, set themselves up in Parliament, and declared that German is no longer the official language.

Following that, some German states then secede from Germany because they don’t accept that — this illegal National Socialist government.

Imagine, for example, if Russia started to support this Nazi government. Russia starts to send government officials, sending people like Klitschko. Basically publicly supporting everything that happens. Even though they are clearly supporting Nazis, right in the middle of Europe. This is exactly what has been going on in Kyiv since 2014.

So then, one fine day, these National Socialists in the German government, they start to terrorize those German states that seceded, with heavy artillery. They start bombarding small towns. A real sniper war. That’s what has been going on for the last eight years, and it’s not just the militias that have formed to defend the Donbas republics.

Snipers are shooting civilians. People who are on their way to work.

‘The West Supports This’

A woman told her that Ukrainian soldiers were shooting at children and school buses. “I’ve seen many schools that have been shot down with my own eyes,” she says. “And the West supports this.”

As reported previously at RAIR Foundation USA, Russia released several interviews with people from the Donbas region who explains how the Ukrainian military has been attacking Donbas Russians for eight years.

“That’s why people here in Donbas, especially here in Donetsk, seen as the capital, are extremely thankful that Russia finally did something. Finally, the people here have been liberated from the terror that they’ve been experiencing for the last eight years”, stressed the journalist.

Watch the following report by journalist Alina Lipp which has been translated by RAIR,

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • There are still Nazis out there, here is just a short list of the leading Nazis that must be removed as soon as possible:
    Emmanuel Macron
    Justin Trudeau
    Sanna Marin
    Jacinda Ardern
    Klaus Schwab
    Anthony Fauci
    George Soros
    Bill Gates
    Joe Biden

    • Agreed, and would add Soros was actually a Nazi collaborator during the war and in an interview I saw he described his experiences as “The best days of my life.” At that time he was in Hungary 1942 dispossessing the Jews of all their stuff and sending them off to the gas chambers.
      And you forgot Merkel, a former Stasi high flyer and now WEF high flyer…these people are the worst kind of vermin….pay close attention to those who show their support for the Ukraine right now, people like Lindsey Graham who demands the West gets fully involved….and to those who don’t support Taiwan or Hong Kong. Know your enemy….

        • Yes. According to Mr Soro’s, his Jewish father was planning to leave Germany and sent him to live with a German guy the father knew. They concocted the story that George was his relative and was not Jewish. George went with the German rounding up Jewish people and taking their belongings. Soro’s feels had it not been him doing it it would have been someone else. To this day he claims he has zero regrets… he did what he needed to do to survive.

        • He did it with the people who his parents begged to take him in when they were being rounded up by the Nazis snd taken to concentration camp where they perished! The family that took him in very working for the Nazis rounding up the possessions of the Jews who were sent to death camps, including his own parents! He’s a psychopath!

      • Soros was 15 years old when the war ended. He was born in 1930 so in 1942 he was 12 years old. I hardly think that as a Jewish boy at 12 he would be sending Jews to the gas chamber and dispossessing them.
        The right wing, including the far with Viktor Urban, loves to demonize George Soros and lie about him.
        He is an old man now. I wonder who will be the next scapegoat.

        • he demonized himself as he said [when he became a grown ass adult] “I HAVE NO REGRETS, I have no GUILT – no at all”
          cut it out Janice!

  • I have read that WWII was precipitated by Bolsheviks attacking and butchering Germans caught on the Polish side of the new borders drawn after WWI. And that these attacks were bait to force Hitler to attack Poland.

    Could we be seeing a repeat of that pattern with Russia attacking Ukraine? Perhaps baited not by “bolsheviks” attacking Russians in the Donbas, but by military types in rented “Nazi” costumes in Ukraine who seem to have been attacking Russians in the Donbas? I did see film footage on Bitchute before the start of this war; they were reported/alleged to be tanks from Ukraine attacking Russia.

    • it doesn’t have to be a perfect analogy. Hitler’s premade excuses for attacking Poland weren’t adequate, so he dressed some commandos up in Polish uniforms for a nakedly false flag operation and went on in like he always wanted to.

      If Putin didn’t ever want to attack Ukraine, why would Ukraine joining a defensive alliance, to prevent just such an attack, be considered a threat? Since when is a mere threat a provocation for a shooting war?
      That was the subject of Putin’s saber-rattling pre-invasion. And who knows exactly whom was lobbing shells into Donbas? If a fragile Ukraine wanted to keep their country together (and it’s beyond obvious that they do), why would they be shelling their own people? Zero of that makes sense if taken at face value. So something was going on that somehow reminds us of Hitler vs. Poland. No reason to ignore those instincts.


        The U.S. is an imaginary thing. It cannot join squat. It cannot do good or evil. It is only through agents anything can be done in its name.

        So too it goes for the fifty states that joined together to create the U.S.

        Now, about that imaginary thing called the Ukraine and the matter of joining some entity on the doorstep of Russia (like Russian agents tried with Cuba, back in the day). . . .

        • Percy, how refreshing. You speak the absolute truth. These fictions (lies) are used by evil men to obtain power and control through which the steal and kill with impunity. It is another lie, a huge lie, that has worked since ancient times and goes against the natural order as created by the Almighty as clearly shown in Genesis 1:26. But, man was warned what happens in 1 Samuel 8 and despite those warnings continues down this road to hell.

