Major Reversal: Italy's Medical Agency Declares 'Unvaccinated' Medical Professionals Can Return To Work (Video)

The Federation’s resounding u-turn comes without an apology or recognition for the pain, harassment, intimidation, coercion, and financial struggles they caused medical professionals.

With Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s removal from office, the globalist-led government’s discriminatory Covid measures imposed on medical staff have ended. The Italian government’s medical agency, the National Federation of Orders of Surgeons and Dentists (FNOMCeO), has announced that all physicians and medical staff suspended for not having their Covid “vaccines” can return to work.

The Federation’s resounding u-turn comes without apology or recognition for the pain, harassment, intimidation, coercion, and financial struggles they caused medical professionals. Until recently, the government medical associations had been at the forefront of the push for mandatory “vaccinations,” requiring physicians and medical workers to get the jab. However, they have now reversed themselves without taking any personal responsibility for their dangerous and unjust mandate. Unvaccinated medical staff is supposed to put the past behind them and go back to work.

Instead of the FNOMCeO apologizing to medical professionals for their pain and suffering, they deployed a typical left-wing tactic and claimed to be the victims. The Federation’s president, Filippo Anelli, slammed the anti-vaxxers’ movement,

I would like to staunchly and firmly condemn all the acts of violence, intimidation, name-calling, and vandalism against the Medical Associations and their own chairmen.

Several chairmen have received personal threats, including death threats from people who will be prosecuted under the law.

My colleagues have the sympathy and support of the Federation.”

Watch the following Italian news report that RAIR Foundation USA has translated:

At the beginning of the year, some 1,900 Italian doctors and dentists were suspended from the country’s professional association because they did not comply with a law requiring them to be “fully vaccinated” against Covid, including having a booster shot.

Italy requires all health care workers, teachers, police, armed forces members, and those who provide services to nursing home residents to receive the controversial injections. In addition, health care workers must receive the booster to be fully compliant, according to a law decreed by the Italian government in December 2021.

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