Long List of Times Stacey Abrams and Democrat Leaders Organized Insurgents to Storm State Buildings (Must See)

Leftist radicals have often stormed state buildings, and were rewarded with praise from left-wing politicians, the media and big tech.

While Kamala Harris and her radical colleagues advertise bail funds for Antifa thugs, and the mainstream media and big tech distort themselves into pretzels justifying violent Black Lives Matter riots, Republicans are bending over backwards to apologize for patriots who entered the Capitol building on Wednesday in their quest to demand an audit of the 2020 presidential election.

Here is a small sample of the times leftist radicals stormed state buildings, and were rewarded with praise from left-wing politicians, the media and big tech:

Takeover of Seattle’s City Hall

In June 2020, Socialist Seattle city council member Kshama Swant opened the doors to city hall, where hundreds of Black Lives Matter protestors demanded the resignation of the mayor and that the Seattle police be defunded. The move led to a six-week occupation of an area of the city referred to as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) an occupation that was glowingly reported by the mainstream media.

Watch as this USA Today report refers to CHAZ as “peaceful”:

Later named the Capitol Hill Occupation Protest (CHOP), Christopher Rufo of the City Journal reported:

Over its 24-day history, the autonomous zone saw two gun homicides and four additional shooting victims. All the identified victims were black men—precisely the demographic for whom the CHAZ had claimed to offer protection. In the absence of a legitimate police force, armed criminal gangs and untrained anarchist paramilitaries filled the void. Almost every night, gunshots rang through the streets. The first homicide victim was killed in an outburst of gang violence; the second, reportedly unarmed and joyriding in a stolen car, was gunned down by the ‘CHAZ security force.’

Antifa Takes Over Minnesota Capitol

In March, 2017, Senator Tim Kaine’s son “Linwood” stormed a Pro-Trump rally with his Antifa friends at the Minnesota Capitol rotunda. He was charged with rioting but got off with probation and a $236 fine. A local news report revealed that a smoke bomb hurled by one of the thugs “allegedly struck a 61-year-old woman.”

Leftist Lunatics During the Kavanaugh Hearings

Democrats stormed the steps and doors of the U.S. Supreme Court building as Judge Brett Kavanaugh is sworn in as an Associate Justice of the court inside on Capitol Hill in Washington on Oct. 6, 2018. U.S. Capitol Police said a total of 164 people were arrested during the protests for “crowding, obstructing, or incommoding.” Democrats groups paid the bail for their comrades who were arrested on their behalf.

CNN sympathizes with the Democrat occupiers and those arrested:

Stacey Abrams Praises ADAPT

In 2017 Democrat agitator Stacey Abrams tweeted her praise of the radical leftist group ADAPT for “shutting down the Capitol”. Police had to forcibly remove the demonstrators, and a total of 43 Democrats were arrested, according to Capitol Police.

Democrats Illegally occupy the Capitol and are arrested outside Republican Sen. McConnell’s office. The mainstream media, of course, portrayed the activists as victims.


Hart Building Protests

In January 2020, Indivisible organized a series of illegal “sit-ins at the Hart building, called ‘Swarm the Senate.'” One article explained that the group was protesting “President Donald Trump and the prospect of war in Iran.” While “active protests are prohibited in the Senate office buildings,” the leftist lunatics did it anyway.

Protesters participate in the "Swarm the Senate" rally in the Hart Senate Office Building urging action to "impeach, remove, indict and jail" President Trump on Monday. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)
January 2020

The Women’s March and others protested a government shutdown, which is probably the very best thing for America:

Democrats Illegally Occupy the Capitol and Demand Socialized Medicine

Socialist activist RoseAnn DeMoro is the former executive director of the Democratic Socialists of America-controlled National Nurses United and the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee and a former national vice president and executive board member of the AFL-CIO. Demoro is an activist for Socialist Bernie Sanders.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • I am absolutely appalled and sick of the behavior from the left . Stacey Abrams what a Abhorrent little snake in the grass. Keep it up you will not like the result in years to come.

  • Stacey Abrams is wicked and evil and her future is clear. Evil will slay evil, and those who hate the righteous will be condemned. Evildoers will destroy themselves. The ungodly destroy themselves. Their own iniquities shall be their punishment. Evil and lying is Stacey Abrams own executioner. SHe is her own worst enemy. She has destroyed herself. She, along with weaker people who couldn’t resist the pull, like RUBY FREEMAN and SHAYE MOSS, the mother and daughter dipshites that went along with this evil ploy and still haven’t CONFESSED AND GOT RIGHT WITH GOD…..oh yeah, these two, we saw them. Scanning ballots for BIDEN MULTIPLE TIMES to the tune of thousands and thousands of EXTRA votes for BIDEN, yeah, we saw it. And they know it. And that little scheme was played out EVERYWHERE around the KEY STATES in a groupthink effort. Oh yeah. GOD HELP THEM. YOu all better confess before it’s too late and you’ve crossed over into that point of no return where there’s no coming back. You disgraced the TRUTH. You disgraced democracy while you pretended you were for democracy. EVIL EVIL EVIL. THE LORD REBUKE YOU ALL YOU DAMN LIARS and fraudsters. And some media and all who were involved why do you think they too went along with it? BECAUSE THEY ARE ALSO EVIL. THose that went along and didn’t stand for truth that is. NOBODY good, nobody who is truly good would ever have gone along with this… that should tell you something. But who can understand this,right? If you’re evil reading this you will laugh at this, feel above it all, call it a conspiracy…which illuminates you’re a child of the devil. A liar. A fraudster just like these others. It’s now clear to many that we are facing perilous times where the wheat is being separated from the chaff. Good from evil. Liars from truthtellers. Which one are you? If you say you are without sin you deceive yourself and the truth is NOT in you. But, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is LORD, you will be saved. Think this is a joke? SOme crazy person writing on the net…oh no…my friend…or enemy…this is no joke. You will be in hell forever if you don’t wise up and get right with God like soon. It’s appointed to man and woman ONCE TO DIE and then the judgement. There’s no coming back. And at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that JESUS IS LORD> Oh, my you say, this is nonsense, yes of course, well go back to your netflix binge watching then good luck in life.

  • I hope the RAIR FOUNDATION will make this informative available to the defense lawyers of everyone arrested at the Capital.


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