Leftists Exploit Anti-Catholic Conspiracy Theory to Justify Church Burning Epidemic in Canada

The radical left has concluded without evidence that Catholic priests committed genocide against “indigenous students” generations ago.

Churches are being destroyed and vandalized in Canada, and leftists on social media are celebrating. The media and leftist politicians are largely contributing to the rage by often referring to anger at churches to be “understandable” in light of the discovery of unmarked graves discovered in the vicinity of “residential schools” from generations ago.

The graves “were never a secret“.

Residential schools were developed in Canada as a result of the British North America Act in 1867, and the implementation of the Indian Act (1876), which required the government to “provide Indigenous youth with an education and to assimilate them into Canadian society.”

Conspiracy Theories

The radical left has concluded without evidence that Catholic priests committed genocide against “indigenous students” generations ago. This conspiracy theory has been promoted and used to justify destroying churches today.

Consider this important discussion about life in Canada in at the turn of the previous century:

In fact, it is shocking that many people seem quite willing to accept slanderous conspiracy theories about teachers and priests murdering, and secretly burying, hundreds of children. There are many forgotten cemeteries in Canada. It is far more likely that the deaths simply reflected the sad reality of life back then. We should take a look at the history.

Tuberculosis was a major killer, and it didn’t spare children. From 1890 until the 1950s it was responsible for many child deaths. Influenza was also a particularly deadly disease for indigenous people. The 1918 Spanish flu killed a disproportionate number of indigenous people, but even ordinary influenza was particularly deadly for them. Other diseases that have all but disappeared now, like Whooping Cough, Meningitis and Measles, routinely took yesterday’s children.

This is nothing new

Like the Ku Klux Klan, Maoists, and nazis, the radical left hates Christianity and seeks to either infiltrate it for their own purposes or destroy it completely.

During the Cultural Revolution, activists were encouraged to destroy anything to do with culture, including religion.

Cultural Revolution Propaganda Poster (Image Highlighted by Author)
Targeted Churches

An article posted today at PJ Media details the targeted churches so far:

On June 21, arsonists targeted two Roman Catholic churches in tribal territory in British Columbia (B.C.): Sacred Heart Mission Church of Penticton, and St. Gregory Mission Church on Osoyoos land. On June 26, arsonists burned two more Catholic churches in B.C. to the ground. Authorities also found that St. Paul’s Anglican Church on Gitwangak First Nations land in B.C. had been set on fire on June 26, but firefighters extinguished the blaze, mostly saving the church, Catholic News Agency reported. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said all the fires were “suspicious” and local leaders attributed them to arson.

On June 27, arsonists lit a fire at Siksika First Nation Catholic Church, but firefighters put out the blaze before it caused severe damage. On June 30, arsonists burned St. Jean Baptiste Catholic Church in Morinville to the ground. On the night of July 1, two fires destroyed one Anglican church — the aforementioned St. Paul’s Anglican Church — and damaged part of another church in Tofino.

Considering the complete joy that burning churches is bringing to leftist activists on social media, it is no surprise that the mainstream media is not only largely ignoring the targeting of churches – they are doubling down.

Here is just a small sample of the posts on Twitter calling for more church burnings:

A Word on Assimilation

The left declares that attempts to assimilate people into Western culture are racist. But the truth is that the thought leaders on the left seek to indoctrinate vulnerable populations, including children, to their radical ideology.

Consider the teachings a horrific book published in May titled “Stamped (For Kids): Racism, Antiracism, and You” meant for children by prominent anti-white Critical Race Theorists Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi.

The authors define “assimilationist” as “People who hate you for not being like them” and “People who like you only if you act like them”. But that is not the definition. Assimilation is rather a societal agreement; a commitment to shared values.

Assimilation is necessary for society. Divided, we fall.

Leftists deliberately seperate citizens into groups and pit those groups against one another based on race, age, sexual orientation, immigration status, genitalia, class, religion, and anything else they can use as a battering ram against society. Once society crumbles, the leftists orchestrating the destruction believe they will be placed in positions of power.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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