Man Shoved by Buffalo Riot Police Deletes Social Media after Exposed as Cop-Hating Radical Agitator

And what was he doing with his phone? Watch Slo-Mo Video

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Martin Gugino, 75, was shoved while approaching riot police in Buffalo causing him to stumble backwards and hit his head, resulting in a melt-down of intense fury on social media. Far from being an innocent old man as being portrayed by some, it turns out that Gugino is a longtime hard left agitator.

At the time of this writing, it appears that Gugino’s Facebook and Twitter accounts have been deleted. The accounts, which were researched by RAIR Foundation USA, revealed a seasoned leftist activist who had a self-described “obsession” with Cuba. Gugino has ties to radical socialist Catholic Worker Movement, which is behind the “Witness Against Torture” program, formed in 2005 to “build awareness about torture and indefinite detention, focusing on Guantanamo prisoners.”

Before deleting his account, some screenshots were archived:

As Gugino approached one of the officers before he was shoved, he appeared to be waving his phone oddly around their badges. Vlad Tepes reports that this was a deliberate attempt to scan information, also highlighted by The Last Refuge.



It also has been revealed that Gugino was arguing with fellow protesters before the event.

According to Heavy, the video of Gugino being shoved was “viewed more than 58 million times”.

From Heavy:

Buffalo’s mayor, Byron Brown, called Gugino an ‘agitator’ who was ‘trying to spark up the crowd of people,’ adding, ‘He was in the area after the curfew. One of the things that happened before was conflict among protesters and there was a danger of fights breaking out, and police felt it was important to clear that scene for the safety of protesters.’ There had been violence, looting and fires, and Brown alleged that Gugino was ‘a key and major instigator of people engaging in those activities.’

On June 3, before the incident in the video, Gugino wrote on Twitter, ‘The cops should not have clubs. And should not be in riot gear. The National Guard should arrest the police.’

Buffalo Police Officers Robert McCabe and Aaron Torgalski were suspended without pay, prompting 57 members of the Buffalo riot squad to resign in protest. The two officers were charged with felony assault, to which they plead “not guilty.”

It is amazing how much media attention Gugino has received, but hardly any coverage has been given to the victims who were murdered during the riots this week.

UPDATE: Removed reference to Terrence Bisson.

UPDATE #2: In the wake of publication, Gugino restored his Twitter account but set it to private.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • He didn’t hit his head. It was his bike helmet that made the sound hitting the concrete. A fake blood package was found on him. He’s a Nazi liberal fraud.

  • The officers are not guilty. Release them. There is enough evidence from multiple sources that were filming regarding this agitator and the fake blood. His head didn’t even hit the pavement. It was all staged.

  • The article did not make clear if the “fall from the push” was orchestrated, his condition, is he still in the hospital. What’s up?

    • ” is he still in the hospital. What’s up?” Yes, and he’s still a d-bag. No cure for that.

  • Show the pictures of the fake blood dripping from a tube in front of his right ear onto the pavement when it supposedly was from his head “injury”. It was staged!

  • Release these poor officers. What kind of bullshit is going on. Stop being so weak and stand up to these pieces of shit

  • So proud of the other officers that resigned in support of the two unfairly charged that man got what he was looking for now sympathy for him !

  • I live in Buffalo & had been saying this since the eve it happened. Thank you for helping our local community get this info out. The man travels the country as his hobby attempting these things. He even brought his own camera crew that evening. He was asked to leave multiple times by police as it was after curfew. He not only didn’t, he brought that helmet with him not returning one as media stated. He went intentionally into a restricted area after being warned to do his show. I have a photo of him in the ambulance on his phone after the incident being said to be severe head trauma again by the media. The community is standing by these officers.

  • It is so disheartening that this man has caused so much disturbance within our BPD. We need them. This man was doing wrong, and should be punished. He had an agenda, and it wasn’t for the wrong that occurred to Mr. Floyd. That incident had nothing to with why he was there. These officers are pawns in this vicious climate. Let us make a statement to drop or at least lessen the charges in a fair and impartial manner. Peace.

  • Liberalism is a disease of the heart and mind. It is a dangerous and failed ideology that rewards laziness and incompetence, but punishes hard work and success. It is a severely skewed concept of fairness; that takes from one and gives to another whether deserving or not. It favours special interest groups over individual liberty. It is the entire opposite of what our founding fathers had in mind. It is a system of entitlements that results in supply causing demand instead of the opposite. It is fiscally reckless and morally misdirected. It says it promotes tolerance and equality, but the result is racism and class warfare. It is a false belief that mankind can evolve for the better and that government can socially engineer a utopia. It is a cancer that spreads if left unchecked.

  • Trump2020 I support my President! He has done so much without help from Democrats. Imagine how much more he could do if Dems supported him.

    • That was the first thing I noticed..Like he was going for something on the belt..Even if he wasn’t,making a move like that toward a cops weapon will get you hurt

  • Another Buffalo-area resident here. I’ll agree with Robin in that while most people were initially shocked at the video, once more pre-shove video came out, and Gugino’s history started coming out, most people now understand that he was a pro-agitator. I haven’t seen any evidence of some sort of blood packet, however if so that needs to be facebooked and tweeted. A moderate group of folks supported the 2 officers as they exited the County Courthouse several days ago as well. One of my nieces is going with a Buffalo cop, her dad was a cop, my uncle was a cop, and one of other nieces tweeted/facebooked a ‘stupid/boo hoo’ at the crowd that was supporting the 2 cops, and its caused its own little blow-back as she’s been unfriended which had her crying…. Apparently, all the white kids on social media have friends passing around BLM BS, which says if you don’t retweet, Like and forward publicly then you’re a racist. Gugino’s from East Aurora NY, near Buffalo and rather tony/ritzy upper class area. Annoyed most of us are to law abidding to head up that way and ‘protest’ against his house for ‘a little fun’.

