Major Victory: Child Will Not Receive Covid 'Vaccine', Father Wins Legal Case Against Lawyer Ex-Wife (Interview)

Chris Daly is thankful that he saved not only his child from the dangers of the experimental “vaccines” but also other young lives.

In a precedent-setting case, Ontario teacher Chris Daly took his ex-wife, a lawyer, to court over medical guardianship of their 8-year-old daughter and whether or not to have her injected with the Covid “vaccines.” Daly, a former pharmaceutical representative, did not want his little girl to receive the controversial mRNA gene therapy injections.

Justice C.T. Hackland, who, according to an Ontario legal observer, is not known to side with individual liberties, ruled in favor of Daly. The judge believed that Chris, the father, had better knowledge of the injections and the risk/benefit of administering them and forbade the ex-wife from injecting their daughter with the various Covid “vaccines.”

Daly is thankful that not only did he save his child from the dangers of the experimental “vaccines” but also other young lives:

The true honor in all of this is that it’s now being used in appeals courts as case law. And I’m hoping that it’s also saving other children’s lives.

For other parents in similar battles, he stressed the importance of finding a lawyer who believes in their fight. Suppose a parent does not have the background to articulate the experimental injections’ harms properly. In that case, he urges them to align themselves with someone who can act as their spokesperson.

Chris Daly gave an exclusive interview to RAIR Foundation USA about his personal and legal battle to protect his child’s health:

Read the following legal case files here. The parties’ names have been reduced to initials to protect privacy.

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