Justin Trudeau's Mass Migration Scheme to Replace the Canadian Population (Exclusive Interview)

Globalist Trudeau wants to add 1.3 million immigrants over the next three years to Canada, a country with a population of under 39 million. 

Erasing the Old Canada

According to Dan Murray, the creator of the Immigration Watch Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has declared war against his country, people, and culture. The World Economic Forum-controlled leader is welcoming an unprecedented level of immigrants that will have a massive and irreversible demographic impact on Canada. Trudeau had already increased his country’s excessive immigrant intake to stratospheric levels. Now the Globalist leader is setting an even higher target: 1.3 million over the next three years on a population of under 39 million. 

During an exclusive interview with Murray, RAIR Foundation USA suggests that Canada’s mass immigration policies are one of the means by which Canada’s history and culture are being erased. Trudeau called Canada the “first postnational country” with no “mainstream” or “core identity” shortly after he became prime minister in 2015. Both RAIR and Dan Murray think this was an aspirational statement by Trudeau, who does not miss an opportunity to disparage what is actually mainstream Canada. 

In 1990, one of Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s cabinet ministers (Barbara McDougall, minister of immigration) pushed for an increase in immigration to at least 250,000 each year. Prior to that, Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (father of the current PM) had actually decreased immigration levels to something in the 80,000s due to high unemployment. 

Dan considers the immigration targets of Justin Trudeau to be similar to the invasion of a country, even comparable to the invasion of Ukraine. Or the invasion on the US southern border, RAIR suggests, and Dan agrees. Dan notes that we are now up from the 250,000 that was considered ridiculously high back in 1990 to over 400,000 per year. Of Canada’s current population of 38 million, a considerable fraction are themselves immigrants. 

Dan reports that some immigrants have interests that conflict with Canada’s long-term interests. For example, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has committed itself to destroying the society its adherents move into. And they are not a small minority, he notes. Trudeau, Dan says, is a supporter of Muslim immigration. 

Concerning the influence of China, RAIR points out that Canada’s culture has already changed dramatically, especially in British Columbia. Dan observes that certain parts of Canada, particularly in the lower mainland of BC, have become Chinese colonies. Some Chinese people there do not attempt to hide the fact that they are there as representatives of China. They will seek to undermine Canada’s interests versus China’s interests.  

Canadians kept in the dark by globalist media 

Dan does not think that most Canadians are aware of what’s happening. The media are responsible for the lack of awareness. For example, they do not connect the issue of the increasing unaffordability of housing to Canada’s policy of mass immigration (of which they are boosters). Dan mentions the 2010 book by David Ley, Millionaire Migrants, which describes the impact of the arrival of large numbers of wealthy Asians to Canada. These wealthy Asians were theoretically supposed to create jobs for Canadians. But many of them had no interest in doing that. Already wealthy, they were not seeking to make more money but came to Canada for “social capital,” such as university degrees for their children. Many also cheated on their income taxes, keeping two sets of books. Rather than creating jobs for Canadians, they parasitized the system and got away with it. There was not a lot of exposure in the media. David Ley concluded in his book that relentless immigration was the cause of unaffordable housing. However, while the media talk about unaffordable housing almost daily, neither they nor any politicians seem to be aware of David Ley’s research. While the current building spree cannot even keep up with the demand for housing, the media ignore that bringing 50,000 people a year to the Metro Vancouver area, for example, will create demand.

Dan states that the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, which receives about $1.3 billion annually in government funding) has a policy of suppressing negative comments about immigration.  RAIR suggests it is being directed by the United Nations and is part of the UN Compact on Migration, which Dan explains that Trudeau has signed on to. (Canada played a leading role in developing the UN Compact on Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration).   

RAIR mentions the Century Initiative, which advocates for a Canadian population of 100 million by 2100. Dan reports that one of the people behind it is an academic named Irvin Studin, who has devoted much effort to publicizing the idea. He has supporters in high places. (It is worth noting that both of the CI’s co-founders, Mark Wiseman, currently chairman of the board, and Dominic Barton, are associated with the globalist World Economic Forum.) Trudeau is also behind the idea. Dan explains that one does not have to look far to see the effects of mass immigration. He notes the loss of farmland that has been turned into housing. (Just over half of Canada’s best farmland is in southwestern Ontario, which is also the location of the megalopolis “Greater Toronto Area” or GTA. Ontario is losing 319 acres of farmland every day.) 