  • Does he have a valid motorcycle license? Why does he have a helmet? He is not wearing any other appropriate motorcycle attire. Gloves, jacket, boots…. no body over the age of 30 rides in sneakers!

  • This guy was an electronic “ferret.” Look at him in the slo-mo using his cell phone to “sweep” the mike of the first officer, the radio of the second. He’s got an app on his phone that’s recording data on the mike and radio and allowing Antifa or someone working with them to access that app (it might even have been transmitted to them right from the spot you’re seeing on the video), learn what frequencies the PD is using, how they are encrypted – and how to break that encryption. And it’s not to vicariously listen – it’s to allow the rioters to more effectively respond to police deployments; it’s also possible to use it to JAM those frequencies, interfere w/the PD’s comms somehow. Makes it hard to coordinate response to rioters’ actions. You can see his actions were deliberate and systematic; was using his left hand as a distraction. Check w/police comm experts or someone who knows radio really well.

    • This is excellent information to know. I personally was wondering why he was ‘sweeping’ their equipment. Thank you.

  • Thank god there are other people that see the truth! I’ve watched that video many times and don’t understand HOW he is getting away with it!!!!! I’m embarrassed to be from buffalo! I SUPPORT OUR POLICE OFFICERS!

  • And with all the visual evidence and other information available, my liberal 70yr old parents think this poor guy was brutalized by the police, smeh.

  • He played injured and being victimized:
    1. He got there two days early to research the area to plan the fall
    2. Watch as he fell, his butt cheeks came down first so that no accident would actually happen to him. Therefore, it was not a critical fall so his back and head would touch the ground.
    3. Thinking that there was no camera around, he pushed a remote control against his chest to open the tube he wore on his right ear, allowing the red liquid to drip.
    4. That would also be a signal for the crowd to move in and destroy the police force.

    • His chin does not protrude beyond his nose,yet,it’s awfully puffy around his mouth area。Still holding on to his phone。Before the incident,he’s not wearing his mask while talking to MikeDesmond/WBFO(news cameraman that captured the fall but somehow missed the actual impad)。Before incident,people noticed him and black guy said that Martin said he was just there to have fun。

  • Google How to fall backwards without hurting yourself.
    There’s one for actors and another for stuntmen.

  • I hope coumo and buffalos mayor both apologized to the officers accused of this.They should recieve all back pay and a apology with it shown on all networks….

  • The police officers did what they should do at that time. They are not guilty. We support them! The “clown” should be arrested!

  • Leave my police officers alone, I am so tired on the leftist agenda to defund and destroy the lives of the men and women who proudly put that badge and uniform on every day to protect and serve our communities, I grew up with a badge in my house, in the 70s, cops weren’t appreciated too much then either but nothing nothing like this, this is an utter disgrace and the leftist need to be ashamed of themselvesI, I will always back to badge!!!

  • For a 75-year-old Police hater I’m pretty sure that Martin Gugino would appreciate a red velvet cake with the hammer & sickle on it.

  • I support the Buffalo Police!!!
    I think we should do what ever it takes to support them against this scum that thrives to cause trouble!!!

  • I thought the Fall seemed overkill for the Amt of force that appeared minimal, along with the relaxed crossed ankle position and the gentle drop of his phone.
    As an ICU nurse bleeding from the ear is usually a sign of massive head injury which obviously wasn’t the case.
    I agree they need to reexamine that video closely , and let these officers off. They all have targets on their backs- this isn’t helping!!

  • I’m quite suspicious about the entire episode. For me, the bottom line is that he was behaving, at least, in a naive way. All he had to do was walk across the street – spectators are visible on the sidewalk and the police are not on that sidewalk, only in the street and the near sidewalk.
    How can he NOT be held accountable for his own actions? I hope he’s not actually injured badly, but he created the situation.
    As an analogy: a person walking in a marked crosswalk where there is a pedestrian right-of-way law hears a dump truck approaching, the truck sounds it’s horn. Does that person keep walking because he believes he is in the right? Maybe the truck is experiencing braking problems. Personally, I know when I’m outmatched, I do whatever it takes to avoid contact with that truck.

  • OMG.. FINALLY there’s something to support these guys!! THANK YOU to whoever put this together. NYS governor Cuomo personally called this bastard to check on him while he was in the hospital. Ironically Cuomo never bothered to call the NYS TROOPER that works FOR HIM, that couldn’t move anything from his waist down from getting RAN OVER by a protester just days prior to Gugino’s stunt. The whole system is rigged and it’s shameful what the cops have to deal with. Gugino is LUCKY for HIPPA laws.. I’d LOVE to know what exactly kept him in the hospital for weeks!? And is now milking it for everything he can. One can only hope the truth comes out and all of this backfires on this prick. 💯 support the cops!! Whatever it takes… they need more support shown, instead of people being Afraid repercussions.

  • When this goes to court and Mr. gugino’s stunt is revealed I wonder how him and his “news reporter” classmate will react. Somethings just do not make any sense.


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