Marxist Hypocrite: Maskless Pope Praises Communist BLM Protests, Yet Slams Lockdown Demonstrators (Video)

Marxist Hypocrite: Maskless Pope Praises Communist BLM Protests, Yet Slams Lockdown Demonstrators (Video)

  • Posted by Amy Mek
  • On November 25, 2020
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Pope Francis is condemning citizens for protesting the same tyrannical Chinese coronavirus mandates that he has personally been ignoring for months. Meanwhile, the Pope praises the “healthy indignation” seen in the communist-created Black Lives Matter riots ostensibly over the death of George Floyd.

In his new book – Pope Francis, widely considered to be a heretic by practicing Catholics – the Pontiff condemns those who do not blindly follow the economy-killing and freedom-crushing lockdowns imposed by partisan, power-hungry leaders:

“Some groups protested, refusing to keep their distance, marching against travel restrictions – as if measures that governments must impose for the good of their people constitute some kind of political assault on autonomy or personal freedom…”

The Marxist pope condemned governments who have chose not to lockdown their citizens, shut down businesses and destroy their economies stating: “Those governments have mortgaged their people”.

The pope has long dreamed of redistributing the world’s wealth, a dog-whistle for class war which would result in socialism.

For the past several months the Pope himself has been criticized for refusing to wear a coronavirus mask amid a supposed rise in cases in Italy and the rest of Europe. The Vatican even released a statement acknowledging that the 83-year-old pontiff, who is missing a portion of one of his lungs, is in a high risk category and are working on the Pontiff to take proper precautions.

The pope has also been criticized for not using sufficient amounts hand sanitizer during public appearances with audiences and for not keeping sufficient distance from the event attendees.

Just last month, at a Vatican event the mask-less pope disregarded coronavirus measures. Despite the fact that it was declared mandatory to wear one both outdoors and indoors in the Vatican City, the Pontiff stood along side prelates, kissed the hands of newly ordained priests and talking with mask-less guests. Ironic that in Pope Francis’ new book, he slammed those who claim “that being forced to wear a mask is an unwarranted imposition by the state”.

Watch the following video of the Pope in Paul VI Hall at the Vatican greeting his faithful flock without adhering to any of Italy’s mandatory mandates in a closed space.

This past Monday, Pope Francis once again disregarded all coronavirus mandates and met with NBA players to discuss their so-called social justice efforts with the dangerous Black Lives Matter communist group. Ironic that in Pope Francis book, he slammed those who claim “that being forced to wear a mask is an unwarranted imposition by the state”.

Watch Pope Francis meet and greet with NBA players who all disregard coronavirus mandates:

While the pope continues to support communist-created demonstrations, Catholics in France have been demonstrating weekly to reinstatement their masses. The Pontiff has not offered his support to Catholics suffering assaults on their religious liberties by their government but instead, criticized those demonstrating for government to allow their Churches to open.

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Doug Patti
There is no longer any doubt. This Pope is a Marxist useful idiot. And who do Marxists worship? Satan.
The Roman Empire is the fourth beast in prophecy and the pope is referred to as the prince of the people that shall come in Daniel. The pope confirmed a covenant with many 1 month ago and they breaking down the countries of the world and will soon stomp on them! Last month began probably began the final 7 years of the 70 week prophecy in Daniel Daniel 9:24 (KJV) Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy. This event (the global compact on education) touted by the UN and the vatican is looking like the exact prophecy and interpretation of Daniel 9:27 Prepare to meet the King of the universe! Yeshua Messiah!
Mike McBuck
2016 was supposed to be the year of the great globalist takeover. Marxist/Socialist leaders were in place all over Europe, Asia, and South America. This rogue Pope completed the installation. Then it happened - the criminal Clinton LOST the 2016 election. A four year temper tantrum ensued, and a diabolical campaign to remove Trump failed at every turn. Christmas break after the failed, bogus impeachment. Focus now on preventing Trump's re-election. Their last gasp hole card: Collude with China to develop and intentionally spread Coronavirus strain - and excellent vehicle to facilitate voter fraud via mail-in ballots.

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