Media Backpedals on Covid Lab-Leak Theory After Months of Smearing it as a Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory

The turning point was a letter signed by top scientists published on May 14 in the journal Science.

After months of discrediting and shutting down the coronavirus lab-leak theory, the mainstream media is now open to the idea.

The turning point was a letter signed by top scientists published on May 14 in the journal Science. As summarized in the Wall Street Journal, the scientists called for a deeper investigation into the origin of the coronavirus. They also “criticized the findings of a report released in March by a World Health Organization-led (WHO) team into the pandemic’s origin.”

The WHO report “concluded that an animal origin for the pandemic was the likelier scenario and devoted only four out of the report’s 313 pages to the possibility of a lab accident.” Considering that the WHO is led by a China-funded Marxist revolutionary, nothing they produce should be taken seriously.

The Lab Leak ‘Conspiracy Theory’

French virologist and Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier offered his opinion that the origin of the coronavirus was “a job for molecular biologists,” i.e., not a naturally-occurring virus.

His comments were translated for RAIR Foundation USA and were promptly censored by Facebook:

Screenshot of Facebook Post Featuring Dr. Montagnier’s Comments

RAIR reported the “Seven Banned Questions” regarding the coronavirus in May. One of the questions was in relation to the origin. RAIR compiled numerous nasty articles slamming anyone who merely asked the question.

 Senator Tom Cotton asked pointed questions about the origins of the coronavirus and was ruthlessly attacked.

The so-called fact-checkers regularly “debunk” unknowns, such as the origin of the coronavirus. Using demeaning and condescending language such as “conspiracy theory,” the clear goal is to silence valid questions. But why?

Why would the fact-checkers cover for China?

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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