Leftists Embrace Violent 1969 Stonewall Riots that Inspired Pride Parades

Numerous schools are “honoring” and “commemorating” the Stonewall Riots. students are being taught that riots lead to positive change.

Pride parades everywhere are based on a 1969 riot in a long-time gay section of town in New York City’s Greenwich Village, which ended in numerous arrests and injuries to police officers. But instead of distancing themselves from the violence, left Twitter embraces the Stonewall Riots, with the implication that riots result in positive outcomes.

Over 50 years ago in 1969, gay people successfully claimed a section of Greenwich Village and for years, they met in peace.

The Stonewall Riots was a response to a police raid on a gay establishment called the Stonewall Inn, as explained in a 1969 article by the late journalist Robert Mayer. Police had a warrant for the raid at the Stonewall Inn, who was serving alcohol without a license.

Left-wing history site describes some of the chaos:

As the paddy wagon and squad cars left to drop the prisoners off at the nearby Sixth Precinct, the growing mob forced the original NYPD raiding party to retreat into the Stonewall itself and barricade themselves inside.

Some rioters used a parking meter as a battering ram to break through the door; others threw beer bottles, trash and other objects, or made impromptu firebombs with bottles, matches and lighter fluid. also mentioned that the Stonewall Riots spurred the Marxist Gay Liberation Front (GLF) and the more moderate Gay Activists Alliance (GAA).

Many of the tweets celebrating the Stonewall Riots strike a menacing tone. See here, here and here:

If Kamala Harris was old enough in 1969, surely she would have sent bail money to those arrested during the Stonewall Riots. Surrounded by Secret Service agents with guns, Kamala and her husband had a photo op at a Pride Parade in D.C. this weekend.

Numerous schools are “honoring” and “commemorating” the Stonewall Riots. Students are being taught that riots lead to positive change.

Some examples:

The same people outraged over Trump supporters wandering into the Capitol building on January 6th are “commemorating” riots that resulted in injuries to police officers.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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