Massive Freedom Demonstration: One Million Europeans to Descend on Brussels January 23 (Video)

“The worst disease we imported from China was not the virus, but totalitarianism.”

On January 23, a massive demonstration for freedom, democracy, and human rights will take place in Brussels. People from all over Europe who disagree with the health restrictions forced on the public in the face of the Covid pandemic will peacefully gather on Sunday afternoon in the Belgian capital. It is an initiative of Europeans United, a group led by Tom Meert. More than 560 organizations from all over Europe are participating in the mega protest.

The idea for EuropeansUnited came about when people from different backgrounds sat down together with the aim of starting a public debate: entrepreneurs, nurses, doctors, scientists, civil servants, students, you name it, from all walks of life.

“Our main demand is that emergency measures are introduced in a democratic and balanced way,” EuropeansUnited wrote on its website. “For too long, our governments have been taking unlawful measures that restrict our freedom. With the excuse of a worldwide pandemic, they propose law after law without any regard to human rights or constitutions. Nearly all of our democratic values are threatened. It almost feels like the worst disease we imported from China was not the virus, but totalitarianism.”

“When the world’s largest parliament no longer listens to the people, the people come to their leaders. The truth is, however, that we prefer not to demonstrate. We are on the front line, but we are also just ordinary people: afraid of the police, afraid of fines, and with a healthy dose of fear and loathing of any form of violence. We also have much to lose and would rather stay home. However, we realize that we are gradually sliding into a totalitarian state that threatens to further radicalize and become more and more destructive along the way. This is an evolution we don’t want to be part of. So in order to make our voices heard, we see no other way than to take to the streets.”

The demonstration has drawn attention from leaders all across Europe. During a January 13, 2022, press conference held by MEPs Cristian Terhes (Romania), Francesca Donato (Italy), and Ivan Sincic (Croatia), they called on citizens to support the demonstration in Brussels. MEP Sincic explains,

Brussels is the heart of the European Union – this is where this policy was invented, the digital green certificate, this is where discrimination and segregation started, this is where the censorship of science and medicine is supported, unfortunately – and this is where this has to end.

So I am calling on all of you to come to Brussels on the 23 of January. Let’s send a clear message – enough of false policies, enough of bad solutions, enough of censorship, enough of discrimination. It is time for scientists to speak, for doctors to speak. It is time for an open debate on good solutions and respect for human rights.

There will also be some of the most influential names in attendance at the protest: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, who has founded the Corona Committee; attorney Markus Haintz, professor Christian Perronne, Mary Holland of Children’s Health Defense and US economist Catherine Austin Fitts, who served under President George H.W. Bush. Also, journalist Senta Depuydt representing Children’s Health Defense Association, Dutch MEP Robert ROOS, Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav, public health scientist Astrid Stuckelberger, and many others.

The demonstrators invite everyone to come out and stand as one, vaccinated or not, left or right, young and old. “There can never be an excuse to abandon democracy. A dictatorship has a 100% infection fatality rate. Public debate is the perfect vaccine for polarisation. People, we need to learn to talk again!”

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Good article. I commend all the people for their effort.
    However I must point out that the EU Dictatorship under Klaus Schwab and his puppet v.d.L. want this to happen and are with certainty there with agent provocateurs and the media to subvert this event.
    What this must be is a political movement that detroys the EU Dictatorship.
    It must be the beginning and not the end. This privatized fascism must be eliminated by the people that must educate themselves using this as a springboard and take their power away. Citizens take what is rightfully yours!

  • RAIR seems to censor again.

    What Pandemic?

    Ridiculous with peaceful demonstrations when there is a GENOCIDE going on in every country.

    If this mRNA and Great Reset TYRANNY does not stop in every country, then all clever citizens in every country: TAKE TO ARMS AND GET RID OF THESE TYRANTS!


    (If RAIR not censoring you again!)


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