Massive Celebrations for Hero James Topp and Canada Day in Ottawa (Exclusive Videos)

Topp, a 28-year member of the Canadian Armed Forces, wept at the National War Memorial in Ottawa after spending four months walking 2670 miles across Canada to Ottawa.

On Thursday, June 30, RAIR Foundation USA was in Canada to watch hero James Topp end his four-month inspirational march at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in downtown Ottawa. The 28-year member of the Canadian Armed Forces began his 2667 Mile cross-country journey in Vancouver after he was charged back in February with two conduct infractions for speaking out against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s mandates while in uniform.

Topp decided to walk across Canada from British Columbia to Ottawa, Ontario, in a peaceful demonstration against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s unconstitutional mandates infringing upon citizens’ freedoms. Along his journey, Topp spoke out daily on behalf of Canadians suffering physically, mentally, and financially due to the government’s imposition of an experimental “vaccine.”

Thousands of people, many waving Canadian flags, lined the streets and the National War Memorial to cheer on Topp as he completed the final leg of his March to Freedom. The peaceful demonstration against the government’s unconstitutional mandates infringing upon citizens’ freedoms has inspired Canadians across the country.:

It was an emotional day for the beloved veteran, who wept as he met the cheering crowd of supporters after his 130-day march. Topp placed a hand on the tomb of the unknown soldier in Ottawa, Ontario, and paid his respect to his fallen brother and sister.

The crowd chanted “Thank you” as Topp hugged supporters. Then, Topp addressed the crowd thanking them for their support and help:

It wasn’t just me marching. It was all of you; everyone I met from Vancouver to Ottawa. You’re the ones responsible for getting me here, I could not have done it without the encouragement and the support, in every possible way.

I have met thousands of people in my journey from Vancouver to Ottawa and a lot of them have lost hope. They feel lost, they’re angry. They’ve lost faith in the system, so what’s to be done? Well, we already started something.

Not that long ago, I was able to have a meeting with Members of Parliament, and I did that meeting with your help. You did that. You contacted your representatives and you asked them to come and speak to me. So, it works. But it takes effort. It takes time. It takes perseverance. These are not easy things, everything you do takes work and you should do your best at everything that you do. And you did that.

“What’s easy is to be afraid. What’s easy is to hate. What’s easy is to insult others. But you have to work at letting that go, looking for something positive, and redirecting your anger into something constructive,” Topp said.

RAIR spoke with Stephanie, the liaising between James Topp, Veterans for Freedom, and government agencies to secure permits for the day’s various events. Unfortunately, the lef-wing controlled city of Ottawa acted in bad faith. Stephanie explains the great lengths the city and its officials went to stop the days events:

Liberal Intimidation

Unsurprisingly, Topp and his supporters were met by left-wing protesters trying to intimidate and incite violence. The liberals also held signs smearing Topp and his peaceful demonstration.

After arriving at the memorial, Topp’s team had called for a moment of silence while the veteran placed his hand on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. But a dozen nearby liberals interrupted with chants of “bullshit!”

People’s Party of Canada’s Leader Maxime Bernier

The People’s Party of Canada leader, Maxime Bernier, marched with Topp throughout the day. RAIR Foundation USA had the honor of speaking with the leader:


Boosterman delivered an important message, especially to children – Don’t do drugs, especially the experimental gene therapy injections:

Canada Day – Powerful Speeches

In addition to Topp’s arrival, freedom movement organizers held Canada Day celebrations in the nation’s capital on Thursday and Friday, July 1.

Many politicians and high-profile community leaders delivered powerful speeches and interviews, which RAIR captured.

PCC Politician Sean Taylor’s Speech

Former People’s Party of Canada candidate Sean Taylor delivered a speech at Strathcona Park. For the past 25 years, Taylor has been a firefighter, paramedic, registered nurse, and soldier.

Taylor believes that Justin Trudeau is a Globalist who has repeatedly shown his hand:

He told us -upfront and out loud- what they want to achieve. Total economic control, marked depreciation of living standards, removal of national sovereignty and a radical erosion of individual liberties. That’s the endgame here people, they said so.

PPC candidate Mark Friesen

PPC candidate Mark Friesen was a central figure in organizing Canada’s first Tucker Convoy in 2019 that the so-called “Conservative” party hijacked.

Friesen warned that “there’s an agenda that an unelected, unaccountable foreign entity is attempting to impose upon us through our governments through our establishment, regardless of party.”

Canadian Front Line Nurses Interview

RAIR spoke with Nurse Sarah Choujounian, co-founder of Canadian Front Line Nurses, about the new paradigm shift in medicine. The group’s mission “is to unite nurses, educate the public and bring ethics back into healthcare.” Their vision is as follows:

To restore our freedoms and rights as Canadian citizens and reinstate the four ethical principles of autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice within nursing. We envision a future with a bigger focus on preventative care, more natural healing and the well-being of a person as a whole.

Choujounian and fellow nurse Kristen Nagle established the organization after losing their Nursing jobs for opposing Trudeau’s pandemic response. Both nurses simply advocated for evidence-based best practices and wanted to ensure that their patients received the best possible treatment with integrity and compassionate care.

Iranian Ex-Muslim Refugee to Canada

In an exclusive interview with RAIR, Hooman, an Iranian ex-Muslim, warned Canadians that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s left-wing government is implementing the same freedom-crushing policies and rhetoric as the Islamo-fascist country he escaped.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • “Topp, a 28-year member of the Canadian Armed Forces, wept at the National War Memorial in Ottawa after spending four months walking 2670 miles across Canada to Ottawa.”


  • “Trudeau Admits He Is “Banning” Guns in Canada [Video]
    08.07.2022guns, Justin Trudeau
    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed that he is “banning” firearms during a press conference in Toronto on Tuesday.”

    MAKE SURE THIS BIGGEST IDIOT IN THE WORLD Just-in Through-The-Ass is deleted from the world immediately, together with his fuckbuddies Klaus Schwab, Soros, Biden and the rest of those criminals!

  • Excellent reporting – thanks for informing Canadians what really happened at the James Topp event in Ottawa. The mainstream media are complicit in censoring the facts.


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