“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” – The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Note: The following information is not all-inclusive, but offers a starting point for researchers. For the purposes of this study, the “communist revolution” embodies all those who seek global domination in one form or another.

America is in the midst of a communist revolution and has been for some time. Author and filmmaker Trevor Loudon has stated that President Donald Trump offered a reprieve, which has sadly come to an end.

It is past time that Americans understand the depth of the danger, and take a stand for the principles that made America great in the first place.

Long March Through the Institutions

Institutions such as public schools, the church and the legal system are heavily compromised, if not completely irredeemable. Almost all universities, Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and labor unions serve as hubs of socialist funding and activism. The U.S. government funds universities through grants and gives to NGOs and Multilateral Organizations. Many radical left groups enjoy funding from large corporations.

Taxpayer funding also goes to radical left “non-profit” organizations. The funds going to leftist activists is so overwhelming that it is almost a folly to attempt to organize it all. Numerous “philanthropic” organizations have billions of dollars, all dedicated to promoting a globalist agenda often by giving money to the hundreds of thousands of non-profits (largely left) in America.

Staggering Numbers

The Open Society Foundation’s endowment is $19.59 billion, the Ford Foundation’s endowment is $12.4 billion, the MacArthur Foundation’s endowment is $7 billion, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s endowment is $6.1 billion, the Harvard endowment fund is $40.9 billion.

Here is a good list of prominent leftist agitators. Here is a list of progressive organizations. Here is a good list of wealthy “philanthropists” who pledged to fund progressive causes.

Globally, Multilateral Organizations such as the United Nations, Council on Foreign Relations, the World Health Organization and the World Trade Organization have influence, but they have even deeper influence when Democrat presidents give them legitimacy.

This is a broad list of some of the most influential and damaging philanthropic groups, but is by no means all-inclusive. Use the scroll feature to move the tables side by side.

‘Philanthropy’ Groups
Ford FoundationEducational Foundation of AmericaLiberty Hill Foundation
Open Society FoundationsAtlantic PhilanthropiesNational Committee for Responsive Philanthropy
Onward TogetherCraig Newmark PhilanthropiesSilicon Valley Community Foundation
OxfamFund for Investigative JournalismAnnie E. Casey Foundation
Proteus FundMacArthur FoundationAndrew W. Mellon Foundation
Tides FoundationKnight FoundationW.K. Kellogg Foundation
Schumann Media CenterNew World FoundationThe Boston Foundation
Carnegie Corporation of New YorkSurdna FoundationSan Francisco Foundation
Joyce FoundationDemocracy AllianceSilicon Valley Community Foundation
McKay FoundationPeace Development FundArca Foundation
Nathan Cummings FoundationRockefeller Philanthropy AdvisorsSolidago Foundation
Institute for Southern StudiesPeace Development Fund Arabella Advisors
Sandler FoundationThe Hutchins Family FoundationNew Venture Fund
The William and Flora Hewlett FoundationHeising-Simons FoundationFidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Bloomberg PhilanthropiesBernard and Anne Spitzer Charitable TrustBill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Foreign Influence

The founding fathers warned about foreign influence corrupting America. Alexander Hamilton said in Federalist 68 that the “most deadly adversaries of republican government might naturally have been expected to make their approaches from more than one quarter, but chiefly from the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils.” Thomas Jefferson was “apprehensive of foreign interference, intrigue and influence.”

There is currently a strong left “internationalism” movement across the globe, but if there is a head in the subversive snake that has penetrated the West, it is the leadership of China and Russia.

The Chinese Communist Party CCP has been incredibly effective in infiltrating all aspects of American life, from the government, to academia, to local politics and activism to Hollywood. They are even the puppet masters of the Black Lives Matter movement. China smuggles massive amounts of fentanyl through the porous southern border.

Scene from the 2020 Riots

The Kremlin has aggressively sought to pit Americans against one another using divisive issues and has taken a shockingly active role in training Islamic dictators. Vladimir Putin has compared Christianity to Communism, and fought to hold the communist World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi, which he personally introduced.

These countries and many others work closely with American communists to infiltrate America’s institutions.