      • Zelwnski is Jewish. I doubt he is a NAZI. If I remember right he took office in 2018. I do not know what happened in the Donbas between 2014 and 2018. After watching Zelenski this last month or so, he does not seem like the type that would agree with Ukraine military randomly killing civilians any where in the Ukraine. That is my take on it.

        • Your ‘take’ is bullchit. Many Jews were Kapo and still are.
          Sale sky is a Nazi. Was given a Nazi sports tee for the Ukrainian team and didn’t seem to mind it.
          Anyone can go to YouTube and see 20k Nazi, Stephan Banderite followers marching in Kiev.
          Stop fcking lying.

      • So Mark, you know better than the people that live there, as in above videos?
        …”why would they be shelling their own people?”
        Did you even watch above videos?
        Donbas people are ethnic Russian speaking!
        Ukraine government/military failed to uphold the Minsk treaty.

    • You bastards just cant stop lying.
      It’s sick. You’re disgusting.

      The Svoboda party is NAZI
      Pravy Sektor is NAZI
      Right Sector is NAZI
      Azov Battalion is NAZI

      Ya all are supporting NAZIs in Ukraine.

      You’re sickening.

  • Yes, forgot to add to the list,
    arrest also these Nazi criminals:

    Ex Fyhrer Merkel
    von der Leyen-Göbbels

    and all the rest of those criminals, you all know their names already!

    Fuellmich & Co: DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!

  • How conveinient that the people of the DNR and LNR surrounded by “sepratists” holding AK 47’s are oh so happy. Smacks of Russian Propaganda.

    My friends from those areas and those with family members there that are my students studing English tell me a completely different story in class.

  • There is something really wrong with the west and the media. First with COVID they would attack and censor anyone who mentioned any alternative to the jab and would even go as far as fire Doctors that would subscribe the magical horse medicine. Now it comes out that these Doctors were right. Just how many people could they have saved?

    With Ukraine they are censoring the war canceling alternatives like RT. They don’t mention the Neo-Nazis and the war going on since 2014. This was back in 2018

  • The lack of empathy for anyone else in Ukraine is very telling here. And Putin could have easily rescued Donbas for a fraction of the price his troops are paying all over the country. Obviously Donbas is not his objective.

  • RAIR refuses to identify its ownership, operates anonymously, has been routinely proven as totally unreliable, and has appeared to manufacture false stories to influence opinions. A false flag website.

  • Why didn’t they go to the UN Security Council and raise he’ll before they invaded? I only heard vague reports for years before the invasion. It should have been heavily publiczed. Too late now.

    • If you listen to how the Russian Representative who spoke was minimized and berated at the UN Council meeting on Friday I’m surprised Russia even bothers to participate.

      The American Representative who spoke after the Russian could not have been more dismissive and rude. I was embarrassed for her. She rejected every issue he presented based on her opinion he was lying. Period.

  • One thing the pandemic SHOULD have taught everyone, those that didn’t already know, is that we cannot trust our media.

  • If Russians don’t like to live in Ukraine, well the simplest thing to do is pack-up and leave. Russia is right across the border. Instead Russia uses the situation in the region to ferment civil unrest as a pretext to their illegal, unnecessary and unwarranted invasion of Ukraine. If someone try to steal from me, damn right I would fight to get it back which is what Ukraine is trying to with the region. It belongs to Ukraine, not Russia.

    • hello there, they are not russians but ukrainians who are born there but speaks russian , you better read history to understand the current situation other wise its just you are feed up with MSM …

    • War is profitable to the military industrial complex – just as injection devices are profitable over an alleged ‘virus’ for the tyrannical medical complex seeking to cull the earth’s population with bio agents that kill people over time in a stealth manner.

  • I thought Putin wrote that headline, then I saw the journalist’s father is Russian. Then I read the article, it’s all her opinion. It isn’t news. From what I understand, the Minsk agreement was between Russian separatists and the Ukrainian government. Not Putin and Ukraine.

    Any American that supports Putin in this is being foolish.

    If America was allowed to be ruled by ethnic tribes, we would be toast. If everyone that spoke Spanish decided it was time to be independent, we would have problems, especially if Mexico invaded.

  • Good to actually see something of Truth about what has been going on. Myself and one of my Aunties are pretty much on same page about this. Although I don’t think Putin is 100% clean as a whistle, but he is better than the Ukrainian nutter.

  • They are all evil, using the defence that the end justifies the means. People always take this one-sided approach, that I am supporting this side, because the other side did something bad. It’s a really stupid way to choose a side. Putin is evil and the neo-nazis are evil, but Putin is more powerful than the neo-nazis so he can kill more people. The death toll is mounting in the Ukraine on both sides, and this war needs to come to an end. I hope somebody forces Zelensky and Putin into a room and makes them talk real soon. That is probably going to mean somebody more powerful than either side needs to step in and mediate. The US so far is out to lunch on this and just wants to throw sanctions at Russia. That might work in the long term, but in the short term people are dying. The lucky Ukrainians are the ones that already left.

  • Poor Russia really… They had to attack Ukraine to take 2 republics only… I shall believe they are innocent, really… Russians rescued Poland once as well. Poland was so grateful, that wanted to get rid of this sadistic people from the country.


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