No evidence that Canadians benefit from mass immigration

Dan challenges the notion that we must import vast numbers of people so that we have workers to replace all the older people who are dying off. He points out that before Justin Trudeau became prime minister, the government had looked into whether immigration would offset the problems arising from an aging population. The answer was an emphatic No. (See, for example, this study.) He states the Science Council of Canada also told the federal government not to use immigration to increase the population. Its 1976 report pointed out that just because Canada has a large geographical area does not mean it has an infinite capacity to accommodate people. Dan surmises that Justin Trudeau has never even heard of that report. 

RAIR points out that most immigrants to Canada come from warmer countries and, therefore, will increase their greenhouse gas emissions when they move here. Would it not make sense NOT to bring people from hot countries to Canada, where they will have to increase their energy consumption? Dan notes that it will also increase pollution and points to the massive expansion of housing driven by high immigration, especially around Vancouver and in the GTA. British Columbia has an agricultural reserve, but although it is effective to a certain extent, it is being undermined by constant growth, which both major parties in BC support.  

Dan notes that the aforementioned report by the Science Council of Canada stated that few countries produced sufficient food to be exported, and it would be desirable for Canada to maintain its status as a food producer. The report also mentioned Australia and said both countries should be paying attention to the issue of immigration and not assume that they had an infinite capacity to absorb people. 

Clash of values

RAIR brings up the issue of law and culture, saying that law is the crystallization of culture and essentially just a set of codified values. When you bring large numbers of people with different cultures and values into the cities, and these people are not being encouraged to adopt Canadian values, what kind of effect will that have on Canada’s legal system and basic cultural rules, on things such as women’s rights? Dan is concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood in particular. They believe that if women are disobedient to the males in the family, they should be killed. That is what happened to the three teenage girls and first wife in the Shafia family. RAIR notes that the CBC reports edited the RCMP tapes about the murders such that the Islamic aspects were omitted.  

The Canadian media consistently try to hide the consequences of these policies, explains RAIR. What is happening with the Residential School issue is a good example of the dishonesty of the Canadian media, Dan says. The media, and especially the CBC, have demonized the Christian church. On the other hand, when it comes to Islam, the CBC promotes it. Trudeau is also very pro-Islam, and Dan suspects he has become a Muslim. While Trudeau seems to think that Islam is the religion of peace, Dan says he likely doesn’t realize that in Islam, “peace” means that Islam has completely taken over. (Non-Islamic parts of the world are called “dar al-Harb,” or house of war; there will be peace when they are part of Dar al-Islam or house of Islam.) 

Canadians are catching on that something’s not right

Given the policies of the Canadian government, which seem to place the interests of Canadians, the people it allegedly serves, well behind the interests of the globalists, it is perhaps not surprising that, based on a recent survey of 1500 Canadians by Abacus Data, more than one in three Canadians (37%) believe in the “white replacement theory,” the idea that there is “a group of people in this country who are trying to replace native-born Canadians with immigrants who agree with their political views.” And one in five Canadians believes that it is definitely or probably true that the World Economic Forum is “a group of global elites with a secretive strategy to impose their ideas on the world.” Also, not surprisingly, there was a strong correlation between belief in “conspiracy theories” (as the National Post article calls these views) and distrust of media. 

It seems that what Trudeau dismissed as a “fringe minority” with “unacceptable views” might not be such a fringe after all. The question is, will this “fringe” be able to remove an increasingly unpopular prime minister from power under Canada’s “first past the post” electoral system with no proportional representation. 

Madeline Weld, Ph.D.

Madeline Weld is a retired civil servant who lives in Ottawa. She is president of Population Institute Canada and a founding member of Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (C3RF).


  • Same in EU: von der Leyen, Marin, Macron, Draghi, etc are all muslim ass lickers same as Canada’s Just-in Through-The-Ass.

    Why are these WEF DRILLED TERRORISTS, with the leader Klaus Schwab, Soros, Gates, etc allowed to rule the world?
    And the king of Sweden is an idiot with Sweden full of raping muslims.

    What a wonderful world!

    • The problem for Canada, UK, Australia, and other “realms” is the “de facto” possessor of the Crown who has worked for decades to destroy Confederation for world government, using Quebec to run communist referendums (but we aren’t told they Quebec referendum platform is really communist, on the Yugoslav model, i.e. “industrial democracy”).