American Communist Organizations
Democratic Socialists of AmericaFreedom Road Socialist OrganizationParty of Socialism and Liberation
Communist Party USARevolutionary Communist Party Socialist Alternative

While the following groups are typically funded by those above, it is important to mention them as being some of the most insidious.

Subversive Groups (Radical Left)
Center for Constitutional RightsAdvancement ProjectCenter for Community Change
ACLUWorking Families PartyMoveOn
National Lawyers GuildPeople for the American WayIndivisible
Center for Biological DiversityHuman Rights CampaignJewish Voice for Peace
Progressive MajorityOur RevolutionEmily’s List
Emerge AmericaCODE PINKProgressive Democrats of America (PDA)
Council for a Livable WorldWellstone Action BDS
Subversive Groups (Islamic)
Organisation of Islamic CooperationEmgageMuslim Brotherhood
Arab LeagueMuslim Student AssociationIslamic Society of North America
Students for Justice in PalestineHAMASHezbollah
Islamic ReliefHizb ut-TahrirIslamic Circle of North America
Muslim Advocates

Even if the mentioned groups were dismantled, and Americans managed to shut out the influence of Russia and China, other bad actors would quickly take their place. This is a battle between good and evil, liberty versus tyranny and the Constitution versus Communism. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, and citizens have been looking the other way for a long time.

The most important thing we can do to stop the flow of evil in the world is to be vigilant in teaching Americans about the importance of limited government as envisioned by the founding fathers, coupled with instilling Judeo-Christian values.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • there is so much to this reforming of our country and the world, we are watching the fall of america.
    We are either complicit by sitting on our behinds ,watching as if it is entertainment, or active, getting the word out and participating in upholding our rights as citizens of this nation to keep our God given freedoms it was founded upon. wake up people, there is little time left

    • 95% of adults don’t care what type gov we have as long as they can waste time on social media, Nexflix video subscriptions, sports, texting for hrs, etc. they are nihilists and slackers concerning their family or community’s future and don’t give a hoot. Churches (501c3’s)and their heirarchies/assoc. and gov. schools, colleges are controlled by the left . Pastors are controlled and muzzled on what they can preach or not preach for their paycheck. Man pleasers, apostates on the broad way to perdition. Home church or meet in private facilities with a small group off gov. radar. America is in the ashes of history because most men are beta and omega men with bent over heads and spines or no spines,the few alpha men left need strong women to stand up w/ them when lawlessness soon takes over communities w/o police and local gov. order.

  • Russia and China? I find that hard to believe. Did you see any BLM propaganda over there? Pride propaganda? I didn’t. Russia recently made Christianity part of their Constitution. They’ve banned Soros. They’re anti-globalist. China is the same way. Why would China want to disrupt the current system? They’re getting fat off of Western outsourcing.

    The enemy obviously controls the Trusted News Initiative. And Russia and China are consistently being targeted by the TNI, so they obviously don’t control the TNI. The enemy controls Wall Street. That’s evidenced by the massive leftist-propaganda campaign that we’ve seen American corporations carrying out.

    • Because there’s a world wide transfer of wealth and power happening .. You hear economist telling you that all the time “”China will be the world leader of the 21st Century”.,. it’s not happening by accident. It’s happening by the biggest transfer of wealth and power the world has ever seen. Our leaders and gov’t has handed over our industrial sector – corporations , here and all over Europe , to Asia over the course of the last half century. As the US and Western World has declined , the Power of ASIA has increased many fold. Their military might will soon surpass our own and we ( the western world) gave them the power via our corporations and purchasing power simulatenously with the help of our globalist – puppetized leadership like the Bush, Clinton, Obama, Biden’s. They are financing it while sending America into literal bankruptcy.. Borrowing us into debt via a corrupted banking system that prints dollars at will and we have no idea who runs that bank or if they have any money at all besides the paper they print it on.. They’re sucking this country down the toilet creating one crisis after another that demands one bail out after another that has sent this country over the cliff with closing in on 30 trillion in additional debt with a corrupted banking system called the Federal Reserve that dictates everything our gov’t does via economic blackmail. A govt that takes in an enormous 3.5 trillion US tax dollars every year but demands another 1-2 trillion_+ every single year now because they can never feed the greedy demons enough to satisfy their morbid evil appetites for wealth and power. They’re Demonic and evil and they don’t care who they hurt or how many people are sacrificed and our leaders, and the leaders of many, many other United Nations participating nations, are all in on the end game..> Welcome to the One World Gov’t and the New World Order.. They’re robbing us blind and destroying all of Europe and the Western World in the process.

