Media Blackout: Dying Politician's Family Begs Antifa: 'Let Our Father and Husband Die in Peace'

Even when Martin Hebner was on his deathbed, Chancellor Angela Merkel refused to call off her government-funded Antifa goons.

On Wednesday, July 7, 2021, the beloved 61-year-old Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) politician Martin Hebner died of a brain tumor at his home in Germany. While the popular politician was on his deathbed, he and his family were threatened and attacked by the left-wing terrorist group Antifa. German leader Chancellor Angela Merkel and left-wing parties are complicit in their attacks, as they financially and ideologically supported Antifa.

Just a few days ago, his family made an urgent appeal for help against Antifa’s continued attacks and threats. No family should have to endure endless attacks and intimidation while caring for their loved dying loved one.

Last Sunday on Hebner’s Facebook, his family announced to the public for the first time that he was suffering from a brain tumor and was dying. The broken-hearted family pleaded with Antifa to stop the repeated attacks on their home. They explained the detrimental toll it is taking on them and their dying loved ones to live in a state of fear and harassment.

Hebner’s family expressed their horror on watching Hebner gets attacked and beaten months earlier after he had just “survived his first brain operation and was able to retake his first steps.” After finally leaving the hospital, a man violently attacked Hebner on the street with a club.

Hebner’s loved ones questioned what type of leaders and media do not speak out against Antifa’s attacks. Who will the German government not help stop the vicious attacks against the politician and his family? Yet, even on his death bed, Germany’s rulers refuse to call off their paid Antifa goons and give their family members a few last painless days? 

Hebner leaves behind a wife, four children and, three grandchildren. Read the family’s heartwrenching appeal:

Our father and husband, Martin Hebner, will die.

It will only be a matter of days.  He will lose his fight against a brain tumor, which has lasted a little over a year.  The situation in our family is therefore filled with sadness. In fact, there have been incidents in the recent past that have linked this grief with fear.  We are not concerned with the fear of losing a family member. 

We are afraid that our mother and our terminally ill father will not be able to spend his last days unmolested.

We struggled for a long time to write these lines. 

Basically, we don’t care about any political color these days.  In a situation like this, other issues become more important.  But the last attacks on the house in which a person is dying have forced us to publish an appeal.

To explain: it has been known for many months that our father has a brain tumor and will die from it.  Nevertheless, the attacks on him and his home have not abated in the last few months. 

After he had survived his first brain operation and was able to retake his first steps, he was attacked on the street in the evening. This was not about simple rabble-rousing but about a man with a club who hit a person who was marked by illness. 

The police recommended he does not file a complaint because “on the one hand, it will be of little use and on the other hand if in doubt, would lead to even more aggression.”    

At this point, our father has long retired from any political stage. We haven’t made it public, as peace and security are far more important to us than a finger pointing at parts of our society.

Tonight my father had another visit from Antifa.  

Under the windows of a dying person, stickers were affixed to the house with warnings that read “dress warmly,” and an image of a person who is likely close to the black bloc was stuck to the house. 

Threats of this kind may seem harmless to many others. However, it has a completely different effect on people who wake up next to a dying person’s bed every day and night.

Such threats spread fear at a time when it should be possible to say goodbye to a father. A person is being threatened who should truly no longer be a target for Antifa anymore.

But why is something like this tolerated in our society? 

In such a situation, why don’t colleagues from the Bundestag and other parties rise to denounce situations like this? 

Does the right party color now rank above values ​​that should actually obvious and practiced by everyone?

Why does the executive not support this and instead advise inaction?  What kind of people threaten the family of a dying person and who do not give the dying person a few last painless days?  Where is the outraged reaction from the media?

In fact, we do not hope for an answer to our questions. But we ask one thing: let our father and husband die in peace and do not spread more fear in this house.

Politicians in Germany’s only conservative political opposition party, the AfD, have been violently targeted by Antifa for several years. As a result, the AfD has experienced thousands of criminal attacks against its institutions and members by Antifa. The attacks range from arson, harassment, intimidation, doxing, incidences at their homes, burglary, assassination attempts to canceling major political AfD conventions. Last year, an Antifa website, “Indymedia,” even published “assassination instructions” for AfD members’ attacks.

RAIR Foundation USA previously highlighted some examples of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s radical government and left-wing parties’ financially and ideologically supported Antifa. Furthermore, RAIR provided numerous examples of the targeted violence and harassment inflicted on the AfD party.

The Democratic Party in the United States of America is following the lead of their German allies by supporting and using this subversive organization to further its far-left agenda. 

The American franchise of Antifa is duplicating the violent tactics, goals, and ideology of Antifa in Germany. This terrorist group has already infiltrated and dominated Europe’s political systems; America must not accept the same fate. It is time we contact our state lawmakers and demand they designate Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • Definition of fascism. : a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government. : very harsh control or authority.
    Surely this is exactly what they purport to be against yet all our current governments have turned into Fascist Governments….total control of our populations

  • This makes me sick. My late husband died from a brain tumor, so I understand their current home life – terrible enough without soulless Antifa assault. God help us all.

  • Merkel seems to be Nazi holdover like Schuab and Junker. The world faces this evil once again.


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