Mainstream Media Pounces on Fireworks & Social Distancing Standards at RNC; Ignores Violent Left-Wing Mob

See RAIR Foundation USA’s compilation of leftist mob behavior at the RNC.

The establishment media had some major angst over the Fireworks display at the highly successful Republican National Convention. They were also very critical of what they believed to be a lack of social distancing. What did not appear to disturb the media, however, was the angry leftist mob that attacked people, including Senator Rand Paul and his wife, Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones, commentator Dan Bongino and his wife and activists Brandon Straka and Mike Harlow, who were walking to their hotel after the event.

The bad behavior from the radical mob was not only ignored or heavily downplayed by the complicit press, but many leftists on social media claimed that the rage aimed at Senator Paul and others was justified due their provocation of daring to walk outside. Just the very presence of the Senator was enough to whip the mob into a frenzy and so, violence against them was justified. One Twitter user even claimed that the attack was started by police, who, by attempting to keep the crowd away from the Senator, provoked the angry response.

Media concerned with fireworks and social distancing:

The mainstream media does not appear to be too concerned about the Black Lives Matter / Antifa tactic of throwing fireworks at police, but they are VERY concerned about President Trump’s use of fireworks.

Similarly, the anti-Trump mob outside the White House was not “social distancing,” but Jim Acosta of CNN was not too concerned about them.

See below for some Tweets compiled by RAIR Foundation USA illustrating the menacing tone of the leftist mob:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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