  • All of the organizations named in this article are funded by the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS using counterfeit money created by the central banks THEY OWN in almost every country in the world.

    Until those central banks are shut down and the money changers removed from the temple, nothing will change. Jeff (below) is 100% correct….

  • Leftists love Marxism and therefore hate liberty and hate America. … Never give up, never lose hope, never lose faith and stand in the strength of Almighty God.

  • Shut down the Non – Federal Federal Reserve aka Bank of Rothschild parading as the Bank of the United States ( and it isn’t) and you can shut down the entire fiasco.. They’re raped the American people into poverty with the help of complicit criminals in the Federal Gov’t , White House and Congress for over 100 years now. The fact that they exist at all and are allowed to print US currency is completely illegal and explicitly forbidden in the US Constitution. No Entity other than our own Gov’t is legally allowed to print and distribute US Currency.. So how did they get away with doing it for the last 100+ years? Answer . A corrupted , puppetized Federal Corporation . An RNC and DNC that hand picks presidents and gives the people a choice of their own Globalist puppets creating the facade of a Democracy and electoral process that is supposed to be “of the people”. There is no Democracy when the pool from which we are given a “choice” is a pool full of Globalist Sharks and puppets with Rothschild offspring hands up their assess making their mouths move. Trump was the first President in over 100 years that wasn’t hand picked from the Globalist swamp.. The double tongued Middle easterners Jesuits now run America from their Sand Castles built from US and European money via the OPEC facade and the Petro dollar. Biden now once again raping his own people at the gas pups to fill the pockets of the Jihadic Muslim nations when we don’t need a DROP of foreign oil OR natural gas for that matter.. Destroy the FED, OPEC and the PETRO dollar and America will stabalizing within a couple of years just like when TRUMP was in office and we were no longer dependent on Rag head oil and Jihadic Jews weren’t dictating our foreign policy. Time to take out the entire Globalist facade. It’s not the American people that are behind it, It’s the Globalist puppeteers and their Harvard, Yale and Princeton brainwashed libbytards that need to be removed from society. The rest will take care of itself.

  • All these groups were birthed by the Society of Jesus. It’s priests secretly perfected communism among the Guarani Indians on their reductions of Paraguay for over 150 years before their highly illegal, immoral and profitable activities were discovered by the Iberian crowns and pope Clement XIV who proceeded to expel them forever in 1767 with the bill, Dominus Ac Redemptor Nostor. This pushed the Military Order’s priests underground forming the Illuminati until they resurfaced in Russia under Catherine the Great and then proceeded to incite the Napoleonic Wars as vengeance against the monarchies who expelled them. This history is suppressed, but the expulsion of the Jesuits and their subsequent reemergence in Russia is the linchpin to understanding modern history, and particularly how communism was developed and spread throughout the world by the pope’s Vatican Assassins and their satanic and unholy continuing counter-Reformation. As we embark upon their inescapable Great Reset, the question becomes dear reader, whose side are you on, and what are you going to do about it??

  • Trump did not offer a reprieve. All superficial, false hope.
    In fact, he made the vaccine roll out possible by handing over billions to the psychopaths.
    You can tell a good tree by its fruits. The fruit of Trump being elected as POTUS has in fact jettisoned the NWO into full view. That is real rotten fruits.
    First and foremost, he failed to put Hillary and Barak into jail, along with their myriad co-conspirators who are still working hard to destroy humanity for their master, satan.

  • Did you notice the emblem of Russia? The double headed eagle. Stems from the family from Northern Italy, the imperial death cult family called Palaiologos aka the Roman/Phoenician/Hebraic royalty who rule most countries today.
    As for China: the dragon should tell you everything.
    They are already there and were putting things into action from long ago.
    Putin invading Ukraine is assisting the implementation of the Great Reset.
    The war is on the common masses.


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