  • It’s hard to have sympathy for the Canadians. They voted for this imbecile Trudeau. They got what they asked for. Just like Sweden, the natives cancelled themselves. It was an ideal, well-functioning society. They got bored and wanted change for the sake of change. Now Sweden is soon no more.

    • I certainly didn’t vote for him. I’m a white-born Canadian with ancestry born in Toronto and Newfoundland, owned by the Dominion fo Great Britain just like Canada was, and i’m seeing all the born Canadians including myself who contributed quite a bit through taxes for almost 40 years of my life, to the economy and the schools, highways, Infrastructure, to see all our credit given to the Muslim immigrants who are $50.000 dollars richer the moment they step foot into Canada, more than what a hard-working Canadian has ever seen in their bank accounts, furthermore, they are guaranteed housing, and unemployment insurance benefits until they get themselves established, all this coming from our tax dollars, and when they become the majority, they will turn Canada into an Islamic country, and where will I be when this happens, in their country. I’ll be a stranger in my own country with no recognition of ever being a Canadian. Trudeau is doing this for his own political gain as Prime Minister, making $357.000/yearly for a four-year term and another four-year term when he’s re-elected, and as of 2020, Trudeau is worth 10 million, he knows very well that these Muslims will all vote for him, and the scary part is that most Canadians think he’s stupid, he’s not stupid, he’s corrupt.

  • I totally agree with this author. I was born in Canada in 1967, my mother was born in Toronto in 1936 and her mother was born in Toronto, and my dad was born in Newfoundland, basically Canadian, he never migrated to Canada, he was born into a process in which Newfoundland would be entirely apart of Canada, and his father was of course born in Newfoundland, and Newfoundland was a British Dominion just like Canada was. I am very much Canadian and I get offended when I’m referred to as an immigrant which clearly I am not, I didn’t migrate from another Country, i was born here, and sadly these Immigrants from India and Pakistan just don’t get it, they assume the true Canadians are the Native Indians and everyone else including me are immigrants, and these immigrants from Pakistan and India see me as no different than them, even though I was born here, i have no other country to call home, this is my natural home, I paid into the economy since I was teenager onward, helping pay for the infrastructure, schools, buildings, highways, shopping malls we see, I and every other Canadian throughout many decades are responsible for everything you see in Canada, as for my contribution is in Ontario where i was born, and so i get offended when they come off the plane, with $50.000 the Federal Government gives them, and temporary benefits to help them establish themselves in which many dont, and did they contribute to anything you see, such as the highways, roads, buildings, malls, schools, housing etc? No they did not, they profit from it the moment they step onto Canadian soil, and they call me an immigrant, yes, I had two Pakistani ask me what country I was born in, and when I responded with Canada, they said “really?”, ‘yes, really’. I also feel like a stranger in my own country as if I have no significance, no credibility, and no recognition for being a Canadian, in my own country, furthermore, I feel that this mass migration is nothing but a big scheme so Trudeau can get another term in as Prime Minister, which pays a whopping $357.000/ year, a four-year term amounting to 1.5 million, another four-year term 3 million, and so on, and as long as he keeps bringing in these Hindus and Muslism the better his chances are of being re-elected as PM, because who else are these Muslims and Hindus going to vote for? It is no secret that Muslims have an extremely high fertility rate, just look at the population of Pakistan and India, yes India and Pakistan together geographically make up 1/3rd the size of Canada, and yes, Canada is three times larger in land mass, and Pakistan is already overpopulated because they can’t stop having babies, and the reason for having babies at such a young age and an abundance of babies is because they want to become a majority over all the world, it’s all about world domination, becoming a majority in every piece of land throughout the globe, getting rid of all other religions except one, Islam, yes, Islam will dominate the entire world and we are letting it happen. Canada in the future will be ruled under Islam, and the Canadian flag will be replaced with an Islamic flag. Canadian history will be erased, and it’s happening right now, with the removal of our first Prime Minister John A. MacDonald and founding father, something I would never have imagined, and the Trudeau Government is laughing it off, the USA with the toppling and desecration of its founding fathers, George Washington, Jefferson, Benjamin Frankin, Alexander Hamilton, and of course the big shocker, the removal of Lincolns emancipation statue, a statue created by the black free slaves to honour and commemorate Lincoln, only to have it degraded and taken down by the ignorant uneducated black race of today, and this will only get worse. The Muslims will take over Canada just as they are doing in all the European countries, and I will be a visitor in my own country, a country i used to be proud to be a part of, but not anymore